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Simply Irresistible

Hermione looked both ways before she crossed the street to where the café was. She smiled as she saw him through the glass windows.

"Ron!" Hermione said happily as she approached their usual table. She leant in for a hug and turned to kiss him lightly but he had moved slightly so that she only grazed his cheek.

Hermione looked at him but decided to let it go. Lately with the wedding approaching, he always seemed to be a little off.


"Yes? Is everything okay?" Hermione asked cautiously as she sat down. Silence was her answer. She looked up at him questioningly.

"I can't do this."

Hermione looked at him. "Oh, I can take lunch to go. I'm sorry, I wished you would've told me you couldn't do lunch to-"

"No not lunch." Ron said loudly.

"Oh." Hermione said not sure what to say. So she waited for him to explain.

It seemed like hours before he said those five treacherous words yet it was in all honesty only a minute.

"Hermione, I can't marry you." Ron said softly, barely even a whisper.

Silence ensured.

"It's just that you're the second person I've ever dated and I'm your first."

Hermione looked up at him in shock. "So what do you want? To sow your wild oats or something?"

"No, I mean, Hermione, it's just, there's no more fire in our relationship. You're just…"

"I'm what?"

Ron didn't say anything.

"What am I, Ron?" Hermione said starting to sound hysterical.

"You're just boring. All you ever want to do is read when you get home. You nag on me for everything. And you, you, you dress worse than my mum. You never dress up anymore or put any time and effort-"

Hermione felt like as she couldn't breathe. The oxygen had been swept out of her. Before she knew it, she stood up out of her seat.

"Stop before you make yourself sound shallower than you already are. I'm so sorry that I'm not the arm candy you seem to want me to be. You know what, I'll make it easy on you." Hermione began to pull off her ring. "It's over. We're done. I'm won't tell anyone-"

Ron gave a sigh of relief.

"But you better tell your family soon."

Ron grimaced.

"I'm so sorry Hermione."

"Me too Ron." Hermione said trying to stop the tears just waiting to flow. "I have to applaud you though. Good job picking lunch time to tell me. Now I can't hex you to the next century." Hermione whispered. "Oh and Ron, you don't honestly believe that you're my first boyfriend do you? Does Viktor Krum ring a bell at all?" With those being her last words, Hermione left the café, leaving her ex-fiancé in shock.

When Hermione found a secluded spot, she apparated home. The minute she got home she did a spell that collected all of Ron's stuff. Shrinking them all she put them in a box outside the door of their apartment so that when or if he even wanted them, he could get his stuff without her having to see his face. Then she changed the lock on the door to finalize it all.

When all was said and done, Hermione felt like as if she lost all her strength. The tears came flooding.

Hermione slept in the guestroom that evening, crying herself to sleep.


The morning sun peered through the windows waking Hermione up.

Hermione pulled the covers over her head but no avail. She could still feel the rays penetrating the sheets and lightly grazing her. After a few more minutes, she finally gave up. She threw the covers off at last and stumbled to the bathroom. Instead of going straight into the bathroom however, she ran into the wall forgetting that she was not indeed in their room but the guest room.

"Ouch." Hermione said rubbing her forehead.

She finally made it to the bathroom, getting the opportunity to look into the mirror. She wished she hadn't upon seeing her reflection. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. Her hair was… well she bet her and Bigfoot could compete for the most frightening hair style. It would be a tossup on who would win.

"Ron you bastard." Hermione whispered as she felt the refreshing water of the shower surround her. She was finally out of tears and now just felt regret.

Their wedding was supposed to happen in two weeks. She would've been Mrs. Ron Weasley in two weeks. The day she had been dreaming of since she was fourteen. Now twenty-tw0, she only felt bitterly angry. How could he do that to her? Yes maybe she was a tad boring because she preferred to read more than anything else. So what if she didn't dress up and get dolled up all the time? What was the point? She already had the man of her dreams. Or so she thought.

Maybe she should've dressed up more like Ginny kept on insisting, then maybe Ron wouldn't have… Apparently she wasn't quite out of tears because they began to fall once more as her thoughts wavered. But she wasn't sure what she crying about anymore. Were the tears for Ron, or for the times she wasted trying to be the girl that Ron always wanted?

The tears stopped as she tried to find the answer to her question.

She was still contemplating the question when she got out of the shower, quickly putting on a robe, then making her daily coffee.

"Crookshanks, get off the Daily Prophet." Hermione said when she noticed that her cat was now sitting on top of the newspaper. But she soon wished she hadn't shooed him off upon seeing the headline.

Last night Ron Weasley seen kissing IT girl Sadie Rayne! Now here's the question where are Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy?

Hermione froze as she stared at the picture of her ex-fiancé of less than 24 hours, kissing a pretty, no, gorgeous raven haired beauty. Her grip on her coffee slacked then slipped out her hands and crashed to the floor. But she paid it no mind. She stared at the women in the picture. She had straight gorgeous ebony colored hair that every woman in the world wished they had. Straight white teeth, plump pink lips, that were accompanied with shining blue eyes. She was beautiful and dare she say it, the epitome of a perfect woman.


Draco Malfoy stared at the newspaper in disbelief. He read the article again just to be sure that he wasn't hallucinating. His girlfriend had just shacked up with the Weasel. Last night. Bloody hell the woman just cheated on him with Ron Bloody Weasley! An engaged Ron Weasley at that. Well he probably wasn't anymore, Draco remarked ruefully. He could already see the hexes Granger had prepared for him. Now that he would pay to see. Granger must've advanced from canaries to something more dangerous by now like hippogriffs.

But still of all the guys in the world, she picked Weasley to cheat on him. So what if he wasn't paying as much attention to her as normal? He was this close to signing off a business deal that could rack him in millions of galleons that would last past his great great grandchild.

The bloody woman was just too darn needy though. Almost as bad as Parkinson but at least she didn't give him nicknames and was bloody good to look at with or without clothes.

He slammed the paper down, no longer wanting to see the picture of Weasley trying to suck the face off of Sadie. How dare she humiliate him like that?! He knew that it was to get back at him because the picture was taken at Club Nero, a paparazzi invested place. Nothing that happened there was ever kept secret, hell you went there so that the whole world would know.

He was still glaring at the paper when Blaise ran in.

"Oh, you've seen it then." Blaise said as he noticed the paper sitting on Draco's desk.

"Of course I've seen it, the whole bloody Wizarding world has seen it!"

"Well at least you look better than Hermione does." Blaise remarked.

Draco looked up sharply. "Hermione, you mean Granger?"

"Of course you dolt. Do you know any other Hermione's?"

"Since when did you start calling Granger by… Hermione." Draco said awkwardly at the end not having said that name in so long nor without Granger right awfterwards. It was different. For some reason he seemed to like it.

"Ever since I've started to work with her in the Ministry, which was, let me see, two years ago." Blaise said dryly.

"Oh yeah, that was when you turned down my offer to have you work for me." Draco scowled.

"You lived." Blaise said taking a seat across from him.

"Wait so let's back track, did you say that Granger looked worse than me?"



"Why are you so interested?" Blaise warily looked at him.

"I'm not." Draco shrugged.

"Yes you are Draco. You have your scheming look on right now."

"I do not."

"Yes you do."

"Not." Draco argued.

"So do." Blaise countered.

"Fine, I do. Now just tell me."

Blaise looked at him warily but told him nonetheless. After all they were still best mates.


Hermione couldn't stand the sympathetic looks she kept receiving from all her co- workers. You would think that her mother had just died or something with the way they kept saying sorry for your loss. She almost wished she hadn't come to work today. But then again if she hadn't, she'd hate to think what they would gossip about. Probably that she was in St. Mungo's recovering because she tried to kill herself after she heard the "News" as everyone kept referring it as. It was like Voldemort and he-who-should-not-be-named craze.

Hermione washed her face using the sink in the woman's lavatory. It certainly didn't help that her eyes were bloodshot red from crying herself to sleep. Her face also seemed worn and drawn out. No wonder Ron broke up their engagement. Here she was looking like the living dead while Sadie Rayne was literally a model, a gorgeous one at that. It was no wonder that he left her when he could have someone like Sadie.

Sadie had even dated Draco Malfoy, known for his playboy ways, for three months, which was a record. Not that she kept track, she just accidentally read that once when she was babysitting Teddy at Ginny's and Harry's house.

Hermione walked back to her office at last feeling slightly better. Seeing her assistant looking rather jittery, Hermione told her assistant to go ahead and go to lunch.

"Oh Hermione, you didn't tell me that… no wonder Ron and Sadie Rayne... You're so lucky, he's such a catch." Anna, her assistant winked at her before going.

Hermione just stared at her funny. She shook her head at Anna before opening the door to her office.

"Merlin, you do look like a bag lady. No wonder Weasley dumped you for Sadie."

Hermione jumped up in shock and almost screamed until she recognized the voice. Even though it had been years since she last talked to him, she could still remember his voice. The aristocratic sound that many vied to achieve yet it came so naturally to him.

"Malfoy, what are you doing in my office? And really, that's the first thing you have to say to me."

"What would you rather me say sorry that you lost your fiancé-"

"Oh shut up." Hermione scowled. "I guess it was the lesser of the two evils. Now what are you doing here?"

Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover."

"I'm sorry what?"

"You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible."