I do not own Dragonball GT or Inuyasha. DBZGT belongs to Akira Toriyama and Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. In this story Goku already knows how to go Super Sayain 4. Why? Because he's so god damn sexy in that form and it works with the story! For all you SSJ4 Goku fans, Goku will be in that form for most of the story. Thank you... please enjoy!

Chapter 7: Let's Get This Show on the Road!

Pan returned to Kaede's village, when she faced a barrage of questions from Goku and Trunks about all her scratches and cuts she simply told them she tripped. She didn't want them to worry about her almost dying and being revived by a handsome stranger with silver hair. After being healed by Kaede, Inuyasha announced, "We'll be setting off to the north-east tomorrow."

"So soon? We only just got here!" Pan said.

"Feh, you sound just like Kagome," Inuyasha sneered. Kagome leaned over to Pan and whispered, "Better leave him alone. He likes being in charge." Pan giggled and Inuyasha's ears twitched.

Goku smiled, "That's alright with me! Maybe we'll find a way back home! How about you Trunks?"

"I'm okay with leaving tomorrow. I'm quite interested to experience olden time life first hand," Trunks shrugged.

"And what's that suppose to mean flower head?" Inuyasha growled.

"Watch who you call flower head. My name is Trunks, and I could kill you in an instant," Trunks growled back unsheathing his own sword. But with two bonks on the head from Miroku's staff they quieted down.

Kagome sighed, "Let's get some rest; we've got a long day of travelling tomorrow." Everyone agreed and with that, Kagome blew out the candle lighting the room.


The morning came and Inuyasha was the first to awaken. He yawned showing the world his long white bared fangs. He sniffed and saw his friends all snoozing peacefully. He was gonna love waking them all up selfishly. He saw Kagome sleeping like an angel; she was so cute when she slept. Shaking his head from all naughty thoughts and turned to see two of his new acquaintances.

Ah yes…Flower Head and Wench as he liked called them. Flower Head swung his sword around like an amateur and acts all smart and superior just because he's from the future. So what? Kagome is from the future and he knew she wasn't superior as him. Wench was cuddling the silver one eyed imp like a doll. He couldn't understand why she had the faint smell of his brother on her. Could she have…no stop thinking like that Inuyasha!

His eyes wandered to where Monkey Man was supposed to be sleeping. Yes, the daiyoukai monkey demon who was actually one of those "aliens" as Kagome called them who was sent here after birth to kill everyone until he got some brain damage. Then we went all goofy and the rest he forgot, but that doesn't matter. He was strong…no…stronger then he was and Inuyasha knew it. No wonder Naraku probably wants Monkey Man's power. He noticed Monkey Man was not in his futon.

Inuyasha stood up and walked outside where he saw Monkey Man. Monkey man was doing some strange flips and kicks and punches to an invisible enemy. He finally asked, "What are you doing Monkey Man?"

Goku stopped and saw Inuyasha. He grinned and rubbed the back of his head in his trademark way, "Sorry didn't see you there. Anyways I was just doing my morning training."

"Stop doing that head thing and training for what?"

"I don't know, just…training. To make sure I don't get rusty or slack-off yah know?"

"Feh…" Was all Inuyasha said.

"You do that a lot don't you?"

"Do what?"

"That "feh" thing,"

"It's my thing okay!" Inuyasha shouted. Unfortunately that shout woke everybody up. Kagome annoyed from be woke up from a good dream shrieked, "Inuyasha you jerk! Sit boy!" Inuyasha's rosary necklace glowed and slammed him into the ground. Goku just chuckled nervously, 'I'm sure glad Chichi doesn't have one of those on me,' he mused.


And now we join our crossovered heroes walking on a simple road. Inuyasha and Kagome were in the middle of an argument about earlier morning. Trunks was engrossed with a conversation with Sango about her demon slaying weapons and the world of demons. Giru was riding with Shippo and Kirara in the basket of Kagome's bicycle. Miroku was walking behind the ladies, enjoying the view while Pan walked beside him glaring dangerously at him. Shippo was asking Goku annoying questions about aliens and outer space and what's it like.

"Big and empty!" Goku exclaimed.

"So the bones of demons have a special effect on demonic barriers and aura. And this miasma is a very dangerous gas that pollutes everything. Now, how does one sense demonic energy?"

"It takes a lot of concentrating and experience with demons,"

"And I graduated from the university and became the Prime Minister of Japan! It was the best dream ever!"

"Like I care about you being the Prime Mister of Japan!"

"Ah such a lovely day! And such lovely ladies Sango and Kagome are"

"You sound an awful lot like Master Roshi…"

As the group continued their journey, the gang finally came along the town they had been looking for. This was where the rumors of the demons were coming from. The town was in pretty bad shape. They had only taken a few days to get here and didn't know why it had been destroyed so fast, and then it happened. "I sense a jewel shard…two!" Kagome shouted in excitement.

"Two!?" Inuyasha asked with a huge smirk.

"Yeah!" Kagome nodded.

"Two energies as well," Goku interjected grinning. He didn't know why everyone was so happy, but he had a feeling this was a good thing. So he just went with the flow and smiled.

The group turned as twin demons in human form stepped into view. Each one had a single jewel shard in their chests. "Brother, they have two shards of Shikon no Tama!" The female twin said maliciously. She had a high pitched voice that made the sayains flinch at every word she spoke,

"Yes, sister, we need all the shards the Shikon no Tama!" The male twin cackled. He looked like the boy version of the girl but had a more masculine sounding voice.

"Over my dead body!" Inuyasha snarled.

"That can be arranged," the girl said simply with a twisted smirk.

"Let us handle this!" Goku exclaimed in a whisper.

"But…why?" Inuyasha whispered back.

"Please?" Goku asked giving a cute monkey look. "We want to show you guys were can be helpful too."

"…You all have one chance," Inuyasha said simply

"No fight?" Trunks asked.

"No, just kill," Inuyasha said idly.

"Well…they didthreaten us…" Pan added.

"What are you cowards whispering about?" the male demon snarled.

"KAME-HAME-HAA!" Goku, Trunks, and Pan shouted as the same time, blue ki bloomed out of their palms and shot toward the siblings. They had no chance of dodging as the blue light cleared and all that was left was the shards.

"…Wow," Inuyasha muttered in a stunned voice.

"Unreal…" Miroku breathed.

"Just like the aliens on TV…" Kagome mumbled.

"A-amazing…such power…" Sango stuttered.

"So cool!" Shippo chirped happily. Kirara mewed in agreement.

Kagome walked over to the jewel shards and picked them up. She went into her oversized jumbo backpack and took out a glass vile. Inside were only two jewel shards, one of their own and the other that used to belong to Goku. She opened the vile up and placed the two jewel shard inside and placed back into her backpack.

"Alright! We have three jewel shards!" Pan cheered.

"It's not that simple, we used to have a huge chunk of jewel before Naraku stole it." Kagome sighed honeying up the truth. It was actually Kikyou who stole it and gave it to Naraku, but she did want to make Inuyasha feel bad.

"So how many jewel shards are left Miss Kagome?" Trunks asked.

"Well Naraku has most of it, Sango's younger brother Kohaku has one in his back, and Kouga that wolf demon has two in his legs," Kagome explained as they continued on their way.

"Well can you explain the history if the jewel?" Trunks asked.

"Alright it all started with a priestess named Midoriko..."

Author's Note and Corner

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