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Chapter 1 – A New Beginning, the Death of Hell Kaiser

Beeping. The sound of a heartbeat. Heavy breathing.

Hell Kaiser woke up to find himself in a hospital, wires attached to his chest and his temples. He had no memory of how he had gotten there or why – all he knew was that he was now there. Looking to his left side, his younger brother, Marufuji Sho, was sitting there with his eyes closed and praying, and on his right his fiancé Tenjoin Asuka was doing the same.

"Sho… Asuka…" Hell Kaiser said softly, his throat burning as he did so. As he spoke, the eyes of the two other figures opened; both had tears in their bloodshot eyes, showing the tone had been emotional for some time.

"Brother…" Sho said, reaching forward to hug Hell Kaiser, "You're alright…"

"I never stop fighting," he responded as his brother began to sob. "How long… have I been like this for…?"

"About two days," Asuka replied quietly, almost choked.

"What was I… why did I…?"

"You don't remember, Brother?" Sho asked, pointing over at a closet. Hell Kaiser's black outfit hung there, and on the floor sat his gauntlet-like Duel Disc left over from the Darkness incident.

"I was… dueling…?" Hell Kaiser reached forward and grabbed his forehead, his head hurting from trying to remember. "Whatever happened, I can't recall... that deck..."

"Brother, you were dueling me…" was Sho's worried reply. "What else can't you remember?"

"Nothing else, I think," was the man's reply as he sat up. "Sho, the Cyber-Roid Deck you built… how do you feel when you duel with it?"

"What?" was Asuka's reply, but Sho understood.

"I don't feel any pain, if that's what you're asking," Sho explained. "You think that…"

"Whatever was wrong with the Deck, stayed with my version when Darkness… Sho, let's duel."

"What? Why?" was the younger man's only reply.

"When Fubuki wanted to recall what happened to him with Darkness, dueling Judai answered his worries. I want to find out what happened." Getting out of bed, the man undid his wires and walked over to the corner to her his clothes.

"You can't do this!" Asuka yelled. "This is what put you here in the first place! I won't lose you!"

"Then come with us," was the man's reply while he put on his coat and gauntlet. "If something happens to me, I'll get help fast."

"No! I won't help you die!"

"Die? No, I won't die…" Hell Kaiser explained, receiving nothing but a confused look from both others. "Nothing is wrong with my heart. All that's caused is pain. Crippling pain, yes, but just pain. It's not fatal."

"But you…"

"There's no point in arguing Asuka," Sho declared, putting on his Duel Disc. "I learned long ago that if Brother wants to do something, no one and nothing can stop him."

"Let's go, Sho," Hell Kaiser said, acting confident to lighten the mood. "Cyber-Roid versus Cyber-Reverse Style. We'll see which is superior."

"Indeed," Sho shot back, also trying to cheer up.

Standing on the sidelines, Asuka watched in anxiety while both Hell Kaiser and Sho pulled hands. "Ready, Brother?" Sho asked.

"Yes," Hell Kaiser said, both players drawing 5 cards.


Sho: LP 4000

Hell Kaiser: LP 4000

"I'll go first," Hell Kaiser said, drawing a card. He quickly saw it was Recharged Damage. Looking at the rest of his hand, he saw Cyber Dragon, Power Bond, Bomber Dragon, Fusion Release and Cyber Giraffe. "I Summon Bomber Dragon (DEF: 0)."

In front of Hell Kaiser, a blue vortex released a dark-blue dragon with a yellow underside, 2 claws on each wing and an egg-like bomb in its hands. "I set one card. I end my turn."

"Draw!" Sho yelled confidently, his vigor since inheriting the Deck showing strongly. "I Special Summon Cyber Dragon (ATK: 2100)!" Behind Sho rose up a silvery metal snake-dragon with a fan-like tail tip and wires on wither side of its head. "Next I summon Drillroid (ATK: 1600)." Beside Sho then rose up a drill tank-like monster with eyes, a drill nose and drill hands.

"When Drillroid attacks a Defence Position monster," Sho declared, "it is destroyed and there is no Damage Calculation. Go, Drillroid! Attack Bomber Dragon!" Pointing at the blue dragon, the drill tank charged it and started all 3 drills. When they struck the dragon, it exploded instantly. "Now, Cyber Dragon! Direct attack! Evolution Burst!"

Rearing back, the serpent machine roared before launching a blast of blue energy from its moth at Hell Kaiser. The beam shot straight through his abdomen, making the man yell out in severe pain before he clutched his chest, right over his heart, with his left hand. "Big Brother!" Sho screamed, panicking about what he had done.

Sho: LP 4000

Hell Kaiser: LP 1900

"Brother… I'm sorry…" Sho whimpered, worried his brother would be angry. Instead, Hell Kaiser merely grunted and straightened up, releasing his heart and pointing to the set card on his left. At that time, black veins appeared surrounding his face and mouth and ending on his neck.

"Trap Card Open! Recharged Damage! I received 2 successful attacks, so I draw 3 cards!" Pulling his three cards, he saw Attack Reflector Unit, Sixth Sense and Cyber Dragon.

Looking at his own hand, Sho took 3 cards - Life Force, Damage Polarilyzer and Trap Snatch - and placed them in slots. "I set 2 cards and end my turn." "Big Brother... hang in there."

"Draw!" Hell Kaiser said, wasting no time in reaching for a card already in his hand. "I activate Power Bond! I fuse 2 Cyber Dragons from my hand!" Pulling up the two cards and placing them into the Cemetery slot, two of Sho's metal dragons appeared and were struck by blue lightning, making them meld into a two-headed machine dragon with one spiky neck and one covered in wires.

"Meet Cyber Twin Dragon (ATK: 2800). And now, by the effect of Power Bond, Cyber Twin Dragon adds its Original ATK to its ATK a second time (ATK: 5600)! Next, I Summon Cyber Giraffe." Beside the larger dragon formed a mechanical lion-like creature that roared at Sho."

"Cyber Twin Dragon! Attack Drillroid!" One of the two mouths of the machine dragon opened and shot blue energy, but Sho was unshaken as he flipped a card.

"Permanent Trap: Life Force! By paying 400 Life Points, my Battle Damage becomes 0!" A blue barrier instantly surrounded Sho as his drill creature was blasted to pieces. Sho's Life Points then dropped, but only 10% of what he would have lost.

"Cyber Twin Dragon, attack Cyber Dragon!" The other mouth of the creature opened and shot a blue beam at its counterpart, exploding it as Sho once again invoked the force field. "Instant Magic: Fusion Release!" The silver two-headed dragon disappeared, then the two that had spawned it appeared in its place. "Double Direct attack!"

"Life Force!" Sho issued, the barrier blocking direct blasts from both mechanical dragons.

"Cyber Giraffe, direct attack!" The mechanical lion ran forward and sliced across Sho's chest. The barrier did not form because the damage was less than the payment to stop it, so he let it through. After the attack, the lion returned to beside Hell Kaiser while Sho's Life Points finally fell.

Sho: LP 2100

Hell Kaiser: LP 1900

"Trap Card Open: Trap Snatch!" Sho issued, surprising his older brother. "In a turn in which the opponent destroys all monsters I control, I may exclude one Trap Card from the opponent's Cemetery to use its effect! I select Recharged Damage!" The card then slid out of Hell Kaiser's Cemetery slot, Sho looking confident while Hell Kaiser looked in interest.

"I see. That's why you used Life Force instead of stopping my attacks," the older brother interpreted.

"I draw 6 cards!" Sho said, grabbing a large amount of cards from his deck and adding them to his hand.

"By releasing Cyber Giraffe," Hell Kaiser then added as his monster dissolved, "I take no effect damage this turn. I set 2 cards. I end my turn."

"My turn," Sho issued. "Draw! I summon Proto Cyber Dragon (ATK: 1100)!" A dark grey mechanical serpent covered in orange wires. "Next, I activate Power Bond!" Holding up two cards from his hand, they were revealed as Cyber Dragons as the blue lightning came down on them all.

"I get it," Asuka said to herself. "Proto Cyber Dragon is treated as Cyber Dragon while face-up on the field. Therefore…" "Sho has changed. He's gained his Big Brother's skills and confidence."

"I Fusion Summon… Cyber End Dragon (ATK: 4000)!" Up from behind Sho rose up a gigantic mechanical serpent-dragon with large fan-like wings and three different necks and heads. "Next, Power Bond increases its ATK by its original ATK (ATK: 8000)."

"You used my own combo on me?" Hell Kaiser asked, slightly annoyed and yet amused at the same time.

"Cyber End Dragon, attack Cyber Dragon!" All three heads of the gigantic machine began to collect power in their mouths, and then Hell Kaiser flashed a cynical smile.

"I won't falter. Trap Activate: Attack Reflector Unit!" A card then flipped up behind one of the machine dragons, making that one disappear. "By releasing Cyber Dragon, I Special Summon Cyber Barrier Dragon (ATK: 800)!" A longer white machine dragon with red streaks on an octagonal hood with 4 jet-like wings, a turbine-like tail tip and several blades on its body appeared, its head retracting and forming a green force field.

"Then my attack it negated," Sho observed, his dragon's blast striking the green barrier and stopping short. Then, the other monster's wings retracted and its head came back forward, the force field now down. "I set 2 cards."

"During your End Phase, Sho," Hell Kaiser pointed out, "Power Bond deals you 4000 damage!"

"Counter Trap!" Sho declared. "Damage Polarilyzer! I negate a damage effect and we both draw one card." And with that both brothers pulled another card. "I end my turn."

Reaching for his deck for his turn, Hell Kaiser was stopped short when he heard a dark voice say, "Win at all costs..." Then without warning, a black aura shot off the deck and consumed his image. Through it both Sho and Asuka could hear him screaming out in pain, but neither one could think of what to do.

"Big Brother!" Sho yelled out, the dark aura all of a sudden dying away. Once again Hell Kaiser was clutching his chest, but this time across his rib cage like he had been slugged there. Black veins had grown like roots off the deck and covered him and the duel disc from head to toe, reminding Sho of Fubuki's Duel with Judai their third year. With no mask on his face, though, Hell Kaiser's eyes were revealed as being bloodshot.

"Draw!" Hell Kaiser said angrily, in a voice deeper and more hostile than normal before pointing to his other set card. "Trap Card: Sixth Sense! I now select 2 numbers between 1 and 6, and I choose 5 and 6. Now, a number is selected at random." A ring of 6 orbs labeled with the Kanji Ichi (1), Ni (2), San (3), Yon (4), Go (5) and Roku (6) formed behind the Trap Card, and then they began to flash in a clockwise motion until the Roku orb lit up.

"Because the result is a number I selected, I now draw that many cards." Pulling 6 cards from his Deck, he immediately held up a card and activated it. "Instant Magic: Shrink! I make Cyber End Dragon's Original ATK half of normal (ATK: 6000)." A light blue aura formed around the metal three-headed dragon while it roared out over losing its power.

"Brother's… weakening my dragon to defeat it," Sho realized.

"Magic Activate: Painful Choice! I select 5 monsters from my Deck as follows: Cyber Dark Horn, Cyber Dark Edge, Cyber Dark Keel, Ultimate Gem God – Rainbow Dark Dragon, and finally Hell Dragon!" Throwing the five cards up into the air, their images appeared behind him in translucent fashion.

"If I pick a Cyber Dark, it will have only 1800 ATK. If I pick Hell Dragon, it's useless. But I know he wants to have Rainbow Dark Dragon in the Cemetery." "I select to add Rainbow Dark Dragon to your hand." The named card then appeared in Hell Kaiser's hand as the other 4 appeared in his Cemetery Slot, one by one sliding into the Disc's chamber.

"Magic Activate: Cost Down! By discarding Cyber Laser Dragon," Hell Kaiser then declared as he put the card into the Cemetery slot, "all monsters in my hand lose 2 cards. Next, by discarding my Level 8 Rainbow Dark Dragon, I activate Trade In to draw 2 cards." Placing the mentioned card into the Cemetery, he then pulled another 2 cards and smiled darkly.

"Brother… what did you draw?" Sho asked, still shaken by his brother's state.

Hell Kaiser merely grinned sadistically before saying, "Your demise. Magic Activate: Cyberdark Impact! From the Cemetery, I return the three Cyber Dark Monsters to the Deck to Fusion Summon Armoured Black Dragon – Cyber Dark Dragon (ATK: 1000)!"

As his Cemetery slot glowed, the three cards each slid out and their forms appeared behind him. A dark brown dragon-like machine with 4 clawed limbs, a massive maw with 4 horns and frames of wings appeared first, roaring like a mechanical lion. Second was a dark green dragonfly-like monster with 4 long blades on each wing, 4 green limbs, a single eye and a tail ending in forked claws. Finally, a dark grey serpent with four wires on its body also appeared, snarling as it bore its toothy mouth.

With a sudden flash, sparks began to fly as the three monsters rose up into the air. The brown monster closed its mouth before its tail morphed into a connecting device, and the dragonfly behind it folded its plate-like face down so that a port formed to take up the part. Its tail then split apart vertically and retracted into a pair of two-spiked side plates while the serpent folded its face and head into the widest segment of its body, which then slipped in place. Finally, the maw opened up to reveal a green-eyed, leathery grey face as the monster roared loudly.

"When Cyber Dark Dragon is Summoned, I can equip it with 1 Dragon-type monster from my Cemetery to have it gain that monster's ATK onto itself. I choose to equip Rainbow Dark Dragon (ATK: 5000)!" Rising up from the ground in a burst of blackness, the long grey serpent dragon with black-feathered wings and four red eyes let out a massive roar before the machine dragon descended upon it and grabbed it with 8 claws, attaching yellow wires to its temples to paralyze it and drain its power.

"And next, for every monster in my Cemetery, it gains 100 ATK. Currently, that number is 5 (ATK: 5500)!"

"But still brother," Sho pointed out calmly, "Cyber End still has more ATK."

"I'm well aware of that," Hell Kaiser sneered, before once again grabbing his chest in pain and staggering a little. Releasing his heart, he pulled another card. "Magic Activate: Donated Power! By releasing Cyber Dragon, I add its ATK to that of Cyber Dark Dragon, and then Cyber Dark Dragon gains 100 more ATK (ATK: 7700)!" Disappearing into a cloud of energy, the silver machine dragon's power was absorbed by the larger composite dragon, which roared loudly.

"Instant Magic: Cyclone! I destroy Life Force!" A vortex of wind then appeared from the card's image, consuming Sho's permanent trap and shattering it. The younger man then looked nervous for his situation, but still held his ground. "Ready to lose, Sho?" Hell Kaiser hostilely asked.

"I'm not done yet brother!"

"We'll see about that. Battle!" Roaring and raising its head, the composite dragon began to form an orb of dark energy in its jaws, but before it could go through with the move Hell Kaiser once again clutched over his heart and fell onto its knees.

"No... I can't do this..." his voice echoed in his head. "All this time I've let the Deck duel for me... This lust for power... I need to break the cycle..." As he tried to regain some control, he began to remember what he had gone through with this deck.

"The only thing that matters to me is victory," he had told his brother years ago, during the Genex Tournament. "I have no desire for respect. Only by obtaining victory, can I, as you put it, respect victory! I'll be uncouth if I have to, or even disgraceful. I don't care what anyone else says about it!"

"This is the power of the Cyber-Style Heir who was reborn from the Depths of Hell," he had said to Johan the following year, and when he dueled him possessed by Yubel he had added, "Until now I have only dueled for the thrill of victory, but now I have escaped from that strain. I've wandered through Hell as Hell Kaiser, and now I no longer live for the thrill of victory or the fear of defeat... but for the desire to brighten this moment."

Finally, when he had dueled Inotsume Makoto, he had sworn that he would fight until the end with that Deck. But he never did; he passed it on to Sho. Perhaps… perhaps it no longer had and use for its old master when the new one was so much more free and original.

All of a sudden, it came flooding back to him…


"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said to an arena filled with people. "The time has come for the Cyber-Style Pro League's first match to begin. Brother Duel: Marufuji Sho versus Marufuji "Hell Kaiser" Ryo!"

The audience cheered wildly as both Sho and Hell Kaiser stepped into the arena, Hell Kaiser with his arms crossed. Spot lights shone down on both of them, but neither one of them did anything right away.

"Duel: Start!" AS though on hair triggers, both of them raised their arms and activated their Duel Discs, drawing 5 cards quickly.


"I… remember…" Hell Kaiser uttered out, only to be consumed by a blazing field of darkness. Standing up, his entire body went rigid as the pain began to affect his ability to think…

"Brother!" Sho yelled, deciding to run to his brother to try and help him. When he got near the aura, though, black and red electricity kicked up and knocked him back.

"What's going on?!" Asuka asked in agony.

"I… don't know…" was all Sho said.


It was late in the game and the fans had begun to cheer almost exclusively for Sho. Hell Kaiser stood with no cards in his hand, only 5 cards left in his Deck and one set card on his field. On Sho's field was Cyber End Dragon (ATK: 8000), two set cards and no hand.

Hell Kaiser: LP 1000

Sho: LP 4000

"Draw!" Hell Kaiser declared, pulling a card. "Trap Card Open: Sixth Sense! I select 5 and 6!" As soon as he called out his two numbers, the orbs appeared and the one labeled 4 lit up. "Because it only showed 4, I send 4 cards to the Cemetery." Pulling the last of his Deck, he placed it into the Cemetery slot, only to receive an invisible shock.

"What are you doing?" Sho asked, looking on at his brother in awe as to why he'd be so reckless.

"Magic Card: Overload Fusion! From my Cemetery I exclude the 15 Machines in my Deck!" Almost every monster in his Cemetery slid out, a massive explosion taking place behind him in the process. Placing them in his pocket, up from the ground appeared a dark grey serpentine machine body that suddenly sprouted six heads with metal necks.

"Fusion Summon! Rise, Chimeratech Over Dragon (ATK: ?). Next, it receives 800 ATK for every Fusion Material Monster I used (ATK: 12000)!" The fans in the audience then began to cheer out his name, but the thrill of it all faded away instantly when he felt a shocking sensation throughout his body, making him clutch his heart in pain.

"Brother!" Sho yelled out, realizing what was going on.

"This... again. Why? The Deck is new, fresh. Why...?"

"Chimeratech, attack Cyber End Dragon! Evolution Result Blast!" All six heads of the massive machine then formed dark blue orbs of energy in their jaws, but before they could follow through Hell Kaiser fell onto his knees and right forearm. Gritting his teeth and grunting, he tried to use his left fist to prop himself back up, but only managed to cough up a mouthful of blood.

"No, this is no good! Brother!" By the time he said this, Sho was already running full-speed ahead toward Hell Kaiser, who collapsed face-down before he could make it there.


"No!" Hell Kaiser yelled out. "I will not give in!" Releasing his chest, he stood up tall and gained a confident and aggressive pose, staring down at his Duel Disc. "For too long I've had to fulfill the will of this Deck, winning at all costs to attain ultimate power. Now it's my turn. Cyber Reverse-Style Deck, you will obey me!"

Mere seconds later, red electricity began to surge over his whole body, making him tense up but not scream of falter. "Brother…" Sho asked in concern. "Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine," Hell Kaiser issued, looking up at his brother. "I've been through far worse. But I'm afraid you and I will have to finish this duel later."

"You're resigning?" Sho asked in confusion, getting a nod in reply.

"What?" Asuka asked. "You live for the duel!"

"If Hell Kaiser cannot get this Deck to obey," the man answered, "then Hell Kaiser has nothing. But Marufuji Ryo, heir to the Cyber-Style… maybe he can."

"But you're the same person!" Sho yelled in disbelief, getting a headshake in reply this time.

"Hell Kaiser is who I became, but he is not me. He is not who I am. I am not Hell Kaiser, and I am not Darkness. I am Marufuji Ryo!" With that triumphant message, he grabbed the gauntlet Duel Disc with his right hand and yanked it clean off his arm, causing it to fall to the ground a few feet to his right and the Solid Vision to freeze and go blurry, almost like television static.

"Ryo," Asuka whispered.

"Hell Kaiser dies here," Ryo said as the black veins over his face and body dissolved and the veins of his eyes softened and faded out. "And now, Marufuji Ryo will finish what he started… and start over with a new duel… a new future…" Ryo then fell onto his knees, before further falling forward onto his face. The veins of the Duel Disc, which were ragged on their ends, grew them over so that they covered it as a self-contained piece, and the Solid Vision the fully stopped.

"Brother…" Sho yelled, running to his brother's side to help him up. Ryo had not passed out, but it had cost him a lot of energy to overcome the Cyber Dark influence, and more to overthrow the grip of Darkness it held. The only cards he still had was the card from his hand, which had fallen when he straightened out the taloned fingers of the gauntlet to take it off. Those cards now laid face-up, for Sho to see.

"What do you think?" Ryo asked with a smile as Sho looked at it in disbelief. "I'm always one step ahead." In his hand three of the four cards had little use – Cybernetic Zone, Treasure from Another Dimension and Donated Power did him little good, but the remaining one changed Sho's perception of how the Duel would have ended

"Brother, you…"

"The card you set was Magic Cylinder," Ryo stated matter-of-factly. "A clever ploy, unless the opposing hand holds Spell of Pain."

"You knew my strategy all along," Sho realized as Asuka ran up to her fiancé's side, grabbing him and helping him stand so Sho could stand free.

"You had Magic Cylinder set last time, didn't you?" Ryo asked.

"How… did you know?"

"The Deck had to win at all costs, remember?" Ryo said, closing his eyes and turning to one side. "Last time, I would have lost because of my mismanagement of my own cards, so before I made the same mistake again…"

"…The Deck tried to take over," Sho finally realized. "Darkness… he awakened the sentience of the Deck, didn't he?" When Ryo nodded in reply, Sho added, "That's why it made you look like him."

"Indeed. That Deck is poisonous to its user now. I need to find a way to deal with it. But for now…" He cut out, managing to stand free enough of Asuka to step over and get the Duel Disc, "…I'm done."

"What? You're quitting dueling?" Asuka asked in dismay. "That's not you at all."

"I'm not quitting," Ryo answered. "I'm 'subbing out' for the time being. I need time to start over, to clear my head and find a new path." Turning around to face the other two he added, "You understand, don't you?"

Both his fiancée and his brother nodded.

Jack sat in his loft on his couch, his silver-coloured boots resting on the table, as he reached for the remote to the television. Turning it on, the news channel is what immediately came up.

"Uproar in the Dueling Community today," the Anchor Woman spoke, "As Marufuji 'Hell Kaiser' Ryo announces he is temporarily going on hiatus from the Professional Dueling World."

"What?" Jack asked himself, a mere split second before Ryo himself came on the television, a microphone in his face. He was wearing a dark grey suit with a red tie, clearly just on fir the interview, and his green hair was done back in a ponytail.

"I've gotten tired of the Deck I'm running now," the Ryo answered simply, clearly in reply to a question that had been asked off-screen. "It no longer reflects my style the way I want it to. Until I know what I need, I can't work up the desire to duel with it anymore."

A frenzy of yelling from the interviewers then rose up, but one question stood out among them. "Mr. Marufuji," a man asked off-screen, holding a new microphone up to the duelist, "You recently collapsed at a match in the Pro League. Did that influence your decision to leave?"

"It was a factor, yes," Ryo answered, "But I'm not leaving. I will be back." With that he stepped down from the podium he was standing at and got into his limo, driving off.

"What the hell is this?" Jack asked himself, getting up off the couch, he walked over to the door and left.

Back at Ryo's penthouse, he sat in a reclining chair dressed in his house coat and reading a novel, when he heard a loud knocking at the door. It sounded as though someone were punching the door instead of using the latch, and so he knew who it was. "Come in Jack," he said, prompting the blond to thrust open the door like a police officer busting down a locked garage door.

"You know," Ryo said as he stood up, putting down his book, "I do keep the door unlocked."

"What the hell are you thinking?!" Jack yelled at Ryo, grabbing his hair band and pulling it out to make his ponytail fall out. "You're one of the top Duelists in the world, and you just throw it away?"

"I'm sorry…" Ryo asked, believing Jack to be overreacting. "Who gets to make that decision?"

"You can't slap your fans in the face like this!" Jack issued.

"I almost died for my fans," Ryo retorted. "Now I'm resurrecting for my fans, and myself." Pointing over into the corner, Jack saw the black talon Duel Disc covered in its black veins, which shocked him.

"What the fuck…?"

"The Deck Darkness gave me tried to overthrow me to win," Ryo informed. "It was willing to kill me to win. I can't let that happen."

"Then what will you do?"

"Well, Jack," Ryo informed. "That's where you come in. I knew my press conference would draw your attention. I want your help in starting over. I want to be the champ, but only on my own terms. Surely you of all people understand."

"I do," Jack nodded. "So let's get started." Ryo then smiled as the two men then fist-bumped.

Card of the Week – Hell Kaiser/Ryo

Sixth Sense

Attribute: Trap

Type(s): Normal Trap Card

Effect: Declare two numbers between 1 and 6, and roll one six-sided die. If the result is a number you declared, draw that many cards. If not, send that many cards from your Deck to the Graveyard.

* Maybe some controversy here, but oh well. All in the name of entertainment. Review if you wish.*