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A Tale of Two Sixes

by Semerket

Part 7

Caprica sat on the bench in Voyager's brig as she tried to ignore her silent visitors. Seven had been pacing in front of her cell for the last twenty minutes or so. She could tell the woman was furious. Caprica's eyes met Seven's and she felt guilty again. She was glad there was a force field separating the two of them. The woman had proven herself very strong before security arrived- shockingly so. Caprica surmised that it had something to do with the metal casing on her arm, but she wasn't sure and she hadn't really cared enough to ask.

"I take it you have a name?"

Caprica was pulled out of her musing by the Captain's voice, and judging by her tone, she was furious as well.

"I'm Six."

"Yes, I've gathered that much." Janeway said in clipped tones. "But what do you call yourself?"

"The others call me Caprica."

"Alright, Caprica." Kathryn said her name as though she were testing it out. "I realize that-"

Seven cut her off, "Captain, she-"

"Seven." Janeway snapped. Her patience was already wearing thin. She grabbed Seven's forearm and ushered her out of ear-shot of the cylon. "I told you, you could observe."

"But-" Seven's face was stricken.

Janeway's tone softened, "You understand their technology more than most of the crew, we need to track their vessels before they get too far away." Janeway went on. She realized that FTL technology could jump them beyond the reach of Voyager's warp drive.

Seven's eyes widened. She hadn't been thinking clearly since she'd realized Solaria was missing. Now her face filled with a new determination. "Yes, Captain." Seven said in her borg tone. She shot the imposter a withering look before marching out of the brig.

Janeway moved back over to the force field. "Why did you even do it?" She was genuinely interested in the answer she would give.

"I just wanted to try a new cell. I thought it'd be a nice change of pace. So far I'm not too impressed with your brig. I mean, its more advanced than Galactica what with your fancy shields and all, but I actually had more space over there, but don't get me wrong- at least its sanitary."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

"Moving up in the world," she said sarcastically.

" You knew we would find out sooner rather than later. You don't even know your way around the ship."

Caprica sighed tiredly. "Yes, I knew."

"So you hoped that you would become stranded on Voyager, and then what? We'd have no way of reaching them again?"

"No! It wasn't like that. I just wanted off of Galactica." She stared down at her hands. "I didn't come here with the intention of switching places with her."

"So what? It just happened?" Janeway was disgusted.

"I just want to go home. I thought she could hide me or something, but when I realized she couldn't I panicked."

"Do you have any idea where they may have been heading- areas of significance?"

"Ya know, they never told me anything." Caprica smirked, "Its one of the reasons I left. Funny how that works."

"Your attitude isn't helping."

Six sighed. "I thought you had some sort of technology exchange? Or am I mistaken?" Caprica got up from her seat and stared down at the Captain through the force field.

"We may have."

"What will happen to me?" Caprica changed the subject. She wasn't too worried about respecting the chain of command on Voyager. She had typically been polite to the Admiral and the President of the Colonies, but those were just niceties that were primarily motivated by the need to survive. It was easy to be nice to people knowing that they might blow you out of an airlock on a whim, but it was obvious to Caprica that Voyager was different. There would be no airlockings or random acts of brutality. It would be easier to get her way here.

"I'm sure we can work something out." Janeway replied, although she would make her no promises.

Caprica shrugged, "I don't know where they jumped too. I wasn't lying when I told you I was a prisoner."

"Do you have any idea what we should look for?"

Caprica shrugged.

"I'll have you go to Astrometrics with Seven. Solaria mentioned that she could recognize constellations without technical know-how."

Caprica frowned. Damn.

Noticing Caprica's reluctance, Janeway added, "You're going to help, or I'm going to leave you stranded on the first habitable planet we come across."


Two days. They had been doing this for two days straight. Caprica tried not to look as bored as she felt. Seven had been scanning intensely to no avail. Caprica had been little help until this point, opting to keep her mouth shut unless she had something to contribute, not to mention that Seven might get angry and knock her back to the Twelve Colonies.

"Do you recognize any of these?" Seven demanded.

Caprica gave them a once over. "Nope."

"You're not even trying." Seven was angry at Caprica's apathy. The more time they lost the odds of finding the fleet were becoming more and more slim.


"You don't want to find her." Seven stated irritably.

"Find her? Well we know where she is- she's on Galactica." Caprica stated bluntly punctuating it with a roll of her eyes. She regretted that statement immediately as the last thing she remembered was feeling Seven's metallic palm connect with her face.

Caprica woke up in a medical bay with a bald man peering down at her.

The cylon slowly mumbled, "Seven hit me."

He snapped his device shut and stated unsympathetically, "Well I'm sure you probably earned it."

"She hit me...in the face." Caprica sat up slowly as she repeated herself as though she were asking for directions.

"She also fractured your jaw, but there's no need to worry. I've repaired the damage." He said smugly as he patted her on the shoulder.

"So it would seem." She rubbed her jaw. It was still throbbing slightly from the impact. Caprica realized something in that moment- she didn't like this guy.


"You can't just go around hitting people because they make you angry!" The Captain chastised her.

"But I am experiencing a great deal of satisfaction and I am able to work more efficiently as a result."

"Hitting people is not efficient." Kathryn silently blamed Solaria for putting that notion into her mind.

"I apologize that I have upset you."

Janeway pinched the bridge of her nose at Seven's phrasing.

Caprica came in under Tuvok's escort.

Janeway asked diplomatically, "How are you feeling."

"I'll live." Caprica rubbed her jaw as she avoided eye contact with the drone.

"You seem to be functioning within normal parameters." There was a barely discernible smirk in her tone.

"I'm so touched by your concern." Caprica said hotly.

"Yes, I require you to be conscious for the duration of our search." Seven brought up several maps she had scanned. "Do you recognize these?'

Caprica moved closer to them and a reddish formation immediately caught her eye. "That..." She shifted her jaw and it popped. She glared at Seven. "The nebula to the right. It rings a bell."

Seven zoomed in and huffed, "I showed you these maps yesterday and you said that you didn't recognize them!"

"My mistake." Caprica said with a challenge in her voice.

Janeway spoke up, "You've been there before?"

"No. But the last time I had access to this kind of information was before I ended up on Galactica. It was listed as a Colonial point of interest."

"Why the interest?"

"They believe in this elaborate prophecy and destiny..." She waved it off, "But we thought there was a possibility that they would end up going there eventually. I never learned exactly why though. If they did head that way there's no telling how long they'd stay."


Kathryn stood in front of the Cylon's cell, yet again. "You've been lying to us."

Caprica stood up and faced the Captain. "If I could see what it is your people are looking at, then perhaps I could be of more assistance." Caprica suggested politely.

"My people have scanned this area- there's nothing noteworthy."

"Perhaps your people just don't know exactly what they should be looking for." She said cryptically.

"Do enlighten us."

"If you'll show me."

Janeway frowned and nodded to two of her security personnel. They removed the force field. "Try anything and-"

"Yes, I understand." Caprica finished quickly as she followed the security crew and Captain back to Astrometrics.

Seven heard the door slide open. She turned, expecting to see the Captain, but she was surprised to see the Six too.

"Captain." It was a question and a statement.

"Seven, I want you to bring up the scans from long range sensors."

Seven gave Caprica the once over before complying, "Yes, Captain." She turned around and tapped in a few commands at her console.

"Is any of this familiar to you?" The captain directed her question to the Cylon.

Caprica stared at the three dimensional imaging. It was odd, experiencing the data visually as opposed to linking herself via a basestar's system. "How long has Voyager been here?" Caprica asked absently.

Seven was about to respond, when Janeway cut her off, "Why are you stalling?"

"Excuse me?"

"Its obvious that you're waiting for someone and I doubt its the Colonists."

Caprica turned to the Captain, she was annoyed that she'd been figured out so easily. "The Colonial's are always being tracked by the Cylons. If you catch up to them, perhaps our people can combine our efforts in finding Galactica." Caprica tried to explain.

Kathryn laughed. "I think not."

"Captain, its really quite simple. I don't want to go back to Galactica and you want your Cylon back. I might have an idea of where they might go, but I won't help you unless you give me your word that you will not hand me over to the Colonials. I want asylum."

Janeway tensed, "I have no interest in involving myself with your people's conflict."

"You involved yourself the moment you gave our enemy your technology."

"How dare you-"

"And I haven't forgotten your transporter technology. How do I know you won't just 'beam' me back to them?"

"You'll have to take my word for it."

"Humans have lied to me before. Your word isn't good enough."

"Well its as much as you'll get."

"Then I suppose you'll just be stuck with me instead."

This woman was infuriating. Kathryn decided to use another approach even if she had no intention of harboring a war criminal. "Trust goes both ways. If you tell us where to find the fleet and your information is accurate, then I'll discuss your situation with the Admiral and the President."

Caprica studied Captain Janeway dubiously, "What exactly does 'discuss my situation' mean?"

"It means I'll see what I can do, but I can't make you any promises."

"You might not have too." Caprica said with a smirk in her tone that could only be described as ominous. Janeway wasn't sure what she meant by that, but she could tell that she probably wouldn't approve.

Caprica looked thoughtful for a moment, "There is another nebula- its blue with a purple and yellow center. Its not too far from here. That's all I know about it."


Solaria sat up on her cot when she heard footsteps approaching her cell. She was visibly disappointed to see it was Sharon Agathon, but it could have been worse. It could have been the President again. Something about the look in that woman's eyes told Six that she was just itching for an excuse to execute her.

"Hey, traitor." Six said lackadaisically from the small cot that she was sitting on.

Sharon rolled her eyes, "You've had all this time to think and that's the best thing you could come up with?"

"What do you want now?" Six sighed tiredly, "I just don't have the energy for you."

"I thought you might be hungry actually."

Six's eyes widened and she said with mock enthusiasm, "I didn't realize that Cylons working in the Colonial fleet were in charge of craft services! Congrats, Eight."

"Or I could just leave and you can be hungry."

She'd held out as long as she could, but Six was getting hungry. Fortunately, her physiology made her more resilient than the average human. She sighed dramatically, "Fine. I won't snap your neck when you come in." She wanted to add 'this time', but she could tell that the colonials weren't taking any chances with her, not after whatever it was that Caprica did to escape.

Sharon entered the cell and hovered near the door. There were two Colonial guards standing not far away.

"So what is it that you used to do?" Sharon tried to make conversation as she handed Six the tray.

"On Voyager?" Six placed the tray on the cot and picked up the small brown bowl and a utensil. She raised an eyebrow as she poked at the white substance with her spoon. The blonde cylon took a tentative bite and immediately resisted the urge to gag. Even the alien food she'd had on Voyager was better than this slop; she didn't know humans still made gruel.

"Before Voyager?"

Six snorted contemptuously, "More than you apparently."

"Care to elaborate?"

"Enough to know exactly why you came in here." Six was thoroughly disgusted with the brunette. "I don't even know why you bother anymore. I know what you're trying to do."

"And what's that?"

"You're Adama's puppet. He wants you, another Cylon, to gain my trust so that I'll tell you whatever it is that they," She cast a glance at a dark wall of glass."Want to know." Six realized they were probably looking for a reason to toss her out of an airlock so she'd been keeping her mouth shut.

Sharon laughed, but Six could tell by the other woman's startled expression that she had been correct. "Why are you so paranoid?" Sharon was annoyed.

"Its called interrogation protocol 101, or did you not get the same programming that I did?"

"How do you know I'm not just being friendly?"

Solaria was very skeptical, "Friendly? I bashed your blonde buddy in the face. Highly unlikely."

"But we're both cylons." Six looked at Sharon incredulously. "Despite our differing views."

"Oh, Eight." Solaria threw her head back and laughed. "I needed that."

"I told you my name is Sharon."

Six laughed even harder, her eyes filling with tears of amusement.

"You don't like Eights very much, do you?"

"I like them more than Threes and Ones, if that's any consolation."

Sharon smirked, "Ah, Three. Half the reason I defected..." She muttered under her breath.

"One time I resurrected and this Three was waiting for me. I told her that I was killed by a bomb. And she said 'I do not like this word 'bomb'. Its not a bomb. Its a device that is exploding." Solaria laughed.

Sharon's brow furrowed, "But that makes no sense."

"That's what I said to her!" Six's laughter subsided, "But she didn't see how it was funny."

Sharon chuckled, "She probably wouldn't." A guard motioned to Sharon and she stepped outside of the cell as they secured the door. They continued to talk. "You know, your attitude isn't going to make this any easier on you. They're not so bad."

"I'm sure they'd be great if I were having their babies too." Solaria shot back, "Besides, I'd rather not get too comfortable. Just because you enjoy playing house on Galactica doesn't mean we all want that. Voyager will find me you know."

"Yea, I guess you'd rather play house on Voyager instead." She wasn't stupid, the level of protectiveness the Six exhibited over the serious woman called Seven did not go unnoticed to her.

"Whatever." Solaria's tone had a finality to it.

Sharon took that as her queue to leave. After exiting the brig she approached President Roslin, Colonel Tigh and Admiral Adama, they had just exited the viewing room on the other side of the dark glass.

Laura Roslin was talking, "We could try her for war crimes- she's unrepentant and she obviously played an active role in our people's destruction."

"I think we should keep her." Adama was tired of the blood shed, "She has knowledge of Voyager's technology- she could be useful."

Sharon seemed reluctant, "That's assuming she'd agree to help. She didn't come to us as a defector, she's a prisoner of war. She didn't tell me exactly what her role was, but I'd guess by the size of the chip on her shoulder that she saw a lot of active combat, either on the ground or in space."

"Admiral." Adama turned towards a soldier that just arrived.


"Voyager just initiated contact with the CIC."

"Well I guess we'll be swapping toasters after all." Colonel Tigh said.


As Voyager slowly approached the fleet Caprica felt her nerves reach their limit. This was it. She decided to give the Captain one more reason not to kick her off the ship.

"You said you would discuss my situation."

"I did. I asked the Colonial's if they wanted me to beam you back to Galactica directly or if they wanted a manual exchange. They preferred the latter." The Captain said smartly.

"I cooperated."

"Only after wasting as much of our time and resources as possible."

Caprica moved inappropriately close as she shamelessly flirted with the Captain, "I can make it up to you... more than once." Kathryn's face flushed red in embarrassment, not just from the woman's offer, but because there was a part of it that Janeway did find rather tempting. She took a shocked step away from her. It was incredible, the lengths of manipulation that this woman was willing to go through to get what she wanted. Kathryn was a little disgusted with herself for ever feeling sorry for her. Laura Roslin had been right about some things.

"I assure you that won't be happening."

Caprica smirked, it was a response that she had expected.


The walk from the brig to Galactica's hangar bay felt like an eternity. Six hadn't really been certain about what was happening in the beginning, especially since Colonel Tigh was walking with her and he had remained silent. At first she thought they were escorting her to an airlock for execution, but when they all boarded the shuttle and she saw Voyager in the distance her heart leapt into her throat. It was actually happening, she was actually going to make it back to Seven.

Seven paced anxiously in Voyager's hangar bay as she waited for the Colonial shuttle to dock. It was annoying, these people's fear of technology. It would have been so much easier to simply use transporters to make the trade, but Captain Janeway had insisted that they would respect the Colonial's rules irregardless of the efficiency.

As the shuttle arrived and set down in the hangar, Seven moved closer to the where the entrance was. The Captain, along with Tuvok and a small security team where on standby near Caprica- who looked as though she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her.

As the hatch opened, Colonel Tigh stepped out with Solaria and two soldiers in tow.

"Seven!" As soon as they uncuffed Solaria's hands she charged forward and hugged the former drone happily. Several tears of relief escaped her eyes. "I thought I'd never see you again."

Seven felt her organic eye begin to tear up as well. "Me too."

Caprica glared openly at everyone.

Captain Janeway walked up to Solaria as Seven relinquished her grip on the other blond. "Its good to see you again, Six."

"Thank you." Solaria sniffed. "For coming back for me."

Before the conversation could continue Janeway's combadge came to life. "Bridge, to Captain Janeway!"

"Janeway here. What is it Chakotay?"

"Several ships have entered orbit and the-"

Everyone was suddenly thrown to the ground as Voyager shook at the force of a large impact.

"Janeway to bridge, report!" She snapped into her combadge as she picked herself off of the floor. Colonel Tigh knew immediately when he heard an eerie wailing noise. "Its the Cylons! They're attacking the fleet."

"They're attacking Voyager too."

"Shields are at ninety-seven percent."

"Make sure all nuclear warheads are detonated before impact. Return fire- let them know we mean business."

"Firing phasers."

There was a loud explosion as Voyager's aft phaser cut through one of the Basestar's arms like a hot knife through butter.

Caprica grinned- she had timed it correctly. In the scrambling and confusion Caprica knocked one of the colonials to the floor and took his firearm.

"And we all get our way." She said to Captain right before she shot herself in the head.

The Captain's mouth dropped open in shock as did most of the Voyager crew that had witnessed the grizzly scene, with the exception of Tuvok who merely raised an eyebrow at her peculiar behavior.

Janeway to Kim, "Beam Caprica to sickbay!" She knew the woman was dead, but she still had to try.

They watched as both Sixes disappeared. Then Janeway remembered they were clones.

Kathryn stared at Colonel Tigh as she spoke into her open combadge. "Harry, beam the colonial's and their shuttle to Galactica's hangar bay." Colonel Tigh nodded sagely in acknowledgment. "Energize."

The Cylons retreated soon after experiencing Voyager's phasers.

Kathryn and Seven arrived in sickbay a few minutes later. Caprica's body was on a biobed with a blanket covering her. Solaria smiled when she saw Seven come in.

"How did I end up here?" She directed her question to Seven.

"You are not wearing a combadge, the computer scanned for Caprica's DNA..."

"Ah. Which is the same as mine. Makes sense." Six nodded as she finished Seven's sentence.

Kathryn gave the doctor a pointed look. "She was killed instantly." The EMH said somberly.

Janeway sighed. She couldn't help but feel indirectly responsible for Caprica's death. She wasn't fond of the other woman, but it was still a waste, she thought. She wondered if she should have tried to find a way to keep Caprica on board. At least she would still be alive.

Six could see some hints of blood on the sheet. "Colonial weapons are so much messier than Voyager's." She complained dispassionately.

Janeway was irritated by Six's lack of empathy. "Was her imprisonment so terrible?"

Six was surprised by Kathryn's response, then she remembered that for most people, death was final. "Captain, please, I think you're misunderstanding the situation."

"You are aware that my people are cybernetic. When our bodies die our consciousness is downloaded into the nearest resurrection ship. Cylon vessels would not have attacked the fleet if they were out of resurrection range. When Caprica's body died, she was sent to the resurrection ship where she has already downloaded into a new body, identical to the previous one."

"So death wasn't just a figurative escape?" Kathryn asked.

"No. She's already walking around in her new body."

"I see." The Captain said feeling some relief at that. Perhaps Caprica had got her way after all.


It had been a dizzying day. After numerous interviews with Tuvok, a physical exam with the Doctor, a shower, dinner featuring real food, and the 'welcome back' greetings from her friends in the crew, Solaria had been more than ready to head back to her quarters and have Seven all to herself.

Solaria gazed up at the clouds as she tried to determine what the shape reminded her of. She sighed contentedly as she felt a mildly warm breeze waft over her body. A salty sea smell assaulted her nostrils.

"A bird." Seven monotoned. She sounded bored.

"It doesn't look anything like a bird." Six chuckled at Seven's tone.

She could hear Seven roll her eyes, "It looks like a 'cloud'- a visible body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at altitudes ranging up to several miles above sea level."

"You don't quite understand this game do you?" Six smiled.

"We are staring at clouds. Then we are expressing what they remind us of. They remind me of clouds. That is what they are."


Seven raised her ocular implant teasingly. "I would like to see you do better."

"It looks like a button, or a grape, or the Captain's eyes when she walked in on us that time..."

"You would think of that." A smirk settled on Seven's face.

"Well its a little hard not too..." Six drawled, as she raked her eyes over the other blond. They were both naked and lying in bed; however, Solaria's projection of the island beach had conveniently interpreted their bed as a large blue beach towel.

"A diamond."

"See! Why must you pretend you don't understand?"

"I enjoy your exasperation." Seven looked thoughtful for a moment. "It is 'cute'."

Six chuckled and sidled up to the former borg. She rested her head in the crook of the other woman's neck. "Aw, you think I'm cute when I'm mad."

"No, I think you are cute when you are exasperated. When you are mad, you are a 'scary psycho'." Seven used another one of Tom's phrases. She was prepared for the thump on her arm.


Seven smiled at Six's feigned frustration. But upon seeing Seven's smile Six had to return it. She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips and for the first time in Six's short life, she knew that everything was going to be alright.


Caprica Six pulled a form fitting gray tank top on and slipped on a pair of brown khaki pants. Her resurrection had been smoother than the last time with little disorientation. Whether it was because she was accustomed to the experience or she hadn't done it in a while, Caprica practically dove out of the tub as soon as she downloaded- much to the surprise of the Six and Eight that greeted her.

Now dry and clothed, she made her way down the stark metallic corridors that made up the Cylon base star. As she rounded a corner she walked past several other Cylons, a Five, a Two and another Six. She smiled at them and kept walking. She could feel their eyes follow her as she breezed by them. She wasn't sure if they were staring at her because they recognized her as Caprica Six or because she'd been in such a hurry that she hadn't bothered to put any shoes on. Cylons paid attention to small details like that.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally arrived at the base star command center. There were only three Cylons in the room: a Two, another Six (with long brown hair), and a Three. Her Three. She could tell that D'anna was in command mode and judging by the looks on the other's faces she had been in this mode for a long time. She hovered in the entrance way so that she could eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Why didn't you inform us then? Leoben and I-" The Six said trying to keep the anger out of her voice, but failing miserably.

D'anna was bored of this conversation, "Natalie, I considered it to be a 'need to know' modification...and now that you're upset, I figured that you 'needed to know.'" D'anna shrugged flippantly, disregarding the frustration emanating from the other two. That was D'anna, always feeling entitled to a command that she was never really meant to have.

Natalie spoke up again, hands clenched into fists at her sides, "You always say that! D'anna, you can't just authorize jumps without consulting the other models- and what about how this will effect the hybrid?"

D'anna let out a loud guffaw much to the Six's chagrin. How she loved frustrating this one!

"I can and I just did." D'anna moved over to Natalie and got up in the other woman's face. " And what will you do about it, Natalie?" She stared at her, daring her to rise to the bait. The Two rubbed his chin nervously. He knew that Sixes universally packed a mean punch so if this got ugly D'anna would either end up in the medical bay or a download center.

Caprica piped up from her spot in entrance, "We could always box you again. You do have a long history of being consistently wrong."

D'anna spun around ready to pierce the speaker with a nasty glare. She turned around to find a smiling Six smirking at her in the doorway with crossed arms.

D'anna's scowl turned into a look of pleased recognition. "Caprica?"

"The one and only."

D'anna was still in state of shock. She walked over to the blond Six, "How'd you-"

"Its a long story," Caprica waved it off. D'anna gently stroked a few stray curls out of Caprica's face. "It's good to see you, D'anna." The familiar warmth showing in her eyes as she watched her lover.

"It's good to see you too," D'anna said softly. "You've been sorely missed," the Three said in earnest.

Caprica gently pulled the Three into her arms and covered her mouth with her own. The tender kiss quickly becoming more passionate and their embrace more intense. In the heat of the moment they lost track of their surroundings. Their passion was finally halted by the sound of someone's throat clearing. The couple hesitantly pulled apart.

D'anna turned around with a full blush on her face. Her embarrassment evident in her inability to maintain eye contact. Caprica was flushed as well, but made no effort to hide it. The blond smirked at the brunette Six, "Well D'anna, I think that Natalie and Leoben can handle it from here." Caprica punctuated her statement with a wink to Natalie. She grabbed D'anna's hand and lead her down the hall.

"That was Caprica Six? 'The Caprica Six?" Natalie asked the Two in disbelief as soon as the others were out of earshot.

"Yep." He looked after the couple's retreating form. "Not quite what you were expecting?"

Natalie barked angrily, "I don't know what she sees in that model!" Natalie grimaced as she watched Caprica lead D'anna down the hall. She rolled her eyes, "Well, whatever keeps her out of the command room."

Leoben laughed, "Amen to that. I suppose it would take someone special to control D'anna."

The Six nodded, then recalling something she furrowed her brow, "What the hell happened to her shoes?"

The End

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