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Sticky Notes

I took the note from the dryer, it read:

Please fold the clothes


With a smile I started taking the clothes out of the dryer. I moved the clothes to the folding table and started my work. Every child should start the day by doing the task set by their parents.

Humming quietly I finished my task. I was done just in time to hear the doorbell. Halfway across the room the door burst open and in popped Ed and Eddy. As usual Ed tackled me.

"Are you done with your stupid chores yet?!" Eddy screamed in his discordant voice

"If you must know Eddy I just finished them."

"Oh great, now you can help with our latest scam."

"And what would that be, Eddy?" I replied with a sigh. He proceeded to explain his scam of The Eds' candy store.

"And how am I supposed to that?!" I gave him an exasperated look.

"I don't know brainiac you're the smart one, figure it out!" he yelled right back.

With a sigh we go into the garage and started working. A few hours of painting bricks to look like unappetizing pieces of candy. Eddy then put me to work on the candy stand. After a few hurt fingers and countless tools dropped on my feet, I finished. Eddy then got ready to scam the kids of the cul-de-sac.

Jimmy was the first to walk up with that same shyness he has about him. Eddy gave his evil grin and his sales pitch about the candy successfully bringing the other kids to the stand.

"Hey Sarah look, candy!" Jimmy points excitedly

"Don't go over there; it's just my stupid brother."

"It's ok Sarah lets go over."

"Alright Jimmy."

Just as she agreed Naz, Ralph, and Kevin walk up.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Naz says with a smile.

"I'd like a piece of fudge!" exclaimed Jimmy. Eddy snickers and makes Ed paint a brick to look like fudge. He goes to give it to Jimmy.

"That'll be a quarter." Eddy extends his hand for his prize.

Jimmy gives him the quarter and takes the "candy." He takes a few steps back and bites down on the "candy" shattering his teeth. He cries in pain.

"Jimmy!" Sarah runs to Jimmy.

"Look at what you did to Jimmy!"

Sarah bull rushes to the stand.

"Oh dear." I back up a few steps knowing something horrible is about to happen. Sarah tears the stand apart with ease.

"Baby sister!" Ed backs away.

"Stupid Sarah!" Shouts Eddy as we run towards Eddy's house. Sarah retaliated by throwing one of the bricks in our direction.


"My bike!!!" Kevin yelled in shock. I look back to see the dented remains of Kevin's bike.

"Oh dear!"

Kevin runs after us rolling up his sleeves like he always does before he pounds us.

"I'm going to pound you, you dorks!"

Kevin catches up to us and pounds both Ed and Eddy. He turns to me. I cower as he mover in my direction.

"I can fix it." I stutter out in fear of the pain he can inflict.

"You can?" Kevin stops in his tracks.

"Y…yes" I look over. He mulls it over.

"Fine, I'll bring it over to your house later, about what time?"

"A…around 4." I'm not going to die? All I have to do is fix his bike?

"Fine, you better be there." Kevin picks up the remains of his bike and leaves with everyone following.

"Stupid Kevin, now we have to come up with a new scam." Eddy says annoyed.

"No Eddy, I'm going home before you get us into any more trouble." I walked home just as I started getting hungry.

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