E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: space

Length: 100 words

Happy birthday Ghostey!


Castiel found Dean on the motel steps, staring into space.

"Your brother's asleep."

Dean sighed. "Dreamless, right?"

"That is what you asked for."

"Thanks, Cas. He hasn't slept all night since…..well, for weeks now."

Castiel noted Dean's weary face.

"What about you? Would you wish for a dreamless sleep?"

"Nah, I'm good. Besides I have to look out for Sammy."

"I can watch over you both while you sleep."

An immense sadness filled Dean's eyes. "Angels really do that?"

"Does that upset you?"

"No, it's just…..my mom used to tell me angels watched over me."

"She was right."