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Pairing: KevinxDouble D

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This chapter will be in third person!

In that instant there was no one but Kevin and his D, and nothing else mattered to them. The kiss was not hungry or needy it was slow and tender. Neither boy could tell you how long it lasted. A few seconds? Maybe minutes? Only guesses could be made later. The kiss ended as abruptly as it has started when Double D jumped at the sound of some one's throat being cleared.

Both boys looked at the people surrounding them. Kat had a goofy smile on her face while Mrs. Preston was looking to her left at her husband. The two then looked at him, he was wearing an unreadable expression and Kevin visibly tensed.

"Uhh….so" Kevin had no idea how to put his thoughts into words. He wanted to shout out to everyone that he was madly in love with the boy in his arms, but seeing his father made is brain shut down and no words would come out. Him and Double D both just stood there.

What happened next terrified everyone. No one knew how to react to the fact the Mr. Preston was laughing, again. This was a real laugh; loud, booming, and free. It was nothing like his laugh toward Double D's mother. Kat, Kevin, and Double D gapped at him. He laughed like that for about a minute before Kevin got angry.

"What the hell is so funny!" he yelled over his father's laughter. It stopped then. Everything was quiet and Kevin's father looked at him for a second before turning to his mother.

"I openly admit that I owe you $20" he said before both fell into more laughter. Kat had a confused look on her face for a moment before giving in and joining her parents. Kevin and Double D looked at each other and Double D shrugged at Kevin.

"Would anyone be willing to let me in on this little joke?" Kevin sighed as he looked at the three that seemed to be laughing at his expense. It took a few moments before the three had calmed down enough to speak.

"I can't believe you took that seriously." It was Kevin's mother who spoke first. She was looking at Mr. Preston and he smiled.

"A bet is a bet." He shrugged at her. Then it was Double D's turn to laugh.

"D's got it!" Kat yelled and giggled. Kevin scowled at her. Then it clicked. His Jaw dropped and he looked between his parents as Double D and Kat laughed.

"Did you two SERIOUSLY bet on my sexuality!" the laughter started again. Kevin let his head fall as he flushed.

"This just means they're fine with it." Double D told him from his side and smiled.

"Yeah." He smiled back and looked at his family who were finally calming down. They all smiled and everyone seemed content.

"Let's go home." Mrs. Preston spoke. And they left then.

When they were home Kevin's parent's decided it would be ok for Double D and Kevin to share the basement and they would all go collect Double D's things together when all the paperwork was filed and approved. For now the few items of clothing would have to do. No one knew that Kevin whispered that Double D could wear his clothes whenever he wanted. No one even noticed Double D's blush.

"It's been a long day, how about a nap?" Kevin asked when everyone left the room. There was no disagreement there and Double D nodded. He was tired. The two made their way to the basement hand in hand.

Kevin pulled Double D down on the bed with him and kissed him softly. Air became a necessity and they pulled away and curled around each other.

"Good night D." Kevin said as he kissed the top of Double D's head. Double D gave a content sigh and snuggled closer.

"Good night." He whispered and the both of them fell asleep.

Double D woke up because it was cold. I was cold because Kevin was gone. Double D sat up and looked around. I was almost dark. There was no sign of Kevin so Double D moved to get off the bed. That's when he saw it; the simple yellow paper on the wall. A sticky note. He pulled it off and read it.

Hey D,

I hope you slept enough.

I'm in the woods at Sarah's party.

I want you to come Celebrate with me.

Take my bike

Love, Kevin

Double D smiled and got up. He walked up the stairs into the kitchen where Mrs. Preston was washing the dishes.

"Oh Eddward! Are you hungry? I have left overs" She smiled and he smiled back.

"No thank you. Kevin wants me to meet him at Sarah's party." She nodded and pointed to the back door.

"His bike is back there honey." He said thank you and went out the door.

Double D grabbed the bike and started riding to the usual spot in the woods that the others would hold parties that Eddy always wanted to go to.

Double D road up to the spot and slowed down as people came into view. He could see Kevin sitting with Rolph and Jonny. Kevin hadn't noticed him and he smiled. Sarah, who was getting a drink, did notice him though, and she furrowed her eyebrows and ran through the small crowd to Kevin.

"Kevin! Double D has your Bike!" Everyone stopped then. All eyes went to Double D sitting on Kevin's Bike between two trees. Kevin stood up and everyone filed in to get a closer look.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" they all chanted.

"Run Double D!" Ed and Eddy had burst through the trees on the other side of the clearing.

Double D just sat there on the bike as everyone chanted while Kevin made him way over to him. Kevin got up close and touched his hair.

"You aren't wearing your hat." Kevin smiled and he blushed. Everyone there was confused but continued watching. Kevin threw his own hat to the ground. "Now I'm not either." Double D smiled now and ran his own fingers through Kevin's hair.

"You wanted me to take your bile on purpose." He said looking into Kevin's eyes.

"It was the only way to get them all to look when I did this." Kevin said before he leaned down and brought their lips together.

The two knew they were being watched. They knew there were gasps, shouting, and cat calls from behind them. They knew it; they just didn't care about any of it. They had been brought together through some interesting circumstances and they wanted to celebrate.

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