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"You didn't even listen to what I had to say yet!"

"I don't need to listen to your theory to know that it won't make any sense," Saix snorted, overlooking the view of Hollow Bastion. The two of them were seated on one of the ledges of Hollow Bastion's many cliffs, since earlier that day, Saix had demanded that he was more than well enough to take "more than two steps out of bed". Runa had thought about making him rest for a few more days just for the sake of annoying him, but they both knew that he was more than well enough by now. Besides, a cranky Saix wasn't exactly the best company. Anywho, the two of them had almost instantly begun debating about the subject of hearts as soon as they were situated. Neither of them could remember what precisely brought it up, but they continued to discuss the topic at length.

Saix had surprised Runa over the time that he had stayed with her and Alec. Rather than snarling at the both of them at every opportunity, he seemed to tolerate them. It was almost as if the Saix that Runa had first met had never existed. Well, almost. The two of them still had their moments when they fought. Of course, it wasn't nearly as bad as when they (more specifically Saix) had been using more... lethal tactics.

"It'll beat yours, I know that much. Give my idea a chance now!"

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Saix turned his head towards Runa. "Fine. What is your brilliant theory, Runa?"

Shrugging off the monotone that he continued to use, Runa smiled up at him. "Okay, try this one. What if it's just a trick of your mind?"

Raising his eyebrows higher than Runa thought was possible, Saix gave a look that clearly said, "you-had-better-have-a-better-theory-than-that-or-I'm-going-to-use-your-intestines-to-play-double-dutch". Well, maybe not in those exact words, but something close to that.

"But let me continue. I promise it isn't as stupid as it sounds," Runa insisted.

"Then, by all means, please elaborate," he replied, eyebrows returning to their usual level.

"Well... for starters, did someone tell you that you were without a heart, or did you figure it out on your own?"

For a long while, there was silence to the point where Runa was afraid that Saix wouldn't answer. However, after a small sigh, he directed his gaze to the rising dusk before them. "Both, I guess. My friend and I, we were devoured by Heartless when our world succumbed to the darkness. As you can imagine, that particular memory is difficult to forget. Afterwards, I don't remember how precisely, but a… superior found us and informed us about what precisely we had changed into.

"What do you mean a "superior"?"

"Next question."


"Next. Question."

"… Who was your friend? If you don't mind telling me, that is," she mumbled, suddenly feeling extremely obtrusive. After all, Saix had led a completely different life before he became a Nobody.

"You've met him before. Do you recall a man named Axel?"

It only took her a few moments to remember that particular Nobody. "Oh yeah! The redhead! You two are friends?"

A darker expression seemed to cross Saix's face at that comment. "I don't think he would count me as an ally now. Too much has changed for us… But I digress. There is no possible way that any Nobody could have retained a heart after their fatal encounter with the Heartless."

"Perhaps… but what if a sliver of a heart is still there? Even if the Heartless devoured your heart, there's still a chance that a part of it remains buried deep within you. Perhaps you have simply rejected the fact a small piece could have been saved, despite the attack. You didn't want to get your hopes up."


"I would have probably done the same, to be perfectly honest."

"Runa, it's—"

"But still, think on it. Perhaps you only believed you didn't have a heart when the possibility was revealed to you. Maybe that's the same for all No—"

Suddenly, Runa could feel his ice-cold glare centered onto her. "And what makes you think that I have this 'fragment of a heart', as you so put it?" he hissed. "Do you think that we Nobodies have a heart to define us? Tell me, have you ever seen a Nobody die? Upon our demise, we do not leave a body. We are nothing."

"And do you really believe that?" she answered simply, her eyes staring directly into his golden ones.

And although he might not have shown it, that comment took him by surprise. Never had he actually questioned his state, but rather, simply accepted what he now was. The very notion of his heart surviving the Heartless had been laughable. He had never thought to simply question what had happened that fateful day. But he would jump off the ledge he was sitting on before he let Runa know that. Redirecting his eyes back to the horizon, Saix contented himself with pondering over those words. Was it possible? Could he still have a piece of a heart buried inside him? Then what would be the purpose of Kingdom Hearts? Could Xemnas be wrong? Was Kingdom Hearts even necessary? And who was this woman to put these notions in his head?

"Another question," Runa suddenly said, breaking Saix out of his reverie.


"Before this whole mess started… Before you became a Nobody… What was your name?"

And for the first time as a Nobody, Saix was completely taken aback. That was the first time someone had actually asked him that. Not even Xemnas, whose duty was to know those he admitted into the Organization, had ever bothered to ask him that. The words refusing to come out of his mouth, Saix cleared his throat before murmuring, "Isa. My name was Isa."

Smiling at him, Runa murmured, "That's a nice name." It was strange but… for a moment, she could have sworn that he returned her smile.

Standing from his seat, Saix replied, "We had better go back inside now. It's growing dark."

Nodding her consent, Runa led Saix to the trail that would bring them back to his room. It was apparent that Saix had healed completely by now. Tonight would probably be the last night he spent with her and Alec. And for some reason, that brought an unpleasant, lukewarm feeling to her chest. For all the close calls she and her brother had encountered (what with him having a keyblade and all), there was something she would miss when Saix would leave. What would happen after this? She, for one, didn't want to go back to the days of attempted interrogations. Shaking her head of those thoughts, she decided that she would deal with the consequences as they came. There was no use in worrying about anything just yet.

Beady orange eyes narrowed in annoyance. Number VII had proven himself quite difficult to find, but now the search was over. Indeed, the Diviner would have some explaining to do.