A/N: Alright, I'm introducing a new character into the story. It's in 3rd person just so we're all clear; different from Kris and Junior's first person perspective. I'm warning you now that these 3rd person parts are a little dark. Getting into this character's head was difficult for me so it took me awhile to actually get this short chapter written. I hope you enjoy this. Expect this character to show in between Kris and Junior perspectives. This chapter is considered a chapter between 8 and 9 like a 8.5 thing and it'll be the only chapters in the story that actually have a title. Happy readings!

It's been nearly a month since he was able to step outside into freedom. A month since he's spent years rotting in what he called his own personal space of hell. He didn't know where to go, but he knew exactly what he had to do. Who he had to see. Even though his feet urged him to go there, he couldn't. He had to buy some time. He needed to settle down into an apartment. He needed to blend in and be unnoticed. It was the only way.

He was glad he was still able to access the little money he kept in his savings account. It wasn't enough to give him the life of luxury he always wanted, but it was enough to start anew. He was thankful he kept only 'clean' money into his savings account. They couldn't touch it.

He carefully picked a place close, but yet still so far away from his goal. He wanted to be nearby, but far away from prying eyes. He needed to find a job and quick, if he wanted his plans to work out smoothly. He needed money. Lots of it.

But first, he needed to see her. He had to. The waiting was too excruciating. He couldn't control himself any longer.

He took a deep breath of the fresh air, something he thought he could never do. He was hidden well. Hidden within the darkness that Davis Farms provided him. He was able to see everything, but not be seen at the same time.

He thought he would never get the chance to see her again. He thought he would never get the chance to see her beautiful face ever again. But now, within the darkness, he was able to see her for the first time after what felt like a million years.

Although he couldn't see her face clearly, being able to catch a glimpse of her was everything. Everything he needed go through with his plans. So when he saw Junior Davis and then Dani Davis along with Matt Ritter rush her to the car, he had to use all of his will power not to run and grab her right then and there. He urged himself not to rip her from Junior Davis's filthy hands and take her away.

He ached to hold her hand, caress the softness of her skin against his palm. To stare into her deep brown eyes that, not so long ago, longed to be with him. To feel her silky brown hair between his fingers. To feel her soft, lush lips against his own. But he couldn't. He wouldn't touch her that away again. Not until she learned her lesson.

Kris Furillo needed to be taught a lesson for what she did to him. No one betrayed him that way without praying the price. No one was able to get away with treating him like shit. No matter how much he loved her, there was no way she wasn't going to get punished for her mistakes. Kris Furillo belonged to him and only him. If he couldn't have her, then no one should. Especially Junior Davis. If she would come with him willingly, maybe, just maybe, he could forgive her wrong doings. Until then, he'd have to forcefully take her. Grab her by her precious hair and drag her to the place she rightfully belonged; with him, like before.

He watched the three take Kris away from him once more, off into the distance. He couldn't help but smile knowing they were oblivious to his presence; knowing that he was so close to getting what he wanted most in the world. He didn't know what the commotion was about. He didn't know where they were taking Kris, but he knew she would be back. Until then, he must be patient. Even when she returned, he must wait. No matter how much he wanted to take her away, he couldn't. Not yet.

But one thing was for sure: he thirsted for revenge and he would get it one way or the other.