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Chapter 8: The wedding

The first few weeks with the baby had been tiresome to say the least. But finally Hinata and Gaara had gotten the baby into a regular schedule and were now planning the wedding.

"Gaara, are you going to wear a suit?" His impatient sister asked.

"Due I have to?" He asked as he placed his son down for his nap.

"Of course you do! It is tradition!" Temari replied as she started to hem Hinata's wedding dress.

"Ow, Temari watch what you're doing!" Hinata whined as she pulled the needle out of her thigh where Temari had unknowingly stabbed her.

Gaara just sighed and walked over to his bride, smiling at her his eyes telling her "You look beautiful."

"Temari, is Shikamaru going to be at the wedding?" Kankuro asked.

"I don't know…." She sighed.

"Are you to even together anymore?" Gaara muttered

Temari gained and evil grin on her face. "You know Gaara, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, hehe. Out! Now!"


Finally when the wedding day had arrived, little Atae was now 3 months old.

As Hinata walked up the isle she felt her heart about to burst open. Gaara smiled at his bride as she took her place by his side. Kankuro held Atae as he kicked his poor uncle uncontrollably. (Poor Kankuro) And Temari took her place as maid of honor.

When the preacher said you may now kiss the bride, Gaara's heart skipped a beat as well as Hinata's.

"Gaara…" Hinata stared deeply into his sea foam eyes. "I love you….with all my heart."

"With all my soul and body…" He finished her sentence for her as he whispered it in her ear before locking lips and making their marriage official. As everyone in the wedding party went "aww" Atae squealed and continued to happily kick his uncle as his mother and father expressed their love through a deep passionate kiss.

The End

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