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Working here at the "Sandwich Shack" was torture, pure torture. It smells like lunchmeat and Mayonnaise. I don't get off work until 5 PM and its only 2:15 PM.

You know that inescapable, frustrated feeling that makes you want to pull your hair out? Well, imagine having to go through that five days a week for three hours a day. The stupid hat the company makes me wear is itchy like you wouldn't believe and the bun-toaster is making a weird ticking noise that is seriously making me want to throw it against a wall.

The door jingled, signaling that someone had entered and I shuffled from the backroom into the front behind the glass-covered counter and kept my head down, avoiding eye contact -as I regularly did with all of the customers- with whoever stood in front of me.

"Welcome to the Sandwich Shack, how can I help you?" How humiliating.

"Uh, just give me a second." A husky, voice responded. I waited, playing with my fingers.

"What would you recommend?" He spoke again.

"Uh, I don't really eat here but, I guess if you like…ham? There's the 'Ham Ho-Down' and it comes with chips or fries and a drink." I listened intently to the rain pounding on the small restaurant as he unzipped his jacket.

"I guess I'll take the 'Hog It All for Yourself'." I grimaced. I hated putting together that messy sandwich. It's greasy and is just stuffed with bacon, ham, and any other greasy, disgusting meat known to man. I slipped on the clear gloves and put together the sandwich quietly, listening to the 80's music silently humming from the speakers here.

"So, do you work here all the time?" He began conversationally and I sighed before I spoke.

"No, I go to school at Quileute High on the Quileute reservation and then I come here for work."

"Cool, cool." He was silent for a moment before speaking again.

"Senior year?" He spoke again. I sighed and placed the bread knife down on the cutting board and pressed my fingertips to my temples.

"Yes." This is exactly why I hated being here by myself. It was so quiet whenever Phil -my boss- left me here to lock up after his weirdo girlfriend Dolores picked him up from work; and I hated talking to customers.

"Are you having a rough day?" Was this guy serious? He doesn't really care about me. Looking up I recognized the face any girl at school would melt for: Jacob Black. Head of the football team and All-Star player both on and off the field.

I avoided Jacob as much as possible: in the halls, during lunch, and in the third period literature class we shared. He was completely ripped and he was really, really cute. The only thing I hated about Jacob was that he was "King Of The School" and every girl just threw herself at him. He always stares at me hungrily, like I belong to him or something and it freaks me out.

"Here's your sandwich," I shoved his food at him in the small transparent baggie that I wrapped it in, "That's 7 dollars." I mumbled ringing up his order. He slid a twenty on to the counter and smiled at me.

"Keep the change." After he left, I turned over the twenty and watched as a small white ripped piece of napkin floated to my feet. On the paper was "Hope your day gets better" scribbled in Jacob Black's ever-infamous script and on the back was ten digits. I shoved the napkin into my back pocket and rolled my eyes.

Like I'll need that anytime soon.

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