There will be a secret revealed, three confrontations instead of one, and the twist will come later. I wanted to add more to the story and I think this major storyline is solid, IC, and I really like it, so I hope you guys will too.


While it wasn't the best idea to be bringing Cappie to the House right now especially with all of the new Casey drama, Taylor was determined. The mixer tonight was an Omega Chi/ZBZ mixer and she knew that Sierra would be staying over with Evan when it was over and Taylor didn't have classes the next day, so she could pick and choose the moment to sneak Cappie back out. She just wanted to spend time with Cappie and maybe work up the courage to tell him that she loved him.

Cappie was trying to work up the courage to do the same thing because both of them were afraid it was too soon. At the same time they felt it and Cappie was trying to figure out what tonight would bring for him when Rusty rapped his knuckles on his door. Cappie turned and smiled at him, motioning for him to come on in because it was a good day and it looked like it was going to be a good night.

"Spitter, what brings you here?" Cappie asked him.

Rusty took a deep breath. "Is there something going on between you and Casey?"

"Oh, you're here to protect her honor?" Cappie nodded, giving Rusty his full attention. "I guarantee you that I want Taylor. I was in love with your sister once, Spitter, but Taylor is everything I could have ever hoped for. She's perfect…I would never willingly hurt her, and I want you to know that."

Rusty smiled a little at that because while he loved his sister very much, he loved who Cappie was when he was with Taylor, and vice versa. They brought the best out of each other and while they were perfect on their own, they were fantastic together and Rusty wanted them to make it through. Besides, he knew that Taylor was in love and he didn't want her to get her heart broken here…and then there was that look on Cappie's face.

That look that Rusty knew well: love.

He had seen the same twinkle in Taylor's eyes the night before at Dobbler's and now he knew for certain that Cappie and Taylor were in love with each other. Taylor was like his other sister and Cappie had been like a brother and a mentor to Rusty since Rusty had gotten to Cyprus Rhodes and joined the KT House and right now he felt like it was his duty to protect their relationship. He cared so much about them and it brought a giant smile to his face as he watched Cappie chuckle just thinking about her.

"You're in love with her," Rusty said smiling.

Cappie scoffed. "I am not in love with Casey."

"No, Cap, Taylor…you're in love with Taylor." Rusty clarified since Cappie hadn't been looking at him.


Cappie had to admit that he was though, and he took a deep breath before he grabbed his small duffle and looked at Rusty. He wasn't sure that he should admit such a thing out loud, especially to Taylor's best friend because he would just tell her, right? Then again, Cappie trusted Rusty and so he wanted to get it out of his chest and hear the words out loud to see if that was even what he was truly feeling.

"I love her, okay?" Cappie asked him, feeling how right the words sounded coming out of his mouth. "Just let me be the one to tell her that."

Rusty nodded and smiled. "Of course I will."

"Good," Cappie responded, setting the duffle down and walking up to Rusty, putting his arm around him. "Now let's go play some beer pong with the others and have some fun before I head over to the ZBZ House…I've never slept over there, did you know that?"

"No, I didn't," Rusty admitted as Casey went looking for Taylor.

She knew that Taylor wanted to call it quits early that night, but also wanted to mingle and didn't have the heart to tell her she couldn't—everyone knew something was up between Lucas and Taylor. It wasn't hard to see that the two were fighting and family feuds shouldn't get in the way of the rest of the house having fun…and neither should the kiss between Casey and Cappie. Casey wanted Taylor to hear it from her, unaware that Ashley had told Sierra.

"Taylor?" Casey asked, rapping her knuckles on the door.

Both Taylor and Sierra looked up from choosing shoes for the night and raised their eyebrows, telling her to come on in. Well, Sierra did. Taylor didn't want to have anything to do with Casey right then and had half the mind to tell the young woman to shove it where the sun didn't shine. Still, this was only the beginning of her second year at Cyprus Rhodes and she didn't want to spoil anything when school had only just begun. At the same time, Casey had practically declared war…

Casey smiled a little bit sheepishly and Sierra and Taylor both had a feeling that they knew exactly what was coming and didn't quite know what to say about it. Sierra had a feeling Casey didn't want her there either, and got up to go and see what Ashleigh was going to wear to the mixer, leaving Taylor and Casey alone. Sensing that Casey wanted to talk to her about the kiss, Taylor decided to see if Casey would actually tell her what happened, and sat on her bed innocently like she was waiting for something instead of just verbally letting her have it.

"Looks like you're all ready for tonight…" Casey began, making a bit of small talk.

Taylor nodded slowly. "Yeah…a little time at the mixer and then some time on my own."

Something told Taylor not to tell Casey about Cappie coming over that night to spend the night, and so she had worded it that way. She didn't want anything to get in the way of it and she hoped that after this, Casey would respect the distance because Taylor felt uneasy about her. At the same time, Taylor didn't think that Cappie would take to kindly to the rivalry because he still considered Casey to be a friend and Taylor was going to have to make peace with that.

It had honestly been easier for Taylor to accept before Casey had made a move on Cappie, and she sighed a little when Casey nodded and sat down. Seemed like this conversation was far from over and she didn't know if she should say something to Casey or not. Casey would come clean or she won't and if she didn't…then Taylor would be more upset than she was right then. Taylor felt like Casey was trying to cut in on her territory and that didn't settle in with her well at all.

Taylor loved Cappie.

The thought of losing him—and to Casey of all people—made Taylor's insides crawl to be honest. She had always thought that Casey pushing Cappie to change was wrong and that it should happen on his own time if he wanted to change at all. It wasn't really love if you had to change the other person in order to be with them because in reality that wasn't how it worked…they had to choose to change themselves. Every time Casey thought she could, she tried to run back to Cappie, but not this time.

"I have something to tell you," Casey began, taking a deep breath. "I still have feelings for Cappie."

Taylor stopped in her tracks and sat on her bed suddenly. "I'm sorry…what did you just say? I'm pretty sure I heard you wrong just now."

"This is hard for me to say out loud," Casey told Taylor nodding.

"Clearly it's not hard enough!" Taylor exclaimed, angry now.

"Just let me finish!" Casey responded, standing up and looking directly at Taylor. "I will always have feelings for Cappie and to be fair, when he and I kissed last night I thought that I wanted him back and maybe part of me does, but I'm with Max. I love Max. I just wanted you to know where I stand here because if something happens—"

"—do you even hear yourself when you speak?!" Taylor asked Casey, getting up and walking to the door in her room. "I mean do you honestly hear what you're saying?"

Casey took a deep breath because she knew that Taylor wasn't going to take it well, but she hadn't thought that she would be this upset. She was trying to tell her that she wasn't taking Cappie away, but trying to be honest about having feelings for him. Right now she felt like she was doing the right thing and Taylor was flipping out and maybe her words had been badly worded…she wasn't trying to make Taylor mad. Then again…maybe she was upset because Cappie hadn't told her about the kiss.

"If Cappie hasn't—"

"—of course Cappie already told me, Casey!"

Taylor shot her a look and Casey closed her mouth because she felt like she was just going to make it that much worse. Right now Taylor wanted to rant and Casey was going to let her do it because if the situation was reversed, Casey would want to just be mad as well. Cappie was with Taylor, and Casey had to respect that whether she wanted to or not…this was not where she belonged anymore. She had chosen Max and she loved Max, she just also still had feelings for Cappie and they were probably just feelings of first love, but still.

"Cappie and I trust each other, Case," Taylor told her heatedly. "The first thing he did was tell me and then he assured me that I was the one that he wanted and yeah, maybe you never get over your first love, but he and I have each other and we're a good match! I love him!"

Casey and Taylor were both a bit caught off guard by her sudden exclamation, but they sat there for a moment and nodded slowly. Taylor had just told someone other than Cappie that she loved him and it was Casey of all people and she wanted to suck it back in…and yet she didn't. She kind of felt relieved saying it out loud and she wanted to yell it to everyone—but did Cappie feel the same way?

"I'm happy for both of you," Casey told her hurriedly, heading out of the room.

She needed some air and Taylor got that, knowing that it had to be hard for Casey and feeling a bit bad for how that had all went. After all, both of Casey's ex boyfriends had moved on and were in love with her fellow ZBZ sisters and maybe…maybe Casey should have been a bit more understanding about it all. You never got over your first love and at least she had told her, but parts of how it happened still urked Taylor.

"Just have a good time tonight, Taylor," she whispered to herself, shaking her head.


"So how close is he to actually proposing?" Taylor asked Sierra that night.

They had gotten all dressed up and gone to the mixer, Taylor ducking out soon to meet up with Cappie at the ZBZ house, having grabbed his duffle earlier and sneaking it in. Sierra was spending the night with Evan after the party and Taylor and Cappie then had the room all to themselves and as long as they didn't alert anyone else, it would all go off without a hitch. Right now, though, Taylor was feeling a bit behind because Evan was already on the track to making Sierra his wife and yet she and Cappie had gotten together first and hadn't even exchanged an 'I love you' yet.

Did that mean they were doomed?

She didn't want to think like that, but part of her felt like she and Cappie were so guarded that it was hindering them…or maybe them moving slow was good and Evan and Sierra moving so fast was bad. Taylor didn't know—all she knew was that right now Sierra seemed ecstatic and she and Evan couldn't stop looking at each other from across the room and beaming. Either it was good sex, a really fantastic romance or both.

"Sierra…" Taylor said again.

Sierra snapped back into focus and looked at Taylor. "I'm sorry—he just looks so cute tonight. Um…he and I have already decided that if he does end up proposing, we're not getting married until we both have solid jobs, so it'll be a couple years of an engagement."

"Might be fun to get to wear a rock on your finger for three years," Taylor mused with a nod, thinking it over. "Plus, it means he's showing you a giant commitment."

"What about you and Cappie?" Sierra asked, shaking her head and laughing at the look on Taylor's face. "I don't mean right now, I just…have you ever thought about it?"

"About marrying Cappie?" Taylor asked her, shaking her head slowly. "No, not really, I mean he doesn't even have a set major and we haven't been dating very long. I love him just the way he is, so don't take this the wrong way, it just seems like we're not graduated and he's still figuring out his solo future. Rusty and I still have a lot of the same classes, but I'm set on this medical school road and Cappie has to figure things out. Besides, it hasn't been very long…I haven't even told him that I loved him. I'm too young to get married."

Sierra smiled and nodded. "Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to think about these things."

Taylor didn't know what to say about that so she just nodded slowly and changed the subject pretty quickly. She didn't want to move too fast here and so she just decided to have a little bit of fun and decided to call it a night and went back to the ZBZ House, sneaking past Casey and Ashleigh. They'd find out sooner or later that something was going on and right now, Taylor wanted to have some sort of head start back.

When she got there, she smiled at Cappie showing up with his hands in his jeans pocket, but he smiled at her about the same time that Rusty called Casey. He couldn't just sit there and let all of this happen because Taylor meant a lot to him too and he wanted her to be happy. Just because Casey couldn't figure out what she wanted, didn't mean that Taylor couldn't—she and Cappie were in love. In Rusty's book, that meant more to him than what Casey might think that she wanted right now.

So, he had dialed up his sister and Casey had sighed when she saw that it was her brother calling, leaving the party momentarily. She figured there was a chance that it might be important and so she found a quieter place to take the call and answered—he was her brother after all. If he needed her for something then she had to see if she had the time to follow through with it and help him out.

"What's up, Rus?" Casey asked him.

Rusty took a deep breath. "I want you to stay out of Tay's and Cap's relationship, Case. They both mean a lot to me and they love each other…so let them be."

"You seriously called me to stand up for Taylor?" Casey asked her brother incredulously.

It was one thing to stand up for his best friend because she knew how close Taylor and Rusty were, but it was quite enough to do this. To be against her. Perhaps that wasn't exactly what this was, but Casey was feeling as though her brother was putting Taylor's happiness above his own sister's and that made her rather upset. So she made a face as Rusty set in on explaining things to her, her mind already made up so she was really only half listening to him.

"Case, you're my sister and I love you, but Tay is like my sister too and she's important to me. She's going through a lot right now and she just needs Cappie and I need you to not go around kissing him anymore, alright? You have a boyfriend—Max is great! I love Max!" Rusty told her enthusiastically. "I think that you two are a great fit, just like I think that Cappie and Taylor are, so…could you please just butt out?"

Casey nodded slowly. "You know what, Rus? If Cap and Taylor make it through they make it through and if they don't, they don't. You can't force a relationship."

"Cap and Tay are anything but forced, Casey." Rusty responding, using his sister's full name to show her that he was getting upset.

"Everything happens for a reason, Rusty," Casey replied, using his full name too. "Goodnight, Rusty."

Rusty tried to say something else but Casey hung up on him and he suddenly felt a little sick to his stomach. When Casey wanted something, she went for it, and he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen—drama bad anyway because Casey seemed to suddenly want Cappie again. At that moment, Cappie was kissing Taylor as she led him into her room, having explained to him as they went down the hallway that Sierra was staying with Evan after the mixer. He still didn't understand that relationship, but he knew that Evan had redeemable qualities and if Sierra was the one to bring them out and turn him around, then so be it, Cappie was happy for them.

"So…I have you to myself?" Cappie asked her slowly.

Taylor smiled and beamed, wiggling her eyebrows. "All night and all morning tomorrow…"

"Then let's make it count," Cappie replied, crashing his lips into hers.

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