Fandom: Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek Voyager crossover

Pairing: Seven of Nine/Six

Rating: PG-13, for themes

Disclaimer: I don't own em. The title for this fic was inspired by Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.

Summary: Circumstances bring a Cylon to Voyager. How will she adapt? This is femslash.

A/N: I don't spend much time describing either world so I assume that the reader is familiar with at least one of the fandoms... otherwise it might be confusing. And any discrepancies with the canon time line are quite intentional... its AU. I self beta, so I'd like to pre-apologize for any errors. As always, please review.

A Tale of Two Sixes

by Semerket

Part 1

"Good afternoon, Chakotay." Captain Janeway greeted her first officer warmly as she entered the bridge. She had a mug of steaming coffee in her hand.


"Anything exciting happen while I was away?"

He smiled jovially, "I hear all the excitement is in engineering these days."

"You have no idea." Janeway rolled her eyes and smiled as she took her seat on the bridge. After taking a long sip of her coffee, she placed it on a small table beside her chair. Then the ship began to shake slightly. She turned her head to Ensign Kim who was standing at his console. "What's our status, Mr. Kim?"

"The sensors are picking up some anomalous readings from a nearby nebula."

"Why didn't we pick them up on long range sensors?"

The young Asian man looked baffled. "They didn't show up until we entered this region of space, but there appears to be a large energy displacement directly ahead. Less than one light year."

"On screen." The bridge crew watched in awe as a bright, circular flash of light appeared in the distance and collapsed.

Captain Janeway eyed the disturbance warily. "Is that what I think it is?" Janeway asked, addressing no one in particular.

Chakotay spoke up, "It looks like a wormhole."

"Yes, but in my experience looks can be very deceiving." She briefly recalled the last time they tried to enter a wormhole. It had turned out to be a living organism- a hungry one. She glanced over at Kim. "Is it safe to take us in for a closer look?"

"Sensors indicate that the area is relatively stable, but there will be some turbulence the closer we get. At this distance I can't say how much though."

Kathryn quickly tapped her combadge. "Janeway to Astrometrics."

Seven's calm voice filled the air, "Captain?"

"What can you tell us about this nebula? Are we really looking at a wormhole?"

"My sensors confirm that it is an active and stable wormhole. The turbulence is being generated from the nebula not the wormhole itself. Based on its gravimetric patterns I would estimate it opens at an average of every three to four hours."

"Can you tell where it leads?" Janeway forced herself to keep any hint of desperation out of her voice as the implications of what it could mean for getting her crew home came charging into her mind.


"Can you make an educated guess?" Janeway grumbled internally. Sometimes getting information from the young woman was like pulling teeth.

"Guessing would be inefficient," Seven replied with an aloofness unique to her Borg past. Kathryn resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose. Chakotay's eyes sparkled with mirth as he listened to the exchange. Remembering that she was already in enough trouble, the former drone added, "If we were able to get close enough for short range sensors I could provide you with a more affirmative response."

"Thank you, Seven. Janeway out." The Captain turned to look at Harry. "Harry, explain our situation to Be'lanna and get her to divert excess power to shields and sensors."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Captain Janeway turned to her first officer and looked at him questioningly, "What do you think?"

Chakotay took a deep breath, "I think I shouldn't get my hopes up."

"I know the feeling." Kathryn gave his arm a brief squeeze as she leaned back in her chair.


"Stupid frakking skinjob!" The soldier shouted cruelly as he backhanded the blond Cylon sending her reeling into the wall of the tiny Colonial shuttle craft.

The dazed Six sat up and touched her shackled hands to her head. When she pulled her hand away she realized that she was bleeding profusely. She said worriedly, "I tried to tell you. Now you'll get us all killed. You have to turn around!" Six's fear of the man's rage was now paling in comparison to her fear of the strange spacial rift they'd flown her into. The same soldier approached her again. He pulled her up by the neck and started choking her.

"If it wasn't for you lying skinjobs we wouldn't be in this mess!" He growled angrily. "I want you to say it! Say its your fault! We had to make a blind jump because of you!"

The soldier was squeezing her so hard that she could scarcely breathe let alone say anything if she had planned too. Three other soldiers stood by observing, but not really planning to intervene. If anything they were probably waiting for their turn to smack her around as well. Seeing an opening, Six took the opportunity to knee him in the groin, forcing him to relinquish his grip on her. Then, swinging both of her hands, she managed to punch him in the face.

The human male who piloted the shuttle craft barked nervously over his shoulder "Shut the frak up! All of you! James, I need you at co-pilot!" James hesitantly turned away from the scene he was observing and climbed into a seat near the cock pit. A female soldier moved to check on Six's unconscious abuser, while the third observer trained his pistol on the Cylon.

Six knew this would be the end. She briefly wondered if there were any resurrection ships in range, but it didn't really matter. She was tired of everything. Tired of this war, tired of dying only to resurrect and be sent back into danger. The humans weren't worth all this were they? Now he was smiling at her as though he knew her thoughts.

"Pray to your god, toaster." The soldier snarled. She watched his finger squeeze the trigger as she braced herself. Whether by pure luck or an act of God, in that moment the tiny shuttle began to quake violently, tossing its passengers like rag dolls. The bullet that was intended for the Cylon missed, striking a panel instead. Sparks ignited in the small shuttle as they reacted with a fluid leak. The shaking was so intense that all anyone could do was try to hold on to something while avoiding the flames. The pilots had obviously lost control as the shuttle rolled mercilessly.


Captain Janeway leaned back and reached for her coffee mug. The calm was brutally shattered by intense shaking and a bright light. Several crewman were thrown to the ground from the sudden impact. Captain Janeway didn't know what aggravated her more, the shock of being knocked around or watching her fresh coffee spill on the floor.

"Report!" Kathryn barked as she collected herself.

"Captain the mouth of the wormhole was on top of sensors have all gone crazy."

"Tom, get us out of here."

"With pleasure." Tom replied already pulling the ship back.

Janeway tapped her combadge, "Bridge to Seven of Nine."


"I need you on the bridge, now!" Janeway commanded.

"Yes, Captain."

Seven arrived on the bridge a few moments later. As she stepped up to her console she was assaulted with eager questions from the Captain. "What is the wormhole doing? You said it was stable and opens in intervals of three to four hours."

Seven tapped in some commands as she observed the sensor logs. "That is correct; however, there is the possibility that something may be manipulating it from the other end."

"That doesn't explain it appearing on top of us."

"The radiation coming from the nebula is likely affecting where the mouth of the wormhole manifests."

Janeway seemed satisfied with her responses and calmed down a little. "Can we determine where it will reopen?"

"Perhaps, but it will take more scans before a pattern can be established." Chakotay was about to say something to the Captain when Seven continued. "Because the wormhole appeared in such close proximity I was able to get an idea of where the other side might be. I am unable to pin point the exact system, but it is not in the direction of Earth."

Janeway released a deep breath she had been holding in. "Alright then. Lets try to fly around this mess. We can do some research on the area as we pass through."

Another flash of bright light blinded the bridge crew accompanied by more intense shaking. This time it would leave no one standing on the bridge.

"Damage report."

Her hair only slightly mussed, Seven replied in her usual monotone,"Shields are at fifty three percent, left aft thrusters are off line. Captain, an object came through the wormhole."

"On screen." Kathryn commanded. The bridge crew observed what appeared to be a small metallic object tumbling through space.

Chakotay's face wore a curious expression, "Is that a ship?"

Seeing the burn marks and frayed edges, pilot Tom Paris replied, "More like what's left of one."

Kathryn walked closer to the screen, "Any life signs?"

Harry replied, "One, and its very faint."

"Hail them," Kathryn looked at the screen, "This is Captain Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, do you require assistance?"

"No response to hails, Captain."

"Harry alert the doctor that he has incoming to sickbay and beam the survivors over."

"Yes, ma'am. Initiating transport. Transport complete." Soon after Harry spoke the wreckage exploded leaving nothing behind.

"Mr. Paris get us out of this region. I don't care if we have to do it on one thruster," Janeway headed towards the turbolift, "Seven, Tuvok, I want you to accompany me to sickbay so we can get some answers about who or what we just beamed over. Chakotay, you have the bridge."


When the trio arrived in sickbay they were greeted by the sight of the Doctor racing around his office grabbing medical equipment and hyposprays. He almost didn't notice the groups entrance as he rushed back over to his new patient, skillfully whipping open his medical tricorder as he did so.

Janeway stepped over to where the doctor worked furiously. "What do we have Doctor?"

He became peevish at her inquiry. This was his space and he had more important things to do than answer questions at the moment. He rattled off the list testily, "Internal bleeding, contusions, severe burns, broken bones, injuries consistent with assault. I assume the burns were from damage to the shuttle. She was also some kind of prisoner. I had to remove a pair of shackles." He punctuated the last part of his statement by snapping his tricorder shut and heading purposefully towards his office.

Seven moved closer to the biobed to get a better look at the new patient. The elevated bed held a woman with slightly curly, shoulder length platinum blond hair who appeared to be about Seven's age. It was obvious that she was very pretty even though much of her right side was marred by angry burns and her right eye was bruised and swollen.

The Doctor returned with more hyposprays. "Have you determined her species, Doctor?" Kathryn inquired. She now observed the patient from a distance with Seven and Tuvok.

Tuvok chimed in with his Vulcan monotone, "She appears to be human."

The Doctor added patronizingly, "Her genetic structure tells us that she is human or something very similar. I'll be able to give you more details after I finish saving this woman's life! So if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

The Doctor moved around the table and pressed a hypospray to her neck. After a brief hiss the woman's eyes popped open. The disoriented Cylon immediately noticed Seven and focused on her. She locked eyes with the tall drone and lifted her arm towards her.

"Sister?" The woman's voice cracked with pain. The former drone felt an overwhelming urge to comfort the woman and quickly took the other blond's hand and stood beside her bed.

Upon closer inspection the young Cylon realized that she was not another Six as she had initially thought. The woman studied her curiously, "Who are you?"

"My designation is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One." Seven said hesitantly, but then added, "But most refer to me as Seven."

It took a few seconds for the injured Cylon to absorb what she'd said. "You are Seven?" The hoarseness of her voice was unable to mask her sense of awe.

"Yes." Seven replied cautiously, believing the woman may object to having a former Borg at her bedside. Then, to Seven's surprise, the woman smiled pleasantly. She seemed genuinely relieved.

"I've always wondered what the seventh would look like," the woman reached up and gently touched the metal of Seven's optical implant. The intimate contact made Seven feel uncomfortable. No one, with the exception of the Doctor, had ever voluntarily touched her implants for fear of them. Seven reached up and gently grabbed the other woman's arm and carefully brought it back down to the bed. The Six coughed a little, obviously causing herself pain in the process. A few seconds later the woman lost consciousness again.


Several days later...

"Interesting. So she's not human?" Kathryn asked the Doctor as they leaned over his desk in sickbay studying several data pads.

"No, not entirely; more than ninety five percent of her DNA is human, but she also has components that are nonhuman. At first I thought she had undergone some sort of previous medical procedures."

Kathryn observed the data in fascination as her scientific background fueled her curiosity. She glanced at the young woman who was still unconscious on the biobed. She turned back to the Doctor.

"Components? You mean organs?"

"Not exactly. Her spinal column and parts of her nervous system are made out of compounds that are definitely not found in the human body such as silica. But her genetic structure argues that she is indeed human- at least to a large degree. One could even theorize that her physiology is cybernetic in nature; however, I've never seen these compounds used for such purposes."

"Is it similar to Borg technology?"

"Quite the opposite actually. Unlike the Borg there are no nanoprobes or intrusive mechanical implants controlling her bodily functions. I would describe her body's relationship with these foreign compounds as symbiotic. Parts of her body are non organic, but for all intents and purposes she is human."

Kathryn perched on the edge of his desk, "Could she be a hybrid of some sort? Could one of her parents or family members have been another species?"

"Well that's exactly what I thought at first, but look at these..."

Six slowly peeled her eyes open only to be blinded by a bright light. Recalling her circumstances, she quickly sat up bringing a wave of vertigo on herself in the process. Across the room she could make out a semi-bald man in a black and green uniform talking to a woman wearing a similar, but red uniform. Their backs were turned to her and they were so engaged in conversation that they didn't notice her sit up.

The Cylon glanced down at her body; she was pleased that her wounds were gone. After she gave herself a once-over, she realized that she was naked save for the thin white sheet that had been covering her. She carefully stepped off the biobed and wrapped the sheet around herself. She hesitantly took a few steps away from the bed and took in her surroundings. The technology wasn't at all similar to her previous resurrection experiences. She felt another wave of dizziness coming on so she reached out to a nearby wall to steady herself.

Her movement finally caught the attention of the two occupants of the room. The Doctor smiled as he approached her with his tricorder, "Someone is feeling better I see. You've been unconscious for the last two days." Captain Janeway moved to the Doctor's side and observed the wide-eyed young woman. As she watched her she couldn't help but notice a familiar flip in her stomach, a sensation that she often experienced when she was with a certain blond astrometrics officer.

Six tilted her head as she scrutinized the people before her, "What model are you?" If she had just met a Seven, it didn't seem inconceivable that the other unknown models may also be present. She could swear the Seven had mentioned a Nine.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow as the Captain introduced herself, "I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager."

Realizing the woman was in charge she bombarded her with questions, "Starship. You mean base ship? Why have you moved me from the resurrection chamber? Did something go wrong during the download? I was in some kind of rift..."

Kathryn and the Doctor now wore puzzled expressions and glanced at each other. "I'm not sure we understand what you mean," Kathryn replied sympathetically. "We beamed you off your ship before it was destroyed by the wormhole. You were the only survivor."

The Captain gave the woman a moment to absorb the information. Suddenly the doors of sickbay swished open to admit Seven of Nine. With all the confidence in the world she strode over to the Doctor with the data pad he'd requested.

"Doctor, I brought you the-" As Seven got closer she saw the young woman standing with the sheet wrapped around her. The young drone lost her train of thought as soon as she laid eyes on the beautiful woman. "She is awake." Seven mumbled uncharacteristically as she felt her Borg-enhanced confidence ooze out of her.

"Seven." Six instinctively moved closer to the Seven, having felt a connection to the serious young woman that she had met earlier. The Cylon took in the other womans appearance, taking note of her perfect physique and beautiful face. It was no secret that Sixes often thought of themselves as the most attractive of the humanoid Cylon models. 'These Sevens could give us a run for our money.' She thought vainly.

As she let her gaze wander over the woman's face her eyes focused on a small star shaped implant near her ear. Her curiosity got the best of her and she allowed herself to reach up to touch it. This time the other woman grabbed her hand before it made contact with her face. For a moment the two blonds stood staring at each other with looks of confusion etched on both their faces. The Captain observed the scene with mild amusement.

Seven was bewildered, "You wish to... touch me?" Seven asked her as if she were crazy.

The Cylon shrugged and moved her hand away. The Cylons she knew were often touchy-feely. "I've never seen your model before. You're pretty-"

They were brought out of their reverie by the sound of the doctor clearing his holographic throat.

The Doctor moved over to Seven and accepted her data pad, "Thank you, Seven." He turned to the young woman. "You were saying something about a 'resurrection chamber'?"

Six's eyes darted from the Doctor to Seven. She knew there was no way she could have survived the shuttle. These people were strange. She tried to clarify, "I have a new body...the last one was destroyed."

Kathryn smiled though she also looked slightly puzzled by the woman's phrasing."I think what she means to say is that we have a very skilled physician," the Captain continued, "We were quite surprised to find another human in the Delta the Quadrant. What is your name?"

Six gave Janeway a look that said 'duh'. Hadn't these people seen a Six before? After all, they were one of the most common all-purpose humanoid Cylon models. There were millions of them on the home world. Then Six's eyes widened when the Captain's statement finally registered.

"You are all human?" She said trying to keep the terror out of her voice.

The Doctor answered smugly, "Well I'm an EMH- Emergency Medical Holo-program. Most of the crew consists of humans, but there are many different species aboard Voyager. Our crew is very diverse."

Kathryn nodded. The Cylon looked to Seven hopefully, "But you are not human?"

Seven shifted uncomfortably interpreting her question as a revulsion to the Borg, "I was assimilated by the Borg as a child, but I am no longer a part of the Collective. I have Borg implants, but I am now an individual."

Six gave Seven a slightly mortified stare because she wasn't a Cylon after all. Kathryn decided that explanations where in order.

"My crew and I were lost in the Delta Quadrant a few years ago. We're on our way back to our home: a planet called Earth."

The Cylon immediately put up her guard. 'Humans?' They were far too advanced to be Colonials, not to mention clean, but their technology was obviously not Cylon. Maybe they were telling her the truth. They were more advanced medically since they were able to treat her injuries in a few days when they normally would have taken weeks, assuming she could have been saved at all.

"So let me get this straight," Six said skeptically, "You're all from Earth?"

"Yes, we are. Well some of the crew members are from other planets, but most of them are from within Federation space." Kathryn replied, wondering why that seemed so unlikely to the woman.

Six felt like she was trapped in some kind of dream world, or perhaps a nightmare. Maybe this is what happened to Cylons who died and were unable to resurrect; they went to live with advanced humans in a pseudo afterlife. She chuckled at the ridiculousness. "Well my people are searching for Earth too." She said in earnest.

Kathryn smiled. Perhaps Voyager wasn't the only vessel from Federation space stuck in the Delta Quadrant. "And who are your people?"

Six's smile melted and now she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Explaining to them that she was part of a cybernetic race whose current goals consisted of annihilating and dominating their human creators...well that just wouldn't sound too appealing. She figured that if she couldn't tell them the whole truth then she could at least offer them half of it.

"My people are called Cylons. We are at war with a people called Colonials. The ship I was on was Colonial...I was a prisoner," she said sadly.

"Seven, did the Borg ever encounter Cylons?"

The tall drone responded, "I have no assimilated knowledge regarding 'Cylons' or 'Colonials'."

Captain Janeway evaluated the situation. "I see. Is there any way that we can get in contact with your people?" She directed her question to the Cylon.

Six shrugged and began to show signs fatigue, although it was more from the shock of her circumstances than her physical condition. "If you could show me where I am then perhaps I can figure out how to get back," she said offering a weak smile.

Sensing her distress the Doctor cut in, "I'm sure the Captain will have plenty of time to go over this with you later, but for now lets replicate you some clothes and assign you quarters since we aren't sure how long you'll be with us." The Doctor said giving Kathryn a 'look'.

Kathryn took the hint and backed off with the questions. "I'm sorry. I seem to have forgotten my manners," she smiled politely. "The Doctor is right. We should get you situated first." Kathryn motioned to the tall Borg, "Seven, why don't you help our guest get some clothes and then show her to the mess hall. I can have quarters ready by then." Before Kathryn turned to leave she asked, "Oh, you never did tell us your name?"

'Think of a human name! Think of a human name!' At first none came to mind. "Um," she glanced around nervously. "You can call me Six? Yes, Six!" Then the Cylon remembered that humans usually had at least two names. Since her previous experiences with humans never involved exchanging personal information she quickly spat out one of the few words she associated with them that was not the name of a colony. "Solaria." She took a deep breath. "You can name is Solaria Six."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow at her befuddled response. Perhaps she was still too disoriented to leave sickbay. He pulled out his tricorder and scanned her one last time just to be sure.

"Its been nice meeting you Solaria. Its too bad it couldn't be under better circumstances." The Captain said in earnest. Six nodded and offered the Captain a smile before she left.


The Cylon brushed her hands over her new attire. She'd had a difficult time over coming her model's obsession, what some would refer to as 'programming', and had to force herself not to select the familiar casual business attire that was such a common choice among Sixes. Instead she had settled for a form fitting black tank top and a pair of gray slacks with a low heel. Well she tried.

Six was fascinated by the woman who was leading her into the mess hall. She was cybernetic like herself, but the technology surrounding her 'implants' as she had referred to them, was nothing like Six had ever seen. The Cylon asked her many questions about the Borg on the way to their destination. She followed Seven down a series of corridors until they arrived at what she assumed would be the 'mess hall'. When they entered the large dining area it was empty and most of the lights were dimmed. It was late. The duo was immediately greeted by a jovial 'Talaxian,' as Seven had referred to him earlier.

"Why hello there!" Neelix chirped. "I've been expecting you. I'm Neelix, Voyager's Morale Officer." He extended his hand. The Cylon smiled and took it. She was fascinated by the man's appearance. He had yellow eyes and a tuft of yellow hair sprouting from the top of his head. She had never come into contact with any species outside her own, excluding the humans of course.

Remembering what the Doctor had explained to her about introductions, Seven took the initiative. "This is Solaria Six," Seven hoped it was the correct social response for the situation.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Six. I'm going to head into the kitchen and grab you something to eat." He said eagerly, "Will you be eating as well, Seven?"

"I do not require nutritional intake at this time," the ex-Borg monotoned. The kindly Talaxian ushered the two women over to a nearby table and then moved off into the kitchen. Seven observed Six as she plopped down into her seat. Seven followed her example and hesitantly sat down.

"You aren't hungry?" Six asked. Seven shook her head. "Will it bother you if I eat?"

The implant above Seven's eye rose slightly at her question. "I do not understand your inquiry. Why should it bother me? Would you require assistance?"

Six gave her a curious look. "No, its just polite to ask I suppose." She observed the former drone as she seemed to absorb the information. It was obvious to the Cylon that her social programming was vastly superior to her companion's, assuming that Seven ever possessed any at all.

Neelix strolled over to the duo with a tray of food in his hand. "Today I made leola root stew, but we ran out earlier so I replicated you a cob salad. The crew seems to really like those."

"Thank you."

"You're very welcome." The Talaxian smiled and blushed at the beautiful woman. "Just let me know if you need anything."

"I'll keep that in mind." Neelix nodded and went back into the kitchen area leaving the two women alone. Seven made a mental note of the way he responded to Six.

The Cylon stuck a fork into the food and brought it to her mouth with a bit of apprehension. Then after taking a bite she smiled. "This is pretty good." It was significantly better than the rations the humans had occasionally tossed at her.

Seven looked on with a hint of surprise at the woman as she wolfed down her food. "You are...quite hungry."

Realizing that she was making a scene, Six blushed profusely and replied, "Sorry, I haven't eaten in a while." She quickly shifted focus back to Seven, "So your implants...did it hurt when you got them?"

"I was too young to remember," Seven was surprised at her continuing interest. "May I inquire about you?"

"Of course." She said between mouthfuls.

"Why do the Borg continue to interest you?" Seven was beginning to worry that she was making the other woman uncomfortable.

Six shrugged and answered nonchalantly, "I'm cybernetic too." Six could swear she saw a look a surprise flash across the woman's face, but it disappeared quickly. She explained, "I mean we don't have 'implants,' but we don't consider ourselves human. We also have a basic set of programming for our personalities. Over time our experiences are what make us individual. That's why I've been asking you so many questions. You're like me," Six smiled at the last part.

Seven absorbed the information and began to feel anxious, the idea that there were others like her was something the former drone could only dream of. "Intriguing." She paused, "And there are others like you?"

"Cylons? Yea, plenty." She quickly added, "Not all of us are organic though. Some are machines with a limited set of programming." Six went back to focusing on her meal and with the way she shoveled down her food it didn't take her long to finish.

"And you feel emotions?" Seven asked hesitantly.

"Of course. Don't you?"

Seven looked down at her hands experiencing an emotion that could be described as shame, "I can, but due to my limited experiences with humanity I am often unable to identify them. Have you ever experienced this?"

Six shook her head. "No, I can usually identify my emotions, but there are probably some that I have yet to experience."

Seven remained silent while Solaria ate. She pondered the woman in front of her. She hoped that she wouldn't be leaving too soon. For once Seven felt as though she found someone that might understand her.


After they'd left the mess hall Seven escorted her charge to a turbolift. "Deck four."

Six pretended to observe the operation of the lift, but most of her attention was actually focused on Seven. She wanted to find out everything she could about the beautiful woman standing beside her. The Cylon realized that Seven had caught her staring again. The two women now found themselves in an awkward silence as they headed down the corridor.

"So I take it my quarters are on deck four?" She knew it was a dumb question, but she found that making conversation with Seven was like saying 'no' to a Three. Impossible.

"Correct. You will be in cabin four two zero located on deck four."

"And where do you live, Seven?" Six asked.

"I inhabit Cargo Bay Two; my alcoves are stored there."

Six fought the urge to gag. ' A cargo bay? And they call us Sixes hardcore'.

Her reaction didn't go unnoticed by Seven who was now feeling baffled by her reaction. "Is something wrong, Solaria?"

Six quickly smiled, "Oh no, nothing is wrong. I'm just a little surprised. I just assumed that a cargo bay would be, you know," The Cylon gestured with her hands as she responded ."A place for cargo."

"I lock the doors when I am regenerating." Seven stated a little defensively, suddenly worried about what the woman might think of her. She stopped in the corridor near a door; the doors swished open as Six approached.

"I take it this is it?" Six glanced at Seven and stepped inside what appeared to be a medium sized living room. She turned when she realized Seven was hovering just outside the door. She chuckled. "Seven, you can come in."

Seven tried to suppress a small blush that threatened to climb onto her cheeks. She cleared her throat nervously and stepped inside. Seven was confused at her response to such a simple request. The more time she spent in the other woman's presence the more nervous she became. Something about being in the woman's living quarters made her feel all the more awkward.

The Cylon listened intently to Seven as she gave her a brief tour of her quarters and explained how to use the basic appliances.

"So I can make food with the replicator?" Six liked this idea already.

Seven nodded, "Yes, food, clothing, and other necessities."

"If you can replicate food then why is there a mess hall?"

"Replicating requires resources from the ship. In order to preserve them we are encouraged to eat in the mess hall whenever we can," Seven said seriously.

"I see."

"Do you require anything else?"

"No, I think I'm set. Thank you, Seven." Six smiled. Seven felt a slight blush creep into her cheeks. Six immediately sensed her discomfort and realized the source.

Remembering her manners she replied stiffly, "You are welcome." Seven turned to leave and was halfway through the front door when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and then to Seven's surprise Six gave her a light kiss on the lips and punctuated it with a wink.

"Goodnight, Seven."

Seven wasn't sure how she made it back to her cargo bay because her brain had officially stopped functioning. Seven pondered her reaction with such focus that she was barely able to avoid slamming into a crewman. Six had kissed her-a former borg drone. She would need to do more research to understand the implications of Six's actions.