Tsukune then knew why he felt like jumping every time Ken looked at him. Kens eyes were terrifying. They were a fiery golden orange. with black slits going down the middle. They looked like the eyes of a snake.

Ken smiled. "Cool aren't they. Mother says that my eyes are my best feature."

Tsukune continued to stare. His eyes never leaving Kens.

"bu...your...Kurumus...they aren't...none of them-"

"I have a very rare condintion that effects certain members of my race...there have been only been like 20 cases of it though." He sighed "And as you can see these are the results."

"I am sorry." Tsukune said with true sincerity in his voice.

Ken smirked. "Dont be this is more of a gift then a curse." His eyes almost seemed to glow now

Tsukune was confused. "I don't under-"

"Its very simple my dear boy." Ken said in a matter of fact voice. "My eyes are grant me power other then simply turning girls into my mindless slaves...although it still is a cool power dont you agree?"

Tsukune simply looked at him. "I think your crazy." He thought but said "Yes"

Ken smiled; "My eyes although me to see peoples auras."

Tsukune was once again confused. "Auras?"

Ken sighed as if he had explained this a hundred times. "Auras are the force that surround all living things. Monsters, humans, animals; if it breaths it has an aura."

Tsukune nodded. Ken went on.

"Now when i look at a person aura it tells me alot of things. It tells me what species and how strong they are." He paused and cleared he throat.

"Now you have a pale yellow aura which told me you were human right away. But then when i look down at your wrist- "he gestured to the holy lock "I see a strong red aura which means vampire. Now that part was confusing but then i realized that you must be one of those hybrids right...monster blood injections right?"

Tsukune nodded.

"Thought so i once I met a young man in the human world with a similar situation...cant remember his name...but anyway I knew then that you were human...and unfortantly it pains me to do this."

He bent down to the box and opened it.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tsukune asked.

Ken looked up and smiled. He then pulled out two cables and a car battery.

(+I love how Ken rolls+)

Kurumu was having a lovely dream. She was imagining her Tsukunes wedding; which she knew they would have to have before the child was born.

She was wearing a beautiful designer white gown and Tsukune in a stunning black tux and just as they were about to exchange vows when her eyes snapped open.

She got this horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen. Then when she turned her head she saw that Tsukune was not next to her. Kurumu blinked once and then sighed.

"Damnit Ken." She said as she got out of bed.

Ken had put on rubber gloves and Tsukunes feet in a bucket of water. He was humming to himself as he was connecting the cables.

Tsukune was struggling to break the chains that held him but he was having difficulty doing it.

Ken looked over his shoulder and watched Tsukuneshelpless struggle. "You know they say that torture was never a good way to extract information from a person...but it is as fun as hell would you not agree."

Tsukune was sweating now. "What do you want from me?" He asked in a panic filled voice.

Ken stopped. "You have to ask...ok well your idiot so i guess you do have to ask." Ken turned around from his work and stared at Tsukune. "I want to know one simple thing...just one thing. If you give me a good answer then I will let you go however if you give me a bad answer then...well might not turn out so good. You understand?"

Tsukune nodded.

Ken clapped his hands "Ok good. Alright here is the question. How is it that a human like you who as far as i can tell is just the most average of the lot-"

"Wow for a guy who just met me he is really good at judging a person."Tsukune thought

"Was able to seduce me wonderful, cute, and innocent little sister?" He leaned forward and waited for an answer.

"I did not seduce her she seduced me." He told his captor truthfully.

Kens shoulder slumped and he sighed. "You know i give you a chance to save yourself...and you dont take it. I dont understand that...i never will."

He then turned around grabbed the cables and touched then together. He got a nice spark and smiled evily.

Tsukunes eyes widened. "Ken for the love god please don't...i mean what would Kurumu say when she finds out about this." His voice sounded pleading.

Ken started to walk toward him. "ummm well i guess she will be a little mad but i am sure i can make this up to her."

"Your insane." Tsukune yelled

" i am also kind of a sadist so im enjoying this."

Ken was now standing right in front of Tsukune and was moving the cables towards the poor human when he felt someone tap him on ths shoulder.

Ken turned his head and he paled when he saw his pissed off sister behind him.

"oh crap" was all he had time to utter.

Kurumu grabbed her brother by his shirt and then threw him against the wall of his lockers and then stared beating the living shit out of him.

He moaned and before he could get up Kurumu was on him and punching him again and again.

"DAMNIT KEN EVERYTIME I TRY AND BRING A GUY HOME YOU ALWAYS DO THIS." She punched him again and again until he was knocked out but she continued

This lasted for five minutes before she stopped.

Ken was still moaning and there was blood coming down his face.

Tsukune just watched still strapped. His mouth had fallen open. "What kind of crazy family is this...what kind of family have i joined." He thought in his head.

Kurumu wiped the blood off her hands. Then she turned and smiled at Tsukune. "Sorry about that Tsukune...Ken is alittle overprotective of me." She said as she untied him.

They left the celler which turned out to be the basement of the Kurono home.

"Ok ok explain this to me one more time please" Tsukune asked as Kurumu hugged his arm as they walked up the stairs.

"Ken has some issues. He loves me a lot but he has this problem...he doesn't think the guys that like me love me enough."

Tsukune nodded "Ok that part i get."

"When I was a younger I would occasionally bring some boy home...and well Ken always asked for a few minutes alone with them."

"To torture them?"

Kurumu sighed "He would take them down to the basement...water board, shock therapy, tooth extraction, light blinding, all kinds of non lethal stuff."

"My god...and why did he do all that stuff." Tsukune asked shocked at the idea that some one could do that kind of thing.

"Well Ken had this method because he wanted to see if the boys would stay or not." Kurumu told him.

"Stay?" Tsukune asked confused

Kurumu nodded "Yes; he figured that if those boys loved me they would stay with me even after the torture-" Kurumu lowered her head "none of them did they all ran away and never came back."

Tsukune put his arm around Kurumu and kissed her gently I would never leave you Kurumu...I love you."

Kurumu kissed him back. "I love you too Tsukune. Your my destined one."

The two returned to Kurumus room were they made one hour of love and went back to sleep.

Ken moaned as he got up from the floor.

He cracked his neck to one side and then the other.

He went to another locker and opened it. Inside of it was a mirror and an emergency med kit. After cleaning hiss wounds that his sister had given him he put his shades back on.

"Well Tsukune Aono you passed the test and proved that you love my sister...but you a mere and lowly human cannot possibly bring any good fortune to the my families house...if you wont stop loving her...then she will stop loving you."

Ken smiled he needed to go see someone.

Natsuki Touhohin was a young blue haired Succubus. She had nice pale skin and ivy green eyes. She was also gifted with nice C-cup breasts. But unfortunately these looks had not given her the one she was destined to be with. She thus remained a virgin. Being 18 she was labeled an outcast. (In the Succubus society still being a virgin at 18 is considered to be bad)

She was alone in her home. Her mother was off in the human world looking for another male like she did once every month.

She did not think of herself as undesirablebut now everytime she looked at the others of her race she could not help but feel like she was less then the others.

She sat alone in her room. wearing only a silk white night gown. She was reading a book simply enjoying the quite until her doorbell rang.

She got up from her bed and left the room and ran down the stairs.

The doorbell rang again.

"Im coming Im coming." She said in a soft voice.

She reached the door and opened it.

standing there still dressed in his red shirt and black pants was Ken Kurono. "Hey Natsuki how are you." Ken said with a smile his eyes hidden behind his shades.

Natsuki felt herself getting a little wet. Every women in the canyon knew Ken and everyone knew that he was one of the most difficult males to get. Every female had tried to get him to go out with her but they had all failed miserably and yet here Ken was standing before at her door.

"He..hello Ken...I...I did not know you were back in town." She said nervously not knowing what else to say.

"Oh no one outside the family does...if everyone knew then all of the female populace would be after me." He laughed.

Natsuki giggled and nodded. She would be one of the people after him.

"Oh hey Natsuki there is something else i wanted to ask you." Ken told her.

"What is it Ken."

Ken reached up to his face and removed his shades. Natsuki jumped at his yellow reptilian eyes but they seemed to flash and suddenly she felt herself growing hotter.

"Can I come in my dear?" He said in a low whisper.

They were up in her room. The clothes removed and scattered across the floor reveling Natsuki sexy form and Kens muscle lined body

His kissed her then he slid his tongue into her, making her echoing moans come from her lips to his. Ken lowered his hands back against her naked ass, and felt her up, making her body tremble against his open palm. Natsuki wrapped her slender arms around his neck, and deepened their kiss. Breaking away from her pink lips, Ken ran his tounge against her neck, and nipping at her soft skin.

The blue haired sucubis tilted her head back, and purred as his breath caressed her face. She gripped the back of his dark hair, and pulled him into her arms. She wrapped her arms around his strong powerful body, and buried her face into his pale body; inhaling his scent; he smelled like a good cologne.

(Start of Lemon Scene)

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(End of Lemon Scene)

Ken smiled "Good girl."

He then pinned her to the bed and the only things to be heard from Her room for the rest of night was screams of pain and ecstasy.