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1.) Raph and the other brother are 23 in this fic, they are mutant turtles.

2.) This concept is based off of the Episode "The Big House" from Turtles in Space. As in the multiple sentient races.

3.) This whole fic will be written in Raph's POV.

4.) Its going to be a heart wrencher…***





Chapter 1: Hunger

My eyes flutter open as the bell rings, signaling me that a new day is here. Aria whimpers against me and snuggles closer. She's hungry, as hungry as I am.

Hunger…its something I thought I knew. But I was wrong. Hunger is more painful than that. I've learned what its like to go without food. I learned that I could go nearly two weeks without it if I had to, if Aria didn't have enough to eat.

Aria…my little girl, my daughter. Her carapace is dark like mine, but her skin is lighter…more like her mother's, something between my own emerald and Tahsehle's forest. Aria had light brown hair when she was born and it darkened up as she got older. Tahsehle abandoned Aria…left her to die. When she ceased to be pregnant, she stopped getting extra rations and left Aria alone. Aria would've died if I hadn't found her when I did. I…I killed Tahsehle…threw her in the dark area of the underground river. When the foremen found out I…I was beaten. That's how I lost my voice.

I coughed blood for days. My throat was crushed, it was a miracle I even lived. I had only spoken Aria's name to her twice before that. All she knows is her number: 458T90ST82, and mine: 369T82. She's identified as my daughter my the last four digits of her number, ST82, Sire: Terapin 82, me. I'm nothing more than a number now.

She whimpers and looks at me. I manage a smile and hold her close. Then slowly get to my feet I hear the Foreman coming, he's yelling for us "slime" to get moving. I glance around me at the stone walls and sigh. Aria gets up and follows me out, hands reaching up making grabbing motions. I struggle not to smile and kneel to allow her to climb up onto my carapace.

Aria…how I wish I could show you the sky…you would love it my daughter. She's nearly five now. Hard to believe. I've been here eight years, eight long years…the only piece of joy I've had is Aria.

My stomach growls as we head for the cliffs to work. Aria flutters her hands against my shoulder, asking when food comes. I fight tears, I never got the chance to teach her to speak and no other slave would dare to speak in the presence of a Foreman. Not like me…I used to bait them, laugh at them when they couldn't break me. When they got angry because I wouldn't cry out at the sting of a hot-whip. Hot-whips…I shutter, they burn my carapace and any other Terapin's that they touch, the equal for us of a true whip to the others around here. I notice a Triceraton and dip my head. He nods back.

Everyone seems almost festive today and then I remember why and wonder how in the world I could forget.

Its ration day. We get food.

And the painful adventure begins. "sniffs"

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