Draco woke up to the most amazing sight of his entire life. Harry Potter was in his bed. And not merely in his bed, but sound asleep in his bed, sprawled across it as though he had chased Death Eaters in his dreams, until Draco was left with a small corner of mattress on which to lie.

He could not find it in him to be annoyed at the fact, because Harry's arm was draped possessively over Draco's hips and their legs were twisted together rather pleasantly. Draco smiled, staring at the face he had seen so many times in the past and yet never fully appreciated.

Harry's lashes were amazingly long and thick. He thought perhaps the glasses prevented that fact from being noticeable, which was a pity. Harry's eyes were quite beautiful. His face was, also, Draco had to admit. The tense, underfed, slightly nervous look of his youth had gone completely, leaving strong, handsome confidence in its place.

Draco tried to move, experimentally, and Harry's arm tightened. Draco held his breath, watching Harry's face to see if he might awaken. Harry's lips thinned and Draco found himself smiling at the thought of him being annoyed at Draco's departure. Draco stilled and Harry relaxed once more, sighing lightly in his sleep.

Draco watched him for a while longer, resisting the urge to reach out and touch the tousled hair. Before long, however, the need to use the facilities won out over the need to ogle the black-haired man in his bed, so Draco concentrated and began to change.

He doubted he would ever get used to the sensation. It had taken months just to tamp down the panic enough to finally change completely - the feeling of shrinking, morphing, and losing one's sense of self had been immense. Draco had been determined, however, and bored enough to stick with it.

His limbs fell away from Harry's, shrinking and sprouting grey fur, until he was able to hop down from the bed and pad toward the bathroom. Once there, he returned to his human shape and relieved the pressure on his bladder before taking a horrified look in the mirror. Salazar, he looked a fright!

He dragged a comb through his hair and washed his face with a flannel before shifting back into his Animagus form and returning to the bedchamber. To his surprise, Harry was awake, stretching on the bed with a yawn.

Draco leaped onto the bed and paused, but Harry smiled at him and beckoned with a hand.

"There you are, Cuddles. I admit I was hoping to find your master in the bed this morning."

Draco walked forward and pressed his head into Harry's hand, feeling a purr already trying to rumble forth. Bloody hell, he was already obsessed with Harry's touch, whether in human or cat form. As if to underscore Draco's wayward thought, Harry stroked the length of his back. Draco arched into his caress and made a spontaneous decision that he hoped he would not regret.

He shifted back, changing until he lay atop the surprised hero, staring down into Harry's astonished face.

"Were you?" he asked in a seductive tone.

"You sneak!" Harry said accusingly, but Draco was pleased to note that Harry's arms wrapped around his back, locking him in place. "You are an unregistered Animagus!"

Draco smiled smugly. "Going to report me?" he asked and kissed Harry, who should have tasted unpleasantly of morning breath, but instead only tasted of Harry, which Draco thought might simply be a bias on his part.

"I'm not an Auror any more," Harry said against his lips and pulled him into a deeper kiss. Harry's hands stroked the length of his spine from neck to buttocks and the caress was even better than when he was in feline form.

Draco broke the kiss, gasping. "I'm so glad you gave up that silly career." He felt Harry's erection growing next to his own and a rush of anticipation swept through him. Harry's hands moved down and cupped his bare buttocks, squeezing lightly. Draco felt a momentary ache and wondered if he was up for another round so soon - his body was definitely not used to the things he had put it through the night before.

Thinking of those things made Draco's erection even more prominent and he could not suppress a moan as Harry's fingers slipped lower to trail lightly over his testicles.

"Draco!" The angry bellow made Draco lift his head with a horrified gasp and he met Harry's surprised gaze.

"Oh fuck, it's my father!"

Draco went completely blank with panic, especially when the shout repeated and he realized his father had reached the sitting room. With an undignified squeak, Draco shifted into cat form.

He would have bolted, but Harry's hands caught him just as his father stormed into the room with an irritated, "What have you done - ?"

The words ended abruptly and Draco thought it might be nice to crawl through Harry's skin and burrow his way beneath the mattress. He debated digging his claws into the Gryffindor to force his release, but he had the feeling Harry would not let him go even then.

"Harry Potter," his father said flatly and Draco was further mortified to see his mother enter the room behind him.

"Goodness, Lucius, can you not let the boy wake up proper..." Her voice trailed off into a gasp. "Oh, my."

"Mrs Malfoy," Harry said smoothly. "Lucius."

"Draco." His father's voice was like steel and Draco cringed into Harry's grip, shaking. "Change back at once."

"Lucius," his mother broke in, to Draco's everlasting relief. "That might not be the best idea."

It took a moment for that to sink in, which meant that Draco's father was even more out of sorts than Draco feared, a fact likely assisted by the hand that Harry trailed calmly down Draco's back in a too-familiar fashion.

"Make yourself presentable, Draco. We will await you downstairs in the dining... in the study. Good morning, Mr Potter."

Draco was mortified to hear a note of amusement beneath his mother's voice as she plucked at his father's sleeve. Instead of leaving, his father marched forward and Draco cringed into Harry's shoulder, but his father did not reach for him vengefully. Instead, he slapped a newspaper on the edge of the bed.

"Yes, Draco. Do meet us downstairs where we will discuss this, as well as the state of my dining room. You have ten minutes."

With that, he turned and stalked out with Narcissa following in his angry wake.

Draco shifted back. Harry's arms were still wrapped tightly around him, but Draco could not meet his eyes.

"He's going to destroy me," Draco moaned.

"Tsk, wouldn't he have done it already, when you were in helpless kitten form?"

Draco glared at him, irritated to find the emerald eyes sparkling with amusement. He had expected the idiot to be just as horrified as Draco, not... complacent! One of Harry's hands fell away in order to pick up the paper. Unwillingly, Draco turned to view the front page, which displayed a photograph of he and Potter sprawled together on the ground at the statuary shop. He recalled the moment with a rush, remembering how hard it had been to move away from the prone man.

When Blaise had mentioned photographs, Draco had expected images of he and Harry walking through the shop, not... that intimate display.

"That wretched opportunist!" Draco snarled. He pushed at Harry, whose arm across his back still held Draco tightly. "Let me up, Potter. I need to prepare myself for my father to disown and possibly murder me."

"Move in with me."

Draco gaped at him. Harry's face seemed as wretchedly honest as ever; he was not teasing.

"Are you completely bollocking insane?"

Harry frowned. "Probably, but I've an enormous house and I just realized how empty it is, and since the press already knows we're an item - "

"We are not an item, Potter," Draco said derisively. "This was a one time thing that - "

Green eyes flashed, intense and pure. "Don't," Harry warned. "Don't cheapen it."

Draco looked away, feeling his face heat. Damn the man. Draco had hoped Harry would be willing to go home and let Draco do damage control and try to salvage... something. What did he want, really? To return to his reclusive life of unutterable boredom? And yet, he had never expected Harry Potter to go completely Gryffindor in his defence.

Strong fingers touched the edge of his jaw and tipped Draco's face up until Harry's lips teased his own in a gentle kiss, ripe with promise. Just before a hand slapped down hard on Draco's backside. He gasped and reared back angrily. Harry smirked.

"Come on. We only have a few minutes left before your father does... well, whatever he does when he's really angry. Too bad he only gave us ten minutes."

Draco shoved away from the bed in annoyance and walked to the wardrobe, all too aware of Harry's eyes on his arse and trying not to feel warmed by the teasing tone in his voice and by his casual use of the word we. The prospect of facing his father was suddenly far less terrifying.

He lifted a shirt and felt strong arms close around his waist. Hot lips teased the nape of his neck and Draco tried not to lean back into Harry's embrace... and failed. He realized it would be far too easy to succumb to such attention.

"Can I borrow a shirt?" Harry asked, startling a laugh from Draco.

"You can borrow anything you like," Draco admitted. "It can only be an improvement." He paused and added, "I am a bit fond of the jeans, though."

At that, Harry turned him around and kissed him properly and the prospect of being very late loomed like a portent. Draco wondered how long it would take his father to forgive him if he simply left with Harry.


Harry felt Draco relax against him and tamped down a thrill of something he had not felt in a very long time, so long that it took him a while to name it. Happiness. He was utterly, ridiculously happy.

He pulled away from Draco's intoxicating lips and nearly groaned aloud at the sight of the man's wet mouth, half-lidded eyes, and flushed face. He was of half a mind to Apparate them straight out of the Manor and commence shagging on the nearest available bed. Only the knowledge that Draco had already lost his friends halted him. Harry could not allow him to lose his parents, as well, and there was no telling how Lucius was taking the news. The fact that he had not hexed them both seemed encouraging, but Harry admitted it might be wishful thinking on his part.

"Come on. We have to face the music," he said and reached over Draco's shoulder to snag the nearest available shirt - a midnight blue number that seemed sombre enough to suit the occasion. He felt another giddy rush when he pushed his hands through the sleeves and began to button it, watching Draco watching him with silver eyes gone dark with desire. Harry's cock, still half-hard despite the Malfoys' unexpected visit, grew even larger.

Draco stepped forward and Harry backed away quickly with a raised hand. "No!" he cried with a laugh. "Later, when the prospect of our destruction is not hovering over our heads." He turned back to the bed, cast a quick Cleaning Charm on his jeans, and stepped into them, fully aware that Draco watched him, and that he still wore no pants. It did nothing to diminish his erection, making it difficult to wrestle with his zipper.

He spent long moments visualizing Severus Snape and determinedly not watching Draco dress in order to cure his condition. At long last, Draco cleared his throat and Harry glanced at the blond, once more dressed and impeccable. Harry smiled and held out his hand. Draco hesitated only a moment before he stepped forward and took it.

"You are immensely foolish," Draco muttered.

"So you've said," Harry replied, still smiling. The corners of Draco's mouth twitched and Harry realized he would take on a hundred Lucius Malfoys in order to receive a smile from the man next to him, and wasn't that a startling revelation?


"What are your intentions regarding my son?" Lucius demanded the moment Harry and Draco stepped into the dark-walled study. Draco tried surreptitiously to remove his hand from Harry's, to no avail. If it became necessary to break through the Malfoy wards and Apparate away, he planned to take Draco with him.

"That is entirely up to your son," Harry replied calmly.

Draco looked like he wished the floor would open up and swallow him when Lucius turned a glare upon him. Harry's protective instincts rushed to the forefront.

"Tell me, Lucius, what do you object to the most? The fact that your son is in a relationship with a man, or that the man in question is me?"

"Perhaps we should all sit down and have some tea?" Narcissa suggested.

"Don't flatter yourself, Potter," Lucius snarled.

"You're just a homophobic prick, then. Not really a surprise, considering your pureblood bigotry."

Draco's hand clenched on his and Harry felt a pang, suddenly regretting his words. Lucius was Draco's father, after all.

"You will not address me that way in my own home!" Lucius said angrily and his hand twisted on the silver head of his cane - a replacement that looked remarkably similar to the original, fanged serpent and all. Apparently, Malfoys were resistant to change.

"We will all sit down and have a cup of tea right now," Narcissa said loudly, causing all of them to stare at her in surprise.

Draco and Lucius moved immediately to the nearest seat, with Draco dragging Harry by their attached hands. They sat side by side on a richly upholstered sofa while Lucius sat stiffly in a high-backed chair. Narcissa sank into a chair near Lucius as a house-elf popped in to place a silver tea setting on the table between them.

"So," Narcissa said pleasantly as the house-elf carefully poured the tea into tiny cups, "Is this thing with... Harry a recent development, Draco?"

Draco nodded, seeming relieved that his father had lapsed into silence. "Yes, I hired Harry to renovate my sitting room and I remembered how much you detested the fireplace in the dining room and the statue in the solar..."

"You hired an Auror to renovate the Manor?" Lucius growled and Draco winced.

"Lucius, dear, Harry quit the Ministry some time ago. Have you not read the Daily Prophet?"

"We have been in the tropics. I have not cared enough to read that rag and do not know why you continue to have it sent to us wherever we go."

"For reasons such as this, darling. I like to stay abreast of events at home." She took her cup and sipped delicately. Harry debated drinking his tea, but one hand was clasped in Draco's and he thought he might need the other for his wand.

Narcissa ignored the fact that the men were content to sit and glare tensely at one another rather than observe the pleasantries of tea.

"Harry, you seem to have come to care for Draco rather quickly. Are you certain this is not some passing fancy?"

Lucius blanched and Draco groaned. Harry grinned broadly. "I can assure you, Mrs Malfoy, my intentions regarding Draco are..." Harry nearly choked on purely honourable, because that was ridiculously far from the truth considering his immediate goal was to get the blond prone and naked as soon as possible. "Well, let me just say that hurting him is the last thing I want. Our relationship is already a matter of public knowledge and, frankly, I have no problem with it. The Daily Prophet, the Ministry, and anyone that wishes to deride either of us can, pardon my language, Madam, but they can bloody well kiss my arse."

Harry thought he heard Draco choke and Narcissa's brows rose even as Lucius glowered.

"Furthermore, Draco is coming to live with me in London."

"He most certainly is not!" Lucius roared before Draco could speak.

"Oh? Does that mean you do not plan to disown him?" Harry prodded.

"Of course I am not going to disown him! He is my son!"

Harry smiled. "Excellent, because he is very worried about your good opinion. I believe he would give up any sort of relationship with me in order to maintain that, should you demand it of him." Despite the smile, Harry's voice was hard as iron. It was a challenge and Lucius knew it. Draco's fingers clenched so tightly around Harry's that he felt the tips begin to go numb.

It was on the tip of Lucius' tongue to demand that very thing. Harry could see it plain as day and he waited expectantly, not quite sure what his reaction would be if Lucius brashly ordered Draco to never see him again, and even more unsure what Draco's response would be to such an order.

And then Lucius looked at his son. Grey eyes met grey and seemed to crackle in the room. Draco's chin rose minutely and words seemed to choke Lucius for a moment. His knuckles whitened on the black cane and then he visibly deflated, sinking back into his chair with a defeated sigh.

"Bloody hell, I thought nothing could be worse than the Dark Lord," Lucius muttered. "I need a drink."

A house-elf immediately popped up next to Lucius with a glass of amber-coloured liquid, but Narcissa gave him a pointed look. He did not take the beverage. "You cannot compare Draco's romantic preferences to Voldemort, Lucius. Don't be ridiculous. Besides, can you think of anyone better? All the silly females Draco might have chosen do not have one thousandth of the social standing of Harry Potter, nor do any of the men. Frankly, Draco has outdone my every hope for him."

She smiled at Draco, who fairly gaped at her in astonishment as she went on. "He's been closeted in this house for far too long and now he can finally resume a decent social life. It is obvious from Harry's words that he will not allow anyone to slur Draco's name and I doubt that he plans to lock Draco away from the world."

Harry sort of had planned that, actually, but Narcissa's pleasant words were little more than a veiled threat and he quickly revised that idea to include many outings with Draco, something that suddenly seemed less a chore and more of something to look forward to. He looked at Draco speculatively, picturing him in a fancy restaurant, surrounded by photographers... and completely basking in the attention. Harry grinned.

"I plan to show him off at the earliest opportunity," Harry assured her.

"My son is not a bloody trophy," Lucius growled.

"Certainly not," Harry agreed. "I merely want everyone to know how lucky I am that he has chosen me."

"Romantic idiot," Draco said, using much the same tone as Lucius, but Harry heard something beneath it that warmed his heart. Draco's hand relaxed in his, finally, and squeezed once despite his words.

"I think I'd like to take Draco home now," Harry said and got to his feet, pulling Draco with him.

"Wait, now? What about my dining room?"

"I'll fix it," Harry replied casually.


"Oh, let them go, dear. Remember when we were young?" Narcissa smiled at Lucius suggestively over the rim of her teacup.

"It wasn't that long ago," Lucius muttered.

"Thank you, Mrs Malfoy," Harry said fervently and tugged Draco from the room.

"Have a good time, Draco," she called. Lucius groaned loudly.


"That went... oddly," Draco commented in the hallway. "But much better than expected."

Harry slowed, although his hand never left Draco's. "Are you okay with this?" Harry asked, apparently having another attack of conscience. "The moving in with me thing, I mean. You never said yes."

Draco smirked, although he was still in a state of relative shock at how Harry had not only defused the situation with his father, but had also managed to acquire Draco as a roommate in the same conversation. "Apparently, you are used to getting your way in all things," he said airily. "And you call me spoiled."

"Well, you'll be happy to know I plan to continue that policy, at any rate," Harry said.

Draco lifted a brow. "The getting what you want thing, or the spoiling of me thing?"

"Both," Harry said and grinned.

Draco managed not to blush and felt some measure of relief when they entered the dining room. Harry replaced the fireplace stones with a wave of his wand and set the furniture back to rights with a second flick. The room looked completely untouched.

Draco blinked at him for a moment. "You could have dismantled the fireplace with a single spell last night, could you not?" Draco commented and Harry nodded. "Then why were you taking it apart stone by stone?"

"It was more fun," Harry explained with a grin. Draco thought it more likely that he was keeping his abilities honed. Former Auror or not, he doubted Harry Potter would allow his powers to wane, just in case another threat should arise.

Harry lifted the silver urn from the mantle and peered in at the Floo Powder before looking at Draco once more. "Coming, then?" he asked, looking more uncertain than Draco had seen him in days. He realized that a single word would avenge for years of wrongs, both real and imagined. A simple refusal and Harry Potter would be broken. He glanced down at their linked hands and remembered a time, so long ago, when Harry had refused to take his hand.

Draco detached his now, slowly releasing Harry's fingers.

He lifted his gaze to the hopeful green eyes that watched him and wondered how so much could change in so short a time.

Draco put his hand into the jar and took out a handful of powder. He stepped close to Harry and allowed his lips to slide over his jaw until he brushed Harry's earlobe, smiling when it earned a shiver.

"Well, now, that's up to you, isn't it, Harry? But I'm certainly up for it."

"Number 12, Grimmauld Place," Harry said hoarsely.

Draco smiled wickedly, repeated his words, and stepped into the flames.


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