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Sara was looking over photos from her latest case on the assembly table in the layout room. She needed to talk to Grissom, but in order to get what she wanted she had to wrap the case she stared down at that moment. She had a commitment to keep.

Her friend from college sent her an e-mail about how she moved to Vermont and net the sweetest man on the planet. After several paragraphs of catch up information, Sara read the crucial part of the message: I want you to be my maid of honor because the sweetest man on the planet proposed to me! That was when the e-mail became interesting in contrast to the funny details mentioned before.

She had to book a flight that was supposed to take her across the country in the direction of Maine. She didn't mind the change in scenery or the weather difference, but she did mind that she had to sit through hours of boring airline shows, crossword puzzles, Word Jumbles, Solitaire, and or anything else she thought to bring as entertainment.

The in-flight movie was usually a snooze fest so she had to get her hands on a portable device that would allow her to watch her own collection. Normally, she read books, but the side of her that her colleagues only seemed to see when she accidentally hummed during a case was the side of Sara that had shelves of movies tucked away in her closet. No one ever looked in her closet.

She marked a few things on each picture to indicate her though process and studied them to make sense of the pattern that appeared after twenty minutes of boring holes into the evidence.

She spent hours slaving over the pictures before she received a text from Hodges that told her the results were ready.

"Trace came back to a sticky substance," he said when she walked through the door.


"It's honey. Hey, where did you find it?"

"All over."

"Well, either she got down and dirty with someone and got crazy with the honey or it has something to do with where she was murdered."

"I could've told you that…and…" she turned to leave, but before she did she turned back around to finished her sentence face-to-face. "It was the first one."

"Really," Hodges asked with boyish hope. He looked up from the computer to see why Sara wasn't answering him only to fid she had already vanished.

Grissom wasn't in his office when Sara walked by, which caused her to sigh. She took out her cell phone, searched through her contacts and hit "send". After a few rings, he answered.


"It's Sara. I, uh, wanted to know when you'd be back in the lab."

"I can't…talk…now, Sara… Bad connection," he, along with static, made its way through the phone. "I'll…back…fifteen…minutes."

Wind whipped past the speaker and soon after, the line disconnected. Sara groaned. She needed to talk to him sooner rather than later.

"Greg, have you seen Catherine," Sara asked the spiky haired blonde in his old lab: DNA.

"Um, yeah. I think she was taking off when Grissom left for his scene. I guess she caught him last minute in her rush because Grissom followed her out after a minute or so of paperwork or something."

Sara furrowed her brows for a few seconds before she remembered why she asked about Catherine.


She quickly retreated to the locker room and slammed her palm against one of the metal doors.

"That bitch thinks she can up and leave during our case? She hasn't been able to help me for the past shift and now I hear that she took off! She had no right to leave me with this damn case when I have a wedding to get to this weekend."

Fortunately for Sara, no one was around to hear her talk to herself. She was beyond pissed, she was furious. Catherine got her blood pumping with unfathomable anger that could drive her to slaughter a country, a small country, but a country nonetheless.

She waited fifteen minutes in the locker room and crammed an almond Hershey's bar into her mouth to calm herself down. She was licking her fingers when Grissom bustled past on his way to his office. She sprung from the wooden bench with bulging eyes and sprinted after him with the chocolate bar slowing her down a bit.

"Grissom," she called out with one hand in the air as she released her other hand's thumb from between her teeth. "I need to talk to you."

Grissom sighed. He didn't want to have to deal with yet another problem.

She caught up to him as he turned his office key in the lock. He allowed her to enter first even though in his possession was a book, two manila folders, a pen, and a messenger bag draped over his right shoulder. She wanted to sit down, but she didn't want the conversation to take long so she remained standing until further notice.

"I need you to give me the weekend off," she plowed into the request before he could set down all his things and take a seat.

"Oh…kay," he formed into a question. He needed time to think, time to breathe. "You know I can't do that, right?"

"What? Why the hell not?" She was surprised to say the least at his response.

"Sara, we're short handed enough as it is. Two CSI's, the best I might add, can't be wandering around for four days.

"Two? It's only me…and you know it has to be a really good reason for me to take time off."

"Yes, two and yes, I'm sure it's a good reason. If you had gotten to me sooner, I might have been able to do something."

"What do you mean 'sooner'? You were busy. It's not like I was going to disturb you in the middle of shift while you were out doing some kind of important business half of this lab doesn't even understand. Give me a little credit?"

"No, that's not what I meant." He lowered his hands, palms down in a "relax" gesture. "Before I left…Catherine came to talk to me and asked for the weekend. I can't very well have my best out of the lab, can I?

With Nick at a conference as part of furthering education and Greg can't work solo…there's no way you and Catherine can both be out. I didn't even want to let Catherine have the time, but you know how stubborn she can be. I agreed to get her out of my hair."

Sara eyes slimmed into slits with anger while she folded her arms and grinded her teeth. The strawberry blonde had done it again and for the second time within a single shift.

It was official: Catherine was going for a new record.

"If I let you have the same time off as her, no one will be working your case. I thought she told you?"

"She didn't," Sara said through gritted teeth. "She doesn't tell me anything! It's part of a game she likes to play with me. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called 'Screw Sara Over'."

Grissom grimaced. "She assured me she had already told you before I signed the final paperwork."

"Yeah, well, like I said…she didn't! What are you going to do, ground her?"

He sighed. "I just don't think I can let you go."

"Come on, Grissom," she pleaded, still full of furry. "Maybe…someone else could take over. Look, I had every intention of wrapping the case before I left, but I'm running out of time. I have to go out of state."

Grissom knitted his brows. "To do what?"

"Does it matter?" She yelled again. He obviously wasn't getting the picture.

Another sigh and he removed his reading glasses from the bridge of his nose. He looked over his long time friend and pursed his lips.

While Grissom played pros and cons, Sara was desperate to think of ways to sway his vote in her favor.

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