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A cloaked figure sauntered about the world of Hallow Bastion with a calm gait, unafraid of the Heartless slowly growing in number as they followed him. No matter how great the number increased, the man remained as indifferent as ever.

However, the war that was raging in his mind served as a stark contrast to his pace. If he were able to feel an emotion such as anger or hate, it would certainly be coursing through him at this moment. Giving a barely audible sigh of aggravation, the figure lowered his hood to reveal a shock of dark blue hair along with an X-shaped scar that crossed the bridge of his nose. His name was Saix, the Luna Diviner, Number VII of the Organization XIII.

Saix looked up at the sky with blank, golden eyes, wondering why in the name of Kingdom Hearts had his Superior commanded him to undertake this particular mission? Acting as the second-in-command of Organization XIII, Saix resented taking orders, even from the Superior. But then again, he didn't even have a heart to feel resentment.

Well, all complaints aside, it simply wouldn't do to keep the Superior waiting. The orders were simple, to investigate rumors of another possible keyblade warrior. Usually, it was Axel's duty to undertake missions such as this, but Xemnas had said that this particular candidate was most likely beyond the pyromaniac's abilities. But if the rumors proved to be false, then that meant that Saix had squandered his precious time. And that thought didn't please him in the least.

Giving a low growl deep in his throat, Saix easily maneuvered through the rocky slopes that led downhill toward the abandoned castle that once belonged to Ansem the Wise. So far nothing had been found that could prove the warrior's existence, and the Luna Diviner could no longer think of any other place to look. There were no suspicious inhabitants to be located in the town close to the castle, and the countless Heartless that constantly pitted themselves against him only seemed to support any doubts of the target's existence. 'If there truly is a keyblade warrior here,'Saix thought as his claymore, Lunatic, sunk into a Heartless that had attempted to claw him in the back.'Then he must not know of how to control his weapon's power. Such a warrior will serve as neither a hindrance nor an aid to the Organization.' Once the crowds of Heartless had dissipated, Saix resumed his brisk pace through the Great Maw. The sooner he finished searching this world, the sooner he could return to his own.

Suddenly, Saix could sense a presence silently trailing him. Assuming it was another Heartless, he abruptly ceased his steps and began to drum his fingers against Lunatic's hilt. He was no longer in any mood to toy with such weak beings. Sensing an object being hurled in his direction, Saix blocked the missile with his claymore without even turning toward his opponent. However, he couldn't help but raise a narrow eyebrow when he saw what had actually been thrown at him. A rock…and a small one at that. Looking in the direction where the rock had been tossed, he could make out the sounds of something noisily attempting to hide itself. Definitely not a Heartless. Even they didn't make that much noise.

"Come out," he commanded in his signature monotone. "Face me." The noises abruptly stopping, Saix could hear the crunch of the gravel behind him as the opponent drew closer and closer. Drumming his fingers lightly against Lunatic once again, the Nobody closed his golden eyes. Did they really think that they were being stealthy?

When the footsteps had come within a yard of his person, Saix swirled around to face his adversary. Thrusting the claymore within a millimeter of their face, Saix felt his eyebrows raise the slightest degree when he saw his assailant. He didn't know what he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. Judging by how wide the girl's hazel eyes had grown, she had obviously not been expecting a giant claymore to be thrown in her face. A gust of wind ruffled the brunette's hair as both remained completely still.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" the young woman suddenly shrieked. "You could have killed me with that thing!"

Giving a small sigh of exasperation, he questioned, "Why did you throw those rocks?"

The girl scoffed, he almost sounded like a parent reprimanding his child. At the sound of her contempt, he allowed Lunatic to roughly graze the side of her face. "I shall not ask again," Saix warned, as he gazed indifferently at the drop of blood slowly making its way down her face.

"Alright, I see what you're doing," she grumbled, backing away from the claymore and positioning her hands on her hips. "I'll have you know that that intimidation act won't work on me."

"Intimidation?" Saix drawled. "Now, why would I use that when I could kill you right now?"

"You might have to enlighten me," she stated, lazily crossing her arms. "I don't really know how psychopaths act, you see."

"Will you answer my question or will you not?" he growled. This woman was steadily beginning to worsen his already sour mood.

"Hmm, I really don't see how it's any of your business."

"Woman, you try my patience," Saix growled. She was clearly overstepping his limits now. It was bad enough he was on a completely pointless mission, but now he had to put up with Heartless, unseen assailants throwing rocks, and now to top it all off, this woman refusing to leave well enough alone.

"What did you call me?" she hissed, glaring daggers at the Nobody. "My name is not 'woman'," she glared. "It's Runa, and— Hey! Where do you think you're going?!"

"Away from this nonsense," the Luna Diviner replied, summoning a portal of darkness with a wave of his hand.

"I'm not through with you just yet!"

"But I am with you." Pausing before he entered the portal, he murmured, "And next we meet, I just might kill you for your impertinence." And with a small step into the portal, the world of Hollow Bastion vanished, along with that girl's infuriated expression.

Appearing in The Gray Area in mere seconds, Saix promptly sat on the nearest chair once he saw that no others occupied the room. Setting one foot on the edge of the table in front of him, he suppressed the urge to rub his temples as that girl's voice continued to ring through his head.

Hopefully, Xemnas wouldn't be sending him anywhere anytime soon.