I do not own Dragonball GT or Inuyasha. DBZGT belongs to Akira Toriyama and Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. In this story Goku already knows how to go Super Sayain 4. Why? Because he's so god damn sexy in that form and it works with the story! For all you SSJ4 Goku fans, Goku will be in that form for most of the story. Thank you... please enjoy!

Chapter 1: Time Tumble

Goku concentrated. His new opponent was tricky, clever in fact. Much more clever than he was that's for sure. He was in the middle of space in a Capsule Corp. spaceship made by his friend Bulma. It had been 5 months since the incident when his childhood foe the now elderly Emperor Pilaf discovered Kami's Lookout and tried to wish on the Black Star Dragonballs. By accident Pilaf wished Goku to the size and age of the child he once was. The Black Star Dragonballs were cursed to destroy Earth in a year, so he, his rival Vegeta and best friend Bulma's CEO of a son Trunks, along with his stowaway granddaughter Pan with robot Giru travel the universe in search of the Dragonballs.

Now the hero of the universe was in a trouble. It was do or die. "Don't do it grandpa," Pan pleaded.

"I have to Pan. It's my destiny…" Goku said mystically. Pan whimpered.

"You will never win Son Goku," the adversary said confidently. It had a robotic monotone of a voice.

"I give up…" Trunks sighed lowering his defenses

Goku took a deep breath and asked, "Straight Flush," Placing down a king, queen, jack, 10, and 9 of diamonds.

The adversary chuckled and announced, "Royal Flush! I win Goku!"

Trunks and Pan began to laugh. "Ha-ha Grandpa, Giru got you good!" Pan snickered. Goku furrowed his brow and in childish way, "How come I can always win in fights, but I can never win in card game?"

"Hee-hee you just suck Goku!" Giru said in his robotic voice doing a little victory jig on Pan's shoulder. Goku dropped his head and the other passengers just laughed. Soon after, Trunks went back to his job and pilot and Pan played with the little robot. Goku sat in the passenger's seat next to Trunks and started to wander into his own little world.

He decided to make small talk with Trunks, 'Can you still believe I'm a Super Sayain level 4?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah I know. Just make sure my dad doesn't find out. He'll kill me for not telling earlier and train even harder. He's already having trouble getting to level 3," Trunks warned. Goku just laughed nervously. Suddenly the ship began to rumble and lights began to flicker red. A siren was heard and the computer was shouting "Danger, danger! Ship is to be sucked up by wormhole in less than 0.5 minutes."

"W-what's going on Trunks?" Pan asked nervously.

"Did you hear the computer? We're being sucked up by a random wormhole!" Trunks almost screamed.

Goku's childish faced hardened in a flash of ki and light the once 12 year old Goku was replaced by a handsome full grown man with long wild black hair, bulking muscles, no shirt on, dark yellow gi pants with a blue cloth belt, black fighter boots, light blue wristbands, piercing yellow eyes with a red outline around them making them look more menacing, and strangely he was almost entirely cover in light red fur except for a part of his chest, face, ears, and hand. Also sprouting from his rear was a tail with the color that matched his fur.

In his more mature and cool sounding voice Goku said, "I'm going to push the ship out of the wormhole's path," and opened the door. With a strong wind sucking in papers and things; Goku quickly took a deep breath of oxygen and jumped out the door and closed it. Goku flew in front of the ship, a strong wind was blowing. Using his mighty godly strength began to push the ship to the right. Goku's eyes widened when he saw the wormhole, it was probably as big as the sun.

'I have to do this quickly or we'll all be sucked up!' He though and he began pushing with all his might. Just then a meteorite slammed itself on the back of Goku's head. 'N-no...getting dark…damn bug hole…gotta save everyone…' Darkness was all he saw then. He drifted off. Pan saw this and rushed to the door. "I gotta save grandpa!" Pan announced before she felt Trunk's hand stop her.

"Pan no. I'll save Goku, man the control for me," Trunks ordered. Pan nodded and raced to the pilot's seat. Trunks took an oxygen mask and tank and strapped it on to him. Then he opened the door and flew off to still SSJ4 Goku who was drifting near the ship's side. Trunks grabbed Goku and threw him over his shoulder. Then he floated back into the ship.

"Pan, status report," Trunks gasped dropping Goku back onto the floor and taking off the oxygen mask. 'Man he's heavier in that form,'

"Uh…is braking the controls and having 3 seconds until being sucked up by a wormhole a status report?" Pan asked sheepishly.

"What?!? Was the last thing Trunks yelped before the three conscious passengers screamed while being sucked into the wormhole.