what made you smile today?

By: Xmarksthespot



3. experience

He dreamt of being just like his brother one day. To Sasuke Uchiha, his older brother, Itachi was like Superman, or the Red Power Ranger, or cooler. Everything the boy did merely mirrored Itachi's, down to his choice in clothes.

Not only that, but the five year old ate like Itachi, slept like him, and even picked up the older boy's habits. He would watch wide-eyed at the things that his brother would do, and spend hours afterward trying to copy him.

Of course, his mother believed that this was an adorable trait of Sasuke, usually following around the younger boy with a camera in her hand. In fact, their entire photo album consisted of Itachi's achievements, family gatherings, and Sasuke's attempt at copying Itachi.

Those were the sad years (not that the later years weren't sad, because they were most definitely sad, and really depressing) that belonged to Sasuke.

It was that one fateful day that he caught the elder Uchiha with a bottle of dark purple nail polish in hand.

H ad he known his brother was going to join a cult sooner or later, he most certainly wouldn't have tried to paint his nails with his mother's cherry-red, quick dry, glossy nail polish.

And he most definitely wouldn't have done so if he had also realized that his brother used up the last bit of nail polish remover the previous week.


"But Sasuke-kun!" She whined. Her lips formed a small pout, which always seemed to hook the Uchiha in. She stared at him with her widened forest-green eyes, grabbing onto his wrist with her one hand. "Please!"

He rolled his eyes, and his arms were crossed. Sasuke only muttered curses in response, regretting his decision to keep all of his family albums instead of burning it along with Naruto


Her head poked to the side. "Is that a yes?" She asked innocently.

"No!" Sasuke scoffed. He let out a frustrated sigh. "I refuse. As a man, a man with pride, and- and dignity, of my status, I refuse."

Sakura's brows furrowed, and tears leaked from the corner of her eyes, which tempted the man sitting across from her even more.

But nay. He slammed his hand onto the table, pushing himself off of his seat. His height added to his authority. "No, Sakura. I have the right to refuse here." He stared at her for a few seconds. "No. No. Don't you look at me with those eyes, Sakura."

The Uchiha immediately turned around, refusing to let the kunoichi get to him.

"But, but," Sakura whimpered. "But you have experience, and it's hard to do it with my other hand. Please, Sasuke-kun. Please just this once?"

Sasuke's breathing was heavily shot out of his nose. His one hand, flat on the table, quickly released its hold and grabbed the bottle of rouge polish. Sitting back down on his seat, he shouted, "Fine, but just this once. Now hold out your hand."