I finally got around to seeing The Vampires Assistant last night after months of debating whether I wanted to see it or not. I have read all 12 saga books, and I'm a big fan, it's a fantastic story. I was completely prepared for this film to be a far cry from the original story.

Going into it open minded & watching it as an independent film & not as an adaptation, I did enjoy the film. It was an interesting take on how events could have happened and it was nice to finally see Darren's characters finally make it onto the big screen.

Watching the film, something occurred to me and I was curious as to how Steve would deal with his grief if he hadn't known so early on about the Vampaneze or where Darren was, as it was in the original story. So, I decided to give it a go. The events from the film won't be happening. So no Mr Tiny, no Murlough and no Darren [sorry]. Other than that, I decided to keep the age of the characters during the film, things work better this way & out of choice, I'll be keeping the American setting, and before you die hard fans [which I am also myself] start to crucify me for that, I do also believe the original story was based in the UK, I'm just choosing to do it this way out of personal preference.

Finally, congratulations to Josh Hutcherson, who really brought Steve to life fantastically, and Enjoy.


Steve Leonard was a lot of things.

For one, he was a trouble maker. Steve was the kind of child who didn't know how to behave, who caused trouble wherever he went. He had a blatant lack of respect for rules; he simply didn't care, and didn't think twice of breaking them or, on fewer occasions, the law.

He was a bad influence with an uncanny ability of distracting his classmates from their school work, something that did not sit well with their parents.

He was unwanted, abandoned by a father he'd never known and ignored by an alcoholic mother, Steve had never been loved, never been cared for or given the attention a parent should give their child, seeking attention elsewhere and in the wrong ways.

He was a thief, stealing from his drunken mother whenever she was passed out from drinking. Taking her possessions and money out of spite, in order to hurt her the way she hurt him. He wanted to get back at her for all the times she had left him alone or hit him when she was drunk. He wanted revenge for the life she had given him, her only child.

And now, Steve was alone.

He'd only ever really had one true friend, and that had been Darren. He'd been friends with Darren as long as they could remember. They always stuck together, though Steve knew his friends parents did not approve of their friendship at all. Darren was a good boy who did what he was told and got all the right grades, and deep down he knew he shouldn't be friends with this dangerous boy, but being friends with Steve gave him a rush, the kind of rush you get from doing something truly dangerous.

He'd been so reliant on his friendship with Darren for so long, he hadn't really bonded with anyone else. Everyone knew to stay away from Steve, that he was trouble, and being around him could only end badly. But Steve didn't care what they thought, why should he? He had Darren, and he got him. He wasn't scared, he understood him, and he was his friend.

But tragedy had struck the friends, and Darren had left him alone. Darren had done the impossible and gone where Steve couldn't, Darren had died.

And Steve, Steve was grieving.


'Are you kidding me?! The guy's a psycho!' The blond girl said, horrified.

'His best friend just died Jenna!' her friend hissed back at her.

'So?!' came the shrill reply 'He's creepy'

'He isn't creepy; you're just being ridiculous' she said, shaking off her friends objections.

'He's creepy and a psycho' she said again, with more authority than before.

'No he isn't, you don't even know him!' the dark haired girl said, her voice rising.

'And neither do you, so why should we go talk to him?' she asked, her hand on her hip.

'Because his best friend is dead and no one else will' she said.

'Yeah, because he's a creepy psycho' the blond, Jenna said, walking away from her friend and leaving her alone. The dark haired girl sighed and shook her head, hitching her back up onto her shoulder. Jenna was completely devoid of any emotion, but they were friends none the less, and she brushed her attitude off, walking towards the boy.

He was sitting alone on a small wall near the tennis courts, looking down, paying no attention to anything going on around him.

'Hey' she said, standing in front of him. Steve looked up at the girl standing in front of him. She was a pretty girl with long dark hair and kind green eyes. He'd seen her around before, in a few of his classes and in the corridors, sometimes they'd have detention at the same time, another face in the crowd.

'Hey' he said automatically, sizing her up.

'Is anyone sitting here?' she asked, motioning to the empty piece of wall beside him. He shook his head and kicked his bag out of the way. She smiled at him and sat beside him, dropping her back onto the floor with his.

'You're Steve, right?' she asked, sitting on an angle, facing him.

'Yeah, that's me' he said, his usual attitude slipping out.

'I thought so' she said, nodding 'I recognise you from Literature class' he nodded but didn't look at her, he wasn't sure why she was here, they'd never spoke before, he didn't even know her name, and here she was, talking to him as if they were long time buddies.

She watched him closely and sensed his confusion, she shifted around 'Look, Steve' she said 'I know we don't know each other or anything, but I know how you feel. You miss Darren right?' he looked up at her, startled 'and it hurts, trust me, I know how it feels losing someone you care about'

Steve stood up abruptly, startling her. He looked down at her angrily 'No, you have no idea how any of this feels, so don't come along here trying to act like we're friends or anything. I don't need your sympathy and I don't want it either, so just leave me alone!' he spat at her 'You think because someone you know died that makes us the same? Well it doesn't, you have no clue what my life is like, or how much I hate it, so spare me your pity!'

The girl got to her feet just as abruptly and looked back at him just as angry 'Look Steve, if you want to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, that's fine. But maybe you should consider the possibility that you're not the only one whose life isn't perfect. And considering your reputation around here, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to reject one of the very few people who are willing to talk to you right now!' She spat back at him. He stared at her for a moment, shocked after her outburst, then, without another word, the girl turned and left.