Well in this story Hinata is 16 ½ yrs old. (Just so you know)

Warning: Rape, violence, rated M for reasons.

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After a tiresome day of training, Hinata's muscles were aching with each step she took to back home. When she had gotten about three fourths of the way home, she finally sat down for a break on a stump in the woods.

"Huh, I'm exhausted." She muttered to herself. She wiped the last bit of sweat off of her forehead then looked up at the setting sun. Slowly she started to stare into the October orange sun and began to daydream.

It was a romantic winter night and she was walking through the snow. Her skin chilled until a strong pair of muscular arms wrapped around her, pulling her close. His warmth intertwining with hers, keeping her safe and warm with his touch. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his, holding him closer. Her heart skipping beats as he tightened his grip around her. Then she started to melt when he started kissing her on her neck and slowly started to pull her backwards with him. She felt herself falling back her heart rate increasing with each second that passed. Falling, falling, and falling, still in his armsWham!

She had fallen backwards off the stump and smashed her head on the cold hard ground.

"Oww!......" she said rubbing her head. Then she slowly looked up to realize it was already dark.

"Ah, I need to get home soon before Father gets angry with me for being late!" She gave out a sigh before quickly jumping up and running home.

After only a minute her sore muscles made it hard for her to move then "Ack!" Her leg cramped up causing her to fall to the ground holding her leg. She gently tried to massage the cramp out when she suddenly felt someone touch her side.

She looked up hoping to see a Hyuuga clan member but was horrified to see a bulky man with long dirty-blond hair smiling at her with a perverted look.

"Let he help you miss." He smirked before grabbing her and dragging her off.

"Let me go!" Hinata screamed as she fought him off.

"You're getting on my nerves, shut up!" He slapped her across her face, leaving a burse. Then he slung her hard into the ground and muttered cuss words to her as he pulled out a rope and tired her up, her hands behind her back and legs tied open up against a tree root.

"I'll teach you to defy me." He ruthlessly ripped off her jacket and shirt.

Hinata screamed and tried to bite him, hip bump him, anything she could think to do to stop him.

Then he pushed a cloth in her mouth to shut her up.

"Now, I think I'll have some fun with you."

He ripped off her pants and removed her panties form her shaking body. Then he fingered her, rubbing her insides with three fingers before ripping her of her wrapping and fondling with her breasts. Slowly he wrapped his mouth around her nipples, taking a nip on each.

Hinata closed her eyes in horror as this man stripped himself and forced himself inside of her, defiling her purity.

Her eyes never opened until he finally pulled out of her, his seed falling from her.

He smiled at her with his sick twisted smirk and after dressing himself, he cut the rope bounding her to the tree and diapered.

Hinata was face into the ground, her body shaking and her mind terrified at what had just happened to her.

After what could have been hours, she lifted herself from the ground. The intense pain in her legs had slowly resided and she looked down at herself, she had blood running down from her to.

Hinata didn't know what to do, but all she could do was cry.

She cried all night until the sun had rose and the morning birds began to sing there happy tune.

Still lying there, she felt defiled and humiliated. She wanted to crawl in a hole and die, never to be seen, to hide her shame from the world.

"Hinata?" Said a male's voice.

Hinata looked up to see that he fear was realized.

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