Ah finally x3 Chapter one of my Slashfic is finally finished. It will be relatively tame guys so don't worry xD. It's T-rated. Anyway, enjoy 83.

214-4 and 101-5 and 8 are both mine

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Chapter 1

Not the Only One

The halls of Bossbot Headquarters were bustling with activity that day. Promotions were being made, banquets were being planned, and Toons it seemed were on a losing streak. Yes, today it seemed good fortune shined down upon the brown suit-wearing Cogs. Well…perhaps not all of them. With the influx of Toon defeats meant more reports; and more reports meant more filing. It was here that Flunky 101-5 found himself; half buried under a large stack of papers that precariously teetered left and right as he slowly made his way down the busy hall.

Slowly but surely the lower variant Bossbot made his way towards the filing room, hoping that none of the papers were planning to fly off the stack. It had taken far too long to get them in the correct order and he did not want to spend anymore time on paperwork today. It was the last thing he needed, especially after his younger brother had up and left without telling him.

He and Eight were the last of their batch, and he didn't want anything to happen to his younger sibling. Eight was all he had left in his life of paper pushing and fighting Toons. He was the reason Five even got up from his bed in the mornings anymore. To make sure he was alright and ready to go for another day's work. 101-5 often wondered what would become of his little brother if he were left to fend for himself. The fledgling was so headstrong he wondered if it would be his aid or his Achilles Heel.

The thought of his little brother Eight's well being distracted him from his desired course and caused the Flunky to walk into someone. With a heavy thud, the small Cog hit the floor, papers cascading down around him. He growled in annoyance and looked up into the face of a Corporate Raider. The Raider returned his gaze, a twinkle of amusement in his visible eye, "'ought to watch where yer goin' there, lad," chuckled the large Bossbot.

Five rolled his eyes somewhat and stood, looking around slightly in dismay at all the papers before looking back at the Raider, "Would it be too much trouble to ask for some help?"

"I would lad, but I've got to be getting back to work. Me shift starts soon…" He replied before turning and heading further down the hall out of sight.

Five gave another frustrated growl and proceeded to pick up the papers now carpeting the floor, muttering to himself as he did so, "Lousy, good for nothing Corporate Raiders think they're better just because they're higher on the corporate latter. Seems they forget they were on the bottom rung themselves once. No one appreciates anything we do around here…"

Several agonizing moments later, Five had recollected his papers and thrown them less then ceremoniously back into a pile (now out of filing order and rather messy) and continued his trek to the file room. At that point there was but one thing on his mind, hurry and finish the damn filing and go look for his brother. He hoped the other Flunky hadn't gotten in over his head and was still alive and well.

101-8 was rather enjoying himself today. He'd managed to slip away from his protective older brother without a hitch. Made his way out to Toontown Central's streets; and with the aid of some other Cogs he'd managed to take out some weaker Toons from the streets. Eight wouldn't lie; he was feeling a bit prideful at the moment. Like he could take on just about anything the day offered him. It was at that moment he spotted a Toon heading in his direction.

She was a green rabbit about his height. Her hair was slightly darker then her fur and fell about her shoulders. She was wearing a light blue hoodie and had on a pair of jean shorts. From the looks of her, she didn't look like she was over 18 Laff points. An easy target; I'll be more then a mach for her. Eight surmised, grinning from ear to ear as he approached the rabbit Toon, looking foreword to another easy victory….

Five scanned the streets below him, hoping the leads he'd gotten from other Cogs had been right in where his brother was at. The propeller atop his head whizzed frantically, much like his mind was doing at the moment. There wasn't a single Cog to be seen on the streets of Toontown Central, which didn't bode well for his little sibling. Just when he thought he felt a knot forming in his chest, he heard from far below what sounded like a scream. A scream then followed by a fit of laughter…and Five's metaphorical heart about stopped. His beady black eyes located the source of the laughing; it was his brother lying on the cobblestone street.

"No!" Five screamed as he jetted down towards the streets. He couldn't lose Eight, he just couldn't. Maybe if he got to him in time, there might be a way to save him. He might still have a chance. He might-BOOM!

The rest of the decent to the ground seemed to come in slow motion. Seconds passed that felt like an eternity. His eyes spotted the Toon that had done the deed; she was dancing in victory; the image of her becoming burned into his mind's eye. The face of Eight's murderess; who a moment later disappeared down a black hole. Finally his feet hit the ground with a muted thud. He was too late. He was dead. Eight his little brother and best friend, was nothing more then spare parts lying amid the cracks in the stone. Absently, Five felt himself fall to his knees, oily tears beginning to cloud his vision. He reached out a trembling hand and picked up what remained of his 101-8's glasses and held them to his chest.

He looked down at the broken, somewhat mangled frames in his hand and his plump body became wracked with bitter sobs. He continued to cry for what felt like hours on end, eventually managing to somehow drag his limp body onto a nearby bench. There he sat late into the evening, the sun now set. He could hardly move now, depleted of so much oil from crying. In the back of his mind he knew he wouldn't be able to get back home in such a state, but then did that really matter any more? There was no one waiting back home for him. No brothers, no friends; no one. He was a lowly Flunky, and no one would miss him if some Toon decided to pick him off when morning came.

With an exasperated sigh, Five curled into a ball on the bench and closed his eyes, emitting more quiet, tearless sobs as he waited for his end to arrive…

The Sky was clear, the full moon was shinning brightly, and a peaceful quiet had settled over the formerly active street of Toontown. There was a slight chill in the autumn air that if he had been flesh, Bloodsucker 214-4 was sure he'd see his breath coming out in misty clouds from his nose. He sighed and took a sip of the hot mug of oil clutched in his pale hands. Nights like this made him feel…at peace with the world in which he lived. Even if that world was one of constant fighting because Toons and Cogs couldn't seem to agree on the same work ethic.

Four sighed and took another sip of his oil and looked up at the moon. Nights like this, while they made him feel at peace, at the same time made him feel alone. The Lawbot wrapped a crimson scarf that was around his neck even tighter and shut his eyes feeling the emptiness creep up on him again. The light breeze lightly caressed his face and made his scarf flutter; breathing in the air he smelled a familiar scent he though he'd all but forgotten at that point and he smiled. That was until he thought he heard a quiet sound being carried by the wind.

As he listened closer his smile faltered and turned into a frown. Was he hearing…sobbing? Opening his eyes he glanced around looking for the source of the noise. Nothing seemed to be amiss that he could see. He closed his eyes again, listening for the noise once more. From what he could pick up the noise was being carried from just down the street. Curious Five stood up and decided to go see what was making the noise.

He hovered up from the roof by the power of his propeller and slowly headed off down the street. Looking down below he saw nothing at first. Realizing the sound was slowly beginning to fade, he quickened his flight speed; nearly passing up the source of the noise. Something large and round in the corner of his eye caught his attention just as he was passing over and he stopped. Looking down he saw what appeared to be some sort of Bossbot curled up on one of the benches that lined the street. Frowning slightly he began his decent to make sure the pitiful looking thing was alright.

Five absently heard the sound of a propeller somewhere near him, but he was too worn out from weeping to lift his head and look. Probably just some higher up Cog come to laugh at me for acting in such a manner…he thought. Nothing for a moment, then he heard approaching foot steps, still not lifting his heavy head to glance at who ever it was. That is, until he felt a concerned hand rest on his shoulder. Sniffing, he slowly raised his weary head to face his unknown visitor. As his sight adjusted to the lack of light a pale white face came into view. It was a Bloodsucker, looking like another save for a crimson red scarf tied around his neck. He wore a concerned expression and…some sort of black stuff on his eye lids.

In his right hand was held a silver coffee mug, top gone filled nearly to the brim with steaming hot oil. The steam rose from the top of the mug and lightly swirled 'round the Lawbot's face, making him seem a bit mysterious.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a sincere tone.

Five didn't say anything; he just sort of looked at the ground where his brother's remains lay strewn. Four followed his gaze to the spot, face freezing in shock. Sounds from the past echoing in his mind that he had trouble shaking before looking back at the Flunky sitting on the bench.

"I-I'm sorry…" Four said fighting back his own tears, "Was he a friend of yours?"

The Flunky shook his head almost unresponsively before replying, "M-my…little brother…"

The Bloodsucker felt a cold knot forming in the area where his stomach would be if he had one, not knowing what else to say. The Flunky shuttered, seeming close to tears again as he continued speaking, "H-he was…the only sibling left…all alone now…c-can't get back h-home…"

Puzzled Four replied, "Why can't you get back home?"

"T-too…weak…lost o…o..." Five choked out looking like he might collapse back onto the bench at any moment.

214-4 looked at the mug of oil he held in his hands and sighed, "Here you look like you need this more then I do…" he said holding the mug out for him to take.

Five looked at it and reached an unsteady hand out to grasp it; Four, seeing how shaky his hand was, held onto it when he took the mug and helped him lift it to his lips. After several moments the Flunky had drained the entire mug of oil. The Lawbot set the mug aside and looked back at the other Cog, "Think you could get home now comrade?" Four asked.

"I…don't know." Five cautiously got to his feet, feeling himself wobble he sighed and shook his head, "I might get to another street but I don't think I'll make it home..."

"Then allow me to assist you?"

"I…uh…" Five stuttered, a bit hesitantly.

"Come now, you just said you weren't sure if you could make it home on your own." Four said, frowning.

The Bossbot stayed quiet a moment, looking back over at the pile of scrap on the side walk, "I'm still not really sure I want to go back. I've got nothing to go back home to anymore…" he sniffed, feeling fresh tears rising in his eyes.

Four stood their quietly for a moment, just staring at the whimpering Bossbot before him and frowned, "You know…if I was your brother I wouldn't want you giving up so easily."

"Well you're not my brother…I don't even know who you are."

"I'm 214-4, and you?"

"101-5…" he sniffed.

"Well Five as a fellow Cog, and a Lawbot, and your numerical superior, I'm taking you back home whether you want me to or not."

Five growled and stood up a bit sharply, "I most certainly will not be forced by you to go home, especially after you disrespect me by using my casual name without permission!"

Several moments and a frustrating argument later Five was reluctantly being led along by Four down the empty street, wondering if life for him could possibly end up being any worse for him. Not only was his last remaining brother now gone from his otherwise empty life, now he was being led along like some lost child. It was aggravating to no end. If he didn't want to go home, what business was it of 214-4's? The very least, he didn't want to be practically dragged back to Bossbot Head Quarters; but Four, despite Five's protests, wouldn't let go of his arm.

The more the Flunky thought on the matter the more it plagued him until finally he decided to voice his opinion once more, "You know it's rather irritating you find the need to drag be back like I'm some newborn fresh off the assembly line 214-4…tell me do you intrude into everyone's business or am I just a special case?"

Four stopped walking and stayed quiet a moment before he replied, "If you consider yourself a 'special case' then I suppose so…"

Frowning at the answer Five managed to tug his arm away finally when he felt the Lawbot's grip slacken. When his comrade didn't say a word, 101-5 took the opportunity to leave and began to walk away. Four watched him leave quietly feeling a bit dejected. He'd only been trying to help the poor Flunky get back home; and as the lowest variant Bossbot's chubby form retreated down the street he felt a bit of anger creep into his chest and he shouted out to him, "You know you're not the only one who's lost someone they cared about!"

Five stopped and quietly looked back over his shoulder to see Four glaring at him from where they he had stopped before. He didn't say another word before taking flight and off into the inky black sky. Without another thought on the issue, other than hoping not to have another run in with 214-4 again anytime soon and took flight himself, deciding to head for home. He had been headed there anyway; might as well finish the journey he'd started, right?