This changing channels thing SUCKED! It was bad enough to be thrown into a scene from a blackout; it was so much worse to be dropped into the middle of an action scene with weird, grey, faceless things on the offensive. Dean automatically defended himself and then struck back. The grey humanoids weren't difficult to fight, but there were a lot of them.

Dean instinctively looked around to find Sam. Sam was surrounded by his own pack of grey things, but was having no difficulty fending them off. Although each new scenario the Trickster dropped them into involved a change of clothing, the outfit Sam was sporting was a little weird. He was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped t-shirt and blue, denim overall shorts. His sneakers were also blue. Dean began to get a sinking feeling in his gut.

Even before Dean got a look at his own clothing, his suspicions were confirmed when a petite, brown-haired girl did a triple back flip past him to end up fighting grey things with Sam. "No, no…" Dean mumbled to no one in particular. "not this."


Sam's call got Dean's attention and he jogged over to join the multi-hued group. An African-American boy dressed in black and an Asian-American girl dressed in yellow had joined Sam and the pink clad girl. The three teenagers were a little winded and anxiously scanning the area even though the grey things were gone.

"A word, Sam?" Dean gestured even as he walked slightly away from the group. Sam followed, obviously ready to repeat the "play your roles" mantra.

"I can't do this." Dean stated emphatically. "I won't do this." Sam looked like he was preparing an argument, so Dean just rolled right over him. "Power Rangers? Seriously?! It couldn't have been Voltron or Transformers…?"

"Technically those were animated…" Sam tried to interject.

Dean paced as he ranted. "Floating alien heads, talking robots, evil empresses on the moon…"

Sam snickered. "You seem to know a lot about Power Rangers, Dean."

"Shut up!" Dean hissed. But after a beat he couldn't help adding, "The Pink Ranger was hot."

"Guys! Look!" The small girl in pink pointed at the sky; as if they would've missed the entrance of the gigantic, alien-robot hybrid.

"Do you know what time it is, Dean?" Sam asked his brother who was dressed head to toe in red.

Dean sighed deeply, but took up a stance in front of the assembled group. "It's Morphin Time!"