A/N: I'm sorry. I was watching Narnia the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and when Aslan crowned Edmund king, I got a brilliant idea. Heh, heh, heh. Just bare with me on this one, it should be good.

Summary: When the evacuation is over and the Pevensies go back home, Edmund looks in the mirror and finds what every soon-to-be teenager dreads… a zit.

Edmund yawned as the bell on his clock started to chime away. He groaned and flipped over, giving the clock a good smack to the floor. It crashed and bounced away, leaving a certain trail of mechanisms as it rolled.

"Rise and shine Ed!" Peter called from outside in the hall. Edmund's eyelids lifted a little and then closed.

"Blasted Peter," he grumbled under his breath and snuggled back into the pillow. Peter and his early rising. Why can't he be a normal child and sleep in for Aslan's sake. Of course being a king and always being the first to wake up doesn't help my case… but still.

"Edmund!" Peter called and banged on the door. Edmund growled and slid out of his comfortable bed and into his blue slippers. Blindly he reached for a towel that rested on his brother's bedpost, but tripped over his brother's newly bought school books.

"He can never keep this stupid place clean can he?" Ed hissed to himself as he rubbed his aching toe before pushing the books away with the side of his foot and grabbing the towel. He heard another bang on the door and went over to it, flinging it open.

Peter was on the other side, of course, with a triumphant smirk, again of course. "About time you woke up."

"Not now Peter, it's too early," Ed mumbled as he past Peter.

"Early? It's almost noon."

"As I said before… early."

Peter rolled his eyes and looked in the room, finding his books scattered across the floor.

"Did my books do something to make you upset?" Peter asked amused as he began picking them up.

"Yeah, they decided to play cricket practice with my toes," Ed bantered back, still inching his way to the bathroom.

"No reason to kick them, Ed."

"Then try to keep your bloody side of the room clean!" he called back.

"Language, Edmund!" his mum called from downstairs. Ed rolled his eyes and continued down the hall. Of course he wasn't really angry with Peter over a little thing like books, but he still has to act like a little brother, and complaining was just one of the many perks that came with his wonderful job.

Ed made his way to the bathroom and went up to the mirror that hung over the sink. It was new since their old one crashed during the bomb raids. Ed rubbed his eyes, but stopped in mid-yawn to stare at the window.

Did someone put a trick mirror in here? That can't possibly be- no it couldn't be.

"Very funny Pete!" Ed yelled and wiped at the mirror. After a series of blinks he frowned and scrubbed at the mirror harder with his thumb. But it still remained. No! No! No! No! No!

Now what is this mysterious object that Edmund is freaking out over? Well, if you don't get it from the title or the summary, you are truly dense. For in fact, this mysterious object was a blemish, but not just any type of blemish like freckles or a scab, but a zit. A very big, bubbly, cherry-red zit.

"No! Aslan, not again!" he shouted, pushing a lock of his hair away to get a better look at said zit. "Wasn't one time enough?" he muttered sourly.

Peter walked in. "What are you yelling about Edmund?"

Edmund turned and pointed to the large red pimple that was embedded in his forehead. Peter's hand flew to his mouth, trying his best to stifle a laugh. Edmund frowned.

"You think this is funny?"

"Ed, I-"

"My life is about to plummet downhill and all you can do is laugh at your little brother," Ed accused.

"I wasn't doing that-"

"Don't lie to me! King Edmund the Just, remember? I can sniff a lie from a league away?"


"What's all the commotion in here?" Lucy asked as she pushed her way into the bathroom. Her eyes targeted the zit, causing her to gasp.

"And Lucy too! Fine! I'll just go to a circus show if you'll all have it like that!" Edmund flung his arms up.

"Edmund, you've been through this before. You're not going to die from one zit," Peter reassured him, trying his best to hold back his laughter. Lucy, on the other hand, wasn't doing so well. Her giggles squeaked every few seconds, making it sound like she had hiccups.

Now to explain this to many of you out there, Lucy and Peter are not trying to be mean to their brother. It's just the fact that this reaction is almost the same as when he went through puberty in Narnia. Que flashback.

Edmund stood rigid in his chambers of Cair Paravel, eyes fixed on the glass mirror that rested by his wardrobe.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" the scream echoed all the way to the western wood.

Peter ran in, his crown lopsided and his face in horror. Rhindon was drawn and ready to defend his little brother.

"Edmund! What's wrong?"

"I don't know!" Edmund shouted and started freaking out. Peter sheathed his sword and ran to Edmund.

"Calm down!" Ed took a deep breath and covered his face with his hand. "Now what's wrong?"

"I-I don't know! I think a bug crawled into my skin while I was sleeping or something."

Peter looked his brother over and frowned. "I don't see anything."

"It's on my forehead," Edmund said weakly, pointing where his other hand rested. Peter tried to move it, but Ed kept a firm clench over his face.

"Ed, if you don't move your hand, I can't see what you're screaming about."


"Move your bloody hand, Ed!" Peter demanded and tried wrenching the hand away. Unfortunately his brother was a little stronger then he let on, or it was the adrenaline… that is still undecided.

Peter put his hands up in surrender, an evil gleam passing his face. "Fine," he smirked, "if that's the case-" Peter turned around and started leaving. Something was wrong, and Edmund knew it. Still holding his hand to his face, Edmund sat up and looked at his older brother.

"What're you on about?"

Peter turned back, the smirk still glued to his face. "Nothing," he said innocently. A bit too innocently. Before Edmund could react, Peter was gone and he heard the word that sent shudders down his spine.

"LUUCY!" Peter hollered. (You can totally tell they are still kids right now. *evil laugh*)

Edmund blanched and stared at the door. He could hear her tiny footsteps from floors away.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. 'No! No! No! Not Lucy!'

The door swung open again and in ran the little eleven year old, golden hair bouncing and a joyful smile stretching her lips.

"No you don't! No!" Edmund howled, but Lucy was already on top of him, tickling his sides while Peter watched from a distance. Edmund laughed and shouted, squirmed and struggled, but Lucy wouldn't get off. Finally he had to use both hands to push her off of him, when Peter struck and held down his hands. The red bubble stuck out on Ed's pale skin like the Japanese flag.

"Ed, is that a zit?" Peter chuckled. Lucy got off and allowed Edmund's hand to swing back up on his forehead.

"So what if it is?" Edmund asked a little hotter than he intended. Peter and Lucy did not pay too much attention to his tone, but to the red blush his face started turning with embarrassment.

Peter sat down next to his brother and looked at Lucy. "Hey Lu, could you go and get healer Iris?"

"Sure, Peter," Lucy giggled before she skipped off. Peter looked at his little brother and sighed.

"This would've been a lot less embarrassing if you had just let me see it when I asked," Peter pointed out.

"Yeah, I realize that," Edmund mumbled.

"Alright, now let me see it." Peter moved closer and lifted Ed's ace to the sunlight entering his room. "Ed, it doesn't look that bad."

"That bad? It looks like a stuck myself in the face with my sword!"

"You never really cared about your looks before," Peter chuckled.

"I wasn't a king before." Ed flopped back, hands back to his face. "This is so stupid."

"It's all a part of growing up, Ed. I've had to deal with them before too."

"Yeah," Edmund said glumly. "I remember teasing you about your face when I was such a little beast."

"Peter? What's this I hear about Edmund having a zit?" Susan asked as she walked in, but was then pushed aside by Lucy with Healer Iris. The dryad moved forward and looked down at Edmund.

"Your majesty, I must ask you to remove your hand," she said gently. Edmund glanced at his older brother, who gave him a nod, and removed his hand.

After a few seconds the dryad giggled and stepped back. "Tis only a harmless blemish of the skin, Sire. A cordial of sweetwater and elm leaves and continual washing of your face would clear that up."

"You sure?"

"Positive. I'll have the cordial ready for you before you can say Great Lion." Iris swept out of the room leaving the royal siblings alone.

"See Ed, you were making a mountain out of a molehill," Peter continued.

"Was he worrying about a little zit? Ed I swear, you can be such a drama queen," said Susan, Lucy giggling, and Edmund's face blush a deep red.

*End Flashback*

"That's what I'm talking about! I've already been through this before. The blemishes, the voice cracking—and now I have to go through all of that again!"

"What on Earth-" Susan walked in the bathroom, a hairbrush still in her raven hair.

"That's it!" Edmund pointed to the door. "Everybody ou-" Suddenly his voice cracked, his hands immediately slapping over his mouth.

"Awe, Edmund," said Susan, finally understanding the dilemma.

"Ed, you're not alone in this," said Peter. "We would all love to go back to our grown up selves. But Aslan wants us to grow up on Earth for some reason."

"He knows what he's doing," Lucy added.

"I know, I… just wish we were home again."

"We all do Edmund," Susan comforted her little brother. Edmund turned and stared at the zit reflected in the mirror.

"No cordial, no sweetwater and elm leaves, no Cair, no Aslan…"

The other three remained silent, remembering their loss solemnly. "Yes we lost a lot, but we can't forget what the Professor said."

Ed turned to Lucy, a small smile gracing her young face. "He said we would go back some day. Remember: Once a king or queen of Narnia..."

"…always a king or queen," all of them finished. The atmosphere in the bathroom became warm and comfortable, a distant roar echoing through their minds.

"Children! What are you doing? Breakfast is on the table and none of you are down here!" their mum called from downstairs.

"Coming Mu-" Edmund voice sky-rocketted again causing Edmund to groan. "This is going to get annoying," he muttered.

Peter laughed. "Since when doesn't it?"

"And just think, I'm almost about that age," Lucy giggled evilly. The three children moaned, not wanting to remember Lucy as a growing adolescent. Oh the joys of puberty.