"Oneesan, please tell us that story again," requested a seven year old aqua haired girl.

The older violet-haired girl turned and smiled at her little audience. "Hai, but I will need to get back to work after this one," the twenty three year old nurse explained. "Mizuno-sensei is very strict about timing." She laughed.

"Setsenia-chan, could you move over?" asked a seven year old blonde, trying to push a slightly younger, light green, long pigtail-haired girl to the side. "Don't push me Kazeko-chan!"

"Yeah, don't push her, Kazeko-chan," the older pink haired girl cried.

The shoulder length, violet haired girl stood up and pushed her glasses closer to her face. "Stop it all of you. This isn't a way for princesses to behave," she scolded.

All of the children sighed and nodded, "Hai."

Hotaru smiled and took a seat in front of them. "That's better. Are we all ready?" When the children nodded, she began to tell the story she'd been telling for many years.

"Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, began the story of Sailor Moon. However, she was not the first to awaken. Sailor Venus, otherwise known as Sailor V, was the first known senshi. For a few years, she fought solo until Sailor Moon was awakened," she began, watching the children's wide eyes. This story would never get old.

"Followed by Sailor Moon were Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and at last, Venus. At first, everyone thought that Sailor Venus resembled the Princess whom they were to be searching for. Of course, no one thought that the incredible klutz, Usagi Tsukino could be the Princess, but she was," she paused when she heard a giggle from Chibiusa.

"That's my mama," she laughed.

Hotaru grinned and continued. "The Princess was reborn from a Kingdom on the Moon that was destroyed long ago. Her mother, Queen Serenity, sent her senshi court to Earth to be reborn. For the most part, all of them led normal lives until they each reached an age of fourteen. For a long time, the senshi court only consisted of Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. These senshi fought many battles together. No other senshi were thought to exist until Sailor Pluto had made her first appearance. This was right around the time a certain pink haired girl frequently made trips to the past." She winked at Chibiusa.

"Everyone thought she was an impostor at first, but even Usagi Tsukino grew to love her. At the time, no one could even fathom that she was Usagi's daughter, Chibi Usagi. She was a lonely little girl who had no siblings in her present time and enjoyed spending time in the past. However, not too much later, she met a girl, not too much older than herself. However, this girl was always very weak since birth. Her mother had died during her birth. Many tests were performed on her by her father and his minions and she was frequently ostracized by the rest of the children her age." A shadow crossed Hotaru's features for a brief moment, but quickly went away.

"One day, the weak girl had taken a liking to this little pink haired girl. She treated her so much differently than anyone else ever had. The little pink haired girl had a kindness and happiness about her that was difficult to explain. They became instant friends. The loneliness from both of their pasts seemed to have disappeared. However, the violet haired girl grew weaker and weaker as time pressed on. She was easily exhorted, especially when she used her healing abilities.

Unfortunately, because of the many tests and experiments performed on her by her father, Hotaru Tomoe was possessed by another evil being. This was a result of an accident at her father's lab. Her father was a genetic researcher. This was around the time two new soldiers began to appear. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. They had a mission to find the three talismans and to find their messiah. They risked everything for their mission, even if it meant losing each other. They trusted no one, aside from Sailor Pluto. They eventually discovered the three of them held the talismans they had been searching for. But their mission was not complete. They had to destroy what Hotaru had become, Mistress 9. Despite Sailor Moon's insistence that Hotaru could be saved, Uranus and Neptune insisted that she needed to be destroyed. In the end, it was Sailor Moon's strength and courage that allowed Mistress 9 to be destroyed and Hotaru to be reborn as a little baby. Weak and unable to fight any longer, Sailor Moon released the baby to Uranus and Neptune." Hotaru smiled.

"They raised the baby as their own, except this child was special. She went from being a baby to a young girl within only a few days. However, at that point her growth slowed to a normal pace and she was able to live a normal life with her new 'parents'. She was able to live a happy, rewarding life unlike before." Hotaru smiled at Chibusa and continued.

"There was one last battle, with an evil force known as Galaxia. She succeeded in turning many of the senshi against one another, but in the end, as always, love and justice prevailed. The senshi also met some new friends along the way, Sailors Star Fighter, Star Maker and Star Healer. These three new senshi were in search of their beloved Princess, Kakyuu. The outer senshi despised them at first, but they eventually came to accept one another. In the end, the three Starlights were able to find their Princess Kakyuu and returned to planet Kinmoku after Eternal Sailor Moon defeated the forces of Galaxia. Shortly afterward, the greatest event of all time happened: Crystal Tokyo." Hotaru paused as she heard her audience gasp.

"Everything changed. Tokyo as well as the rest of the world experienced an ice age after the last battle. Sailor Moon and the rest of the senshi were put to sleep for a few decades before they awoken to Crystal Tokyo," Hotaru explained.

"This was the rise of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. Most of Japan experienced a utopian; a perfect society in which evil did not exist, much like today. However, there is still evil that presents itself from time to time; thus the incessant need for the senshi court. Shortly after the rise of Crystal Tokyo, the queen became pregnant and had a little girl," Hotaru smiled at Chibiusa.

The little pink haired girl smiled and stood up. "Me!" she exclaimed.

Hotaru giggled. "Yes, and a short while later, after being married for a few years, the Soldiers of Uranus and Neptune longed for another baby after raising their adoptive daughter. Everything seemed impossible, until the Neptunian soldier became desperate. They went to the King and Queen and sought help from the Soldier of Mercury, Doctor Ami Mizuno." Hotaru watched Michiko and Kazeko's intent gazes as she finished her story.

"A few months later the Uranus and Neptune warriors' wishes were granted. They soon gave birth to two healthy little girls, Michiko and Kazeko." Michiko and Kazeko could only cry out in excitement. They did so every time.

"Not long after, the Soldier of Pluto and Time Guardian declared she was pregnant and soon gave birth to a healthy girl named Setsenia. Hotaru was very close with her three sisters as she never had any siblings in her first lifetime. With the evil forces being slow, many of the senshi now have families of their own or are just beginning," she continued, deciding to end this story with a new twist.

"Several years later, The Soldier of Saturn got married after finishing her Nursing degree at college. Shortly afterwards, she had a baby girl, Hikari," she said proudly.

Just then, the quartet was at their feet. "Oneesan, can we see Hikari-chan, please?!" Kazeko and Michiko pleaded.

Hotaru smiled and stood up. "Hai, but remember, all of you need to keep your indoor voices please, she's sleeping."

The children nodded in anticipation and they followed Hotaru down the hall to a small room that was reserved for the 'grandchild'. Hotaru gingerly scooped up the baby and sat down in the nearby chair, so the children could see the tiny person.

The quartet gasped in awe. "She's so little," Chibiusa exclaimed. The other girls turned and made shushing noises at the older girl. She giggled. "Gomen."

Hotaru lovingly stroked the child's pale cheek as she watched her suckle on her pacifier. She had short violet hair and when her little eyes opened, the children could see their violet embers.

"Kawaii," they all whispered in unison.

Hotaru smiled, "Would any of you like to hold her?"

Michiko was the first to step forward and reach for the bundle. Hotaru quickly showed all of the girls the proper way to hold a baby before passing her to Michiko. "Hikari-chan," the child whispered.

The three month old baby opened her eyes once more and reached a finger up into the air. "Gah!" the baby exclaimed, pacifier falling from her lips at the same time.

Immediately, all of the children reached to grasp the tiny hand. The baby made a happy cry as she used all of her strength to grasp the hands that held her.

Kazeko grinned. "She's strong, I'm gonna be the one to teach her martial arts when she grows up!"

The other children sweat dropped.

The light green haired Plutonian Princess stepped forward. "But you have to be careful with her, Kazeko-chan!" the miniature guardian of time explained.

Kazeko rolled her eyes. "Hai."

Michiko continued to croon over the baby as did Chibiusa. "We are gonna teach you so many things!" Michiko exclaimed.

Setsenia came closer. "Me too!"

Hotaru laughed. At that moment, she couldn't have asked for more. Life sure was precious, and they all cherished every minute of it. What they all had was a miracle and she felt so blessed. She wondered what the future would have in store for all of them.


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