A/N: Umm, I play the violin, and while I was humming a song that I was attempting to play (Musician from D. Gray-Man in case you're wondering), I noticed that my violin would like, echo my voice. I thought it was really interesting, and this idea just came out. :P Enjoy! Hopefully it's not too confusing. 0_o

Every day, Axel would hear a voice singing. It was beautiful—it made him feel completely relaxed, as if he were in a different world. The voice would always be accompanied by a violin, playing ever so softly yet amazingly.

Whenever Axel walked by the voice, which lived right next to his in an apartment, he would catch a glimpse through the door's window of the short blond-haired boy moving the bow quickly over and around the violin, never once halting. He also noticed that the boy's mouth was open, and he was singing along to the music the violin was creating.

It was clear that music was the boy's passion.

Axel soon began to fall in love with the boy, for his passion and the way he seemed so determined to bring a melody to the apartment building.

Once, when Axel was passing the room again, he smiled at the boy and caught his gaze, and the blue-eyed boy smiled back without breaking his concentration.

From then on, he would always smile at the violinist, and the violinist would always smile back. It was a nonverbal relationship, but the two boys were content with it. Axel would never want to stop the boy from playing.

From the blond-haired boy's point of view, whose name was Roxas, he would smile because he finally knew that his music was making someone happy.

But one day, the music suddenly stopped, and the voice halted.

A sudden, loud scream was heard next door, and Axel looked outside to see what was going on. The boy, Roxas, was being carried on a stretcher by two men in white uniforms. His eyes were closed, but he had a small smile on his face. An ambulance could be heard outside, and Axel finally realized what was going on.

Unable to stop himself, tears streamed down his face and refused to stop.

The boy, the music, and the voice never came back, and Axel felt lost without the three.

Several days later, the voice started up again—much to Axel's disbelief. He ran toward the window of Roxas's apartment and peered through it, finding nothing but the violin in the middle of the tan carpet.

The violin's voice was still playing.