I had a dream about Cappie last night the idea of it was far too good.

So here is a Cappie story that is a little more…it is centered around the Cappie/OC relationship.

I mean as much as I love Cappie/Casey, OCs are easier to control and I can make them what I want to make them, and I love Cappie/Max too, so I wanted to write them too.

So this is Cappie/OC with friendships, drama, love, romance, angst and comedy.



"You're leaving? Really?" Cappie asked, smiling that adorable smirk of his as he sat up in the bed, his torso fully visible to her.

Taylor smiled at him fondly. "I will be leaving as soon as I find my shirt."

"Come on, I feel used." He whined, pouting and smirking at the same time.

"Cap, I gotta get to class. If I leave Rusty alone for the third morning in a row he's going to disown me as a lab partner." Taylor laughed and tucked her hair behind her ears, frowning a little. "Cap? Did you hide my shirt on purpose maybe?"

Cappie chuckled and shook his head. "No, I didn't, but watching you look for it in your undies is a plus—I wish I had thought of it."

Taylor rolled her eyes as she laughed, brushing her dark brown bangs out of her face and then pulling her hair back in a ponytail in an attempt to make the search for her shirt more manageable. She was glad that she was with Cappie, and she was glad that even though Rebecca and Casey had a beef about it at first, they were supportive of their fellow ZBZ. In fact at first Taylor hadn't even wanted to be a ZBZ, but her mother had been a ZBZ, and her father had been an Omega Chi, and they wanted their children to follow in their footsteps.

"So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" Cappie asked her softly.

Taylor smiled at Cappie and put her hands on her hips. "I'm actually glad you asked. I was going to tell you the plans over our frozen yogurt date tonight, but since you asked, you need to pack some bags because Mom and Dad want to meet you. I promise Luke will be nice to you at the house, and the twins wanna see you, so it should be fun. You'll get to meet my puppy, and my friends over there—unless of course…you don't wanna go…"

Lucas Fields was an Omega Chi Active, and the same year as Cappie and Evan. Taylor was two years younger, and the twins, Harry and Jenna, were a year younger than Taylor and also bound for Cyprus Rhodes. Cappie pouted a little when Taylor found her shirt, but smiled because unlike his other girlfriends, Taylor never hid him from anyone, or belittled who he was. She accepted him and cared about him for who he was, and she was proud of him all the time, and it kind of made him glow. There had been no exchange of 'I love you's, but the two were incredibly fond of each other, and Cappie wanted to meet her parents—he was touched that she wanted him to since he'd never actually been taken to meet any parents in the past.

"Of course I'm coming." Cappie told her, getting out of the bed and frowning when she held her hands up and shook her head as he came towards her. "What now?"

Taylor smiled a little and found her shirt, pulling it on and buttoning it up. "If you touch me, we'll end up in bed again and I have to go meet up with Rus. Sorry. Tonight though? We still doing frozen—Cap!"

"You are not leaving this room without a 'goodbye' kiss, Tay." Cappie told her, stepping closer to her as she took a step back. "Am I really that irresistible?"

"Um…yes!" Taylor exclaimed, but smiled a little and stood her ground as Cappie made his way over to her and kissed her.

His lips were soft and warm, and she whimpered a little when he bit her bottom lip and pushed on his naked chest, looking him in the eye and shaking her head. She had to be there for her bff, and she to be there for him to do a science lab that morning. At the same time, Cappie was pouting, and his hair was mussed and she loved that, so how could she possibly just walk away from him?

"Do you have to smell so damn good?" Taylor asked, and kissed Cappie again, giggling when he pulled her back down on the bed.


Taylor brushed her hair and then hurriedly covered up her new hickie, heading straight for class and sitting next to Rusty who shook his head and shot her a look. She was only a couple of minutes late, and the professor was late too so the professor would never know, but Rusty had hoped she was taking the class seriously. He knew she got rather distracted by Cappie when she slept over at the KT House, but it was starting to affect her schoolwork and Rusty was worried about her.

"Nice to see you actually made it this time." Rusty told her.

Taylor blushed a little. "I'm so sorry, Rus—can I make it up to you?"

"I think there's a possibility." Rusty replied. "You can study with me tonight."

"I had a date with Cap tonight…but I can cancel." Taylor said slowly.

Rusty smiled at her and shook his head—he wanted to study with her, but at the same time he didn't want to make her cancel her date with Cappie. Cappie and Taylor made each other very happy, and the only people not so happy about the union were Lucas and Taylor's father, but Taylor wasn't one of those girls that felt like she had to have approval. Cappie made her feel good, and so she was pretty much going to do what it was that she wanted and not what her father thought she should do.

One of the reasons Rusty had befriended Taylor in the first place, was because she had her own mind, and she used it. She was focused, and she was driven, and above all else, she just wanted to be happy and she was doing pretty well with that. It was a little weird for her to spend so much time with the Kappa Taus when her brother was an Omega Chi, but she had dealt with that already and it no longer bothered her.

"You have your date with Cappie, and I'll just—I'll accept that you're happy if you hang out with me and Dale after Thanksgiving Break for a whole weekend." Rusty replied. "I really miss seeing you almost all the time."

Taylor reached out and took Rusty's hand. "I miss you too, Rus."

"Sorry guys—lets get started." The professor explained, coming into the room and hurrying them to start.

They weren't sure why their professor had been late, but they worked diligently and Rusty and Taylor made some dirty jokes about chemicals and science, finishing the class and lagging behind together cleaning up. Some people who didn't know them very well, would swear that they were dating, but the two were simply really close and they enjoyed flirting and making crude jokes. It was just how they interacted and those that knew them well understood, and envied their amazing platonic relationship.

"So you and Cappie are really good?" Rusty asked Taylor as they grabbed their bags and slung them over their shoulders.

Taylor beamed and nodded. "Yeah, we really are. We've made it to a great place, and I'm taking him to meet my parents and my family and my friends over Thanksgiving Break, and I really hope that things work out even better from there. He's a good guy, and he's been hurt before, and it hasn't ruined his character."

"It helps that the physical part of the relationship is going well, doesn't it?" Rusty asked her with a laugh as they headed out of the classroom and ran into Cappie.

"It certainly does." Taylor told him, and waved 'bye' to him as Cappie came over to her with a cup of coffee for her and handed it over, making her grin. "I think I might just keep you."

Cappie chuckled. "I'm glad the vote's in my favor."


"I thought I told you to cover me, Wade!" Taylor exclaimed and then laughed as she tried to move her Halo character away from the open fire. "Don't you dare! Beaver!"

Beaver laughed as he killed her. "That's what you get for trusting Wade."

"Fine, I'm done." Taylor laughed and handed the controller to Cappie who was sitting next to her, his arm around her watching her play with the guys.

Taylor actually spent more time in the Kappa Tau House than she did anywhere else, which was fine with the Kappa Tau brothers because she was fun to be around. As far as they were concerned, she was nothing like her older, uptight, brother, and if her younger siblings were this cool, then they were thoroughly excited for them to come the next year. Besides, they were hoping to get Taylor's younger brother, Harry, to pledge Kappa Tau instead of Omega Chi, and further 'corrupt' the Fields line.

Cappie kissed the top of Taylor's head and then took over for her, smiling as she snuggled up against him and occasionally told him to pay more attention to the players around him and not to the guns and items on the ground. He rolled his eyes at her backseat coaching and eventually handed the controller back over to her and laughed when she sniped Beaver and he got upset. Then after a few more rounds and various mini Halo games such as 'King of the Hill' and 'Capture the Flag', they all split up to do different various activities and Taylor got up to go ahead and leave.

"I can walk you to the ZBZ House." Cappie told her.

Taylor smiled and shook her head. "Actually, I'm going to study in the library for a little while, then swing by the house, and then get ready for you to pick me up for our fun little frozen yogurt date tonight."

"I could walk you to the library then." Cappie offered, resting his hands on her hips and smiling at her as they made eye contact.

"You know, I never really pegged you as a gentleman." Taylor teased, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Plus, this PDA in the 'living room' is kinda tacky, don't you think?"

Cappie made a silly face. "Oh totally tacky."

"You can walk me to the library." Taylor told him, kissing him swiftly and then pulling away and grabbing her book bag.

Cappie smiled at her and nodded, helping her to get it on her shoulder and then walking her out the front door or the Kappa Tau House, reaching his hand down and brushing it against hers. She smiled and slipped her hand into his, their fingers interlacing, and then she leaned against him and bit her lip. There were a few things she needed to talk to him about before Thanksgiving rolled around and this was as good a time as ever since things were going so well, and he was being so attentive.

"Hey, Cap?" Taylor said softly.

Cappie glanced at her. "That sounded slightly serious."

"Yeah, um…try not to mention Dad around Mom, all right?" Taylor told him and sighed loudly. "They're kind of separated right now, and he's out of the house, and it's just a really touchy subject for her. Also, use coasters or she'll go a little crazy on you."

"You didn't tell me your parents were separated." Cappie said, looking at her softly. "Are you all right?"

Taylor smiled at him. "Oh I'm fine trust me—I just want Mom to be able to focus on seeing you for the great guy you are without being distracted by her negative feelings for Dad right now. The house has a little tension in it, which I wish I wasn't bringing you into, but I just really want them all to know you."

"And I appreciate that." Cappie told her genuinely, both of them stopping at the library and Cappie smiling at her. "Now go study and try not to keep me waiting fifteen minutes like last date, all right?"

"I make no promises." Taylor told him with a smile and a playful shrug as she walked backwards slowly. "Oh…and I have a surprise after."

Note: Right now it's light and fluffy, and it'll be pretty light and fluffy, but there will definitely be secrets, drama and angst, I assure you. Feedback is always appreciated!