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The Portrait from the Attic
Chapter 10

Kakashi looked out the window of his plane, seeing the clouds below him. In three hours he would be home, and for some reason he was feeling anxious. He looked at the journal in his hands and settled down to read it once more, focusing on the second half of the journal.

January 3

I am so confused. But I feel that I am more in control of myself than before. Because I fear of what will happen in the future, I will confess of the sin that occurred a couple days before. The party Sai threw was to celebrate the coming of a New Year. I was given the task to give the spirits to all of the clients that were invited, and for the most part, that task went well. But as it got closer to mid night, Sai began treating me as if I were on of the clients as well, offering me spirits. I refused at first, but then he referred to me as a coward. Hindsight reveals that he said it in a joking manner, but I was humiliated since the older gentlemen surrounding me laughed.

They proposed a drinking contest, and with my foolish temper, I agreed.

I do not recall how many glasses I drank, nor do I recall who I competed against. I have vague recollection of bidding the last of the clients goodbye and goodnight, and of being led to what I thought was my bedroom.

And here is where I quake in revulsion and fear for my soul. I thought I had been dreaming of strange sensations that both hurt and felt good. When I woke up, I could only hazard a guess due to the soreness and pain I was feeling. And the dreadful fact that Mr. Utamaki was laying next to me, holding me intimately and without any coverings. I reacted harshly, waking him up.

I wanted to get out, but God save my soul, Utamaki convinced me to stay. He just smiled at me and told me that I would be rejected by society if they knew what had transpired between us. And when I told him that it would ruin him, too, he laughed. His position of power saved him. They would lay the blame solely on me, accuse me of seducing an elegant man, and hang me at the gallows. Society would be quick to believe that, and I do not wish to die for a crime I did not commit.

Then he had to gall to tell me that despite the taboo we have participated in, he would at least be honorable with me and proposed that keep fidelity towards one another, as a husband a wife would. I reacted quite violently lashing out, and he subdued me and, gods, loathe I am to admit, forced me to submit to him again. Then he went to his study room to work. I was too stunned to do anything except flee to my room, write my last entry, and contemplate my life.

I was tempted to end my life, but... God judges harshly against those that take their own life. My soul would be damned. But will he judge me too for allowing such atrocities to befall on my body? Who can I tell? I don't know what to think.

February 14

The man had the gall to treat me like some woman again, offering me sweets and rich gifts. I am afraid to eat or drink anything offered by this man, however, none of his servants will bring me the food under orders that only he would attend me. And the storage areas are chained so that I may not retrieve them myself. What is he doing? Just what are his intentions? He comes to me with words of passion and love, but there is no such tone in his voice. It is all a game judging by his vile pleasant smile, the same one he gives to his clients. Why won't God strike him down and free me from this hell? I tried to run away, but the deputy brought me back. Sai had somehow alerted the authorities, telling them that I had had a nervous break down and was not myself.

March 1

I can't fight him as much as I use to. And I am so confused. Was I really a sinner at heart? Sai's touches use to hurt me so much, but lately, he makes my blood boil in a different way. I find my resolve grow weaker each time he handles me so. I caught myself crying out his name and he heard me. The look on his face was terrifying. It looked as if he had a victory in court. And, God help me, I urged him to finish what he started. My body ached for release and he had stopped when I called his name.

March 20

He is a drug. I hate him, but a mere touch sets me ablaze and I respond like a wanton girl from the bordellos. How has he managed to ensnare me so?

June 5

He proposed an awful idea. It seems people have been asking about his living arrangement. Instead of being a suitor, he has had women asking about him, suggesting that he needs to be taken care of. He lied once more and stated that he was already engaged. And he claimed that it was my twin sister. How preposterous. When I asked how he proposed to find me a twin sister that would deal with his shameful ways, he gave me that awful smile and threw a parcel at me. Horrid man! Inside was a dress. Made just for me. Then he told me that we were to be wed in front of a judge in a two weeks time. He even gave me a name. Kushina. And then he warned me again about how delicate our state was. He told me he would deny knowing anything and would make sure my death sentence would be carried out within the week. I have no choice but to follow.

June 19

I hate him. I hate him from the depths of my soul. He's in his study again, making sure all of the court's papers are complete before celebrating our wedding night, as he delicately puts it. Vile man. He wants me to continue the charade. On our escort back to the mansion, he told me what was expected. When working, I would of course play the part of his apprentice, Rey Hatake. But when ever there is to be a social event, or we were to go to town, I am to play the role of Kushina Utamaki. How humiliating! And he has a whole wardrobe for her already. And demands that I learn how to sew and knit so that I can repair any of the clothing as need be!

August 9

I want to die. Sai must have known. Otherwise, why would he have sent me to open the door dressed as Kushina? When I opened the door... my parents... My poor mother. My father. I have shamed my family name. They want nothing to do with me. My friends have left me, uncertain about what has been going on in my life. And now my family, who I have kept this shameful secret from, now know the truth and have abandoned me with this devil. I have no one but him. Did he make this meeting intentional for this purpose? He will not answer. All he keeps saying is 'Poor, poor fallen angel. All you have is me. Be glad that someone still wants to take you in.'

Kakashi sighed as he closed the journal. There were still several entries left, but he would probably read through those when he was on the bus, en route to his hometown. With another sigh, Kakashi settled back to take a nap for the duration of his trip.


Sasuke jumped when he heard the phone ring. Considering that the stupid wire kept falling out of the jack, he was surprised that it stayed long enough to get a phone call.


"Mr. Uchiha?"


Sasuke listened in as the person told him that the repairs had been made and that the portrait was back to its original state. As he was told of the details of the painting, Sasuke's eyes furrowed. Are you serious?" he asked.

"Most certainly."

Sasuke listened a bit more. "Rey Hatake, I think," Sasuke then muttered, as he glanced up towards his room. "Yeah, that's fine. I do appreciate the quickness of it's completion. I'll be there within the hour."

Sasuke hung up the phone, somewhat perplexed. He went back to the room, gave Naruto a bit more of the doctored tea, checked the bindings, and left. He glanced at the spot where the portrait had been, shook his head, and left the house.

He had a bad feeling again about the stupid painting, making him question why he attempted to get it fixed in the first place. Naruto's wrath would probably have been less of a hassle than that stupid thing.


The house was quiet again.

Naruto knew that Sasuke was gone because everything felt cold again. And that awful smell was coming back.

Naruto moaned, wanting to call out as he felt those hot hands begin trailing across his body. Tears dropped down the side of his face as he felt something searing pain erupt in random spots, as if someone were biting him.

He tried to pull away, but the bindings kept him from moving.

And something hard entered him.

Naruto cried out softly as his body began to rock, and he could feel himself lifting off the bed. The bindings pulled tightly against his wrists and ankles.

"Sasuke," he whispered. "Help me, please!"

Something tightened around his throat and a smothering sensation overwhelmed him.

Rage. It felt like pure rage.


Kakashi shook his head as he sat down on a bench. Figures that on the day he got back, there was some problems with the bus line he normally takes to get back to his hometown. Sure he could have used his car to get to the airport, but the parking price would have been almost triple than the bus ticket to and from the airport. No matter, it was still pretty early in the day and they claimed that the delay shouldn't take more than half an hour.

And so Kakashi sat down to continue rereading a few more entries, while trying to figure out how to bring this up to Naruto.

September 3

It has been happening again. I thought it was my imagination, however... I have been finding myself dressed in Kushina's clothing without any recollection to having done so. Several times, I have also woken to finding myself in Sai's bed, with no memory of having gone there either. I thought maybe I was dreaming while awake, deep in thought and that my body acted on its own, but for it to be a regular occurrence? There is something not right. Sai just seems amused. He just says that the house seems a bit more filled these days. Ironic considering that he has slowly been releasing the maids and servants. All household tasks fall on me. Do I want to escape so badly that I perform these tasks while lost in my world. Just yesterday I came to in the middle of cooking a meal I did not even realize I knew how to prepare. I did not burn it, but asking Sai who started cooking it... he looked at me and laughed and told me I must be tired. Maybe its true.

September 10

A whole day. I lost a whole day. I remember Sai telling me to get dressed as we were to head to town. I remember standing in front of the mirror, making sure my disguise was flawless. I remember hating him and hating myself for not being strong enough to just leave. And then I felt incredible tired. Next thing I knew, I was in the carriage, approaching the house and the sun was setting. And to make things even more mortifying, I was in Sai's arms, just like some dutiful wife relishing her husband's attentions. I waited until we were inside before I fled to my special room, where I sit here now writing this. Sai does not seem upset at all. But he does demand that I come to his quarters and fulfill my... spousal duties. He said he is not in the mood for a gentle evening. Hah! I have no recollection of gentle evenings as of late. Unless he means of the times I find myself blacking out before he commits the vile deed.

December 10

Three months since I last wrote. I am afraid for my sanity. The episodes have gotten worse. It seems that sometimes days pass by in a matter of moments. And Sai will just look at me, smile and say 'Ah, you have returned.' But what does he mean? My head is usually hurting when I become aware of my surroundings. And he wastes no time in dragging me to his quarters to violate me. He claims it is out of love. It is nothing but lust. I have been abandoned by everyone, including my God. Surely he would have saved me by now if he cared.

January 1

A whole year has gone by since that dreadful night. And Sai had the need to celebrate it once more. We had our end of year party, although I only remember the latter half. I wish I could kill him.

February 22

I found something peculiar in my hidden room. A diary with a woman's handwriting. As far as I know, this house was built and only lived in by Sai. I did not read it, but I am curious. I left it where I found it. I will check to see if it moves from there. If it does, than someone has been hiding away in this house. If not, then I shall satisfy my curiosity.

March 9

It is the work of a devil. I am doomed.

Kakashi put away the journal as his bus number was called. He settled himself into the chair after boarding and pulled out the journal once more. As the bus began to head to its destination, Kakashi read some more, skimming through most of the days. He spent more time on the entries that he saw as most important.

March 12

I had to research what may be happening to me. It is frightening and incredible. But at the same time it explains so much. The diary had moved from its spot, but it was still in the same room. So I opened to see if a name had been inscribed on the inside cover. Lo and behold, Kushina Utamaki was written inside the coverings. A fictional person. I thought it was an evil prank, but I started matching some of the dates that were written inside. They corresponded with the times that I cannot recall. Split personality. That is the disorder that best describes what I am suffering. Did Kushina become real because I wanted to escape Sai with all my heart? And if so, why does she speak so lovingly of the devil. What will become of her now that I know of her existence. It makes sense now of the way Sai will occasionally remark of my return. He knows. He understands what is happening and he refuses to give me any aid. Why should he? If my other half loves Utamaki as much as she drivels on in her diary, he most likely takes advantage of that. I wish to tear these dresses and see if that stops her from taking over... but how she speaks of me! She calls me her brother! She knows of me but I just am finding out of her! The books do not explain the possibility of this, and I do not know what doctor I can contact to help me understand. Sai will not allow it, I know. I shiver at the thought of that man touching me the way she has described. I do not know what to do. I would like to know what happens when I lose track of time, but at the same time I do not want to know how harmless Sai seems to be with Kushina. I must make a choice.

March 13

I have decided not to read through more of Kushina's journal. I do not want to know what transpires between the two. And it appears she does not think favorable of me. I have to laugh at the irony. I do not think favorably of myself, but for different reasons. My other half is jealous of the attention Sai gives me. I wish he would bore of me and find some other toy. No matter.

April 18

The man assaulted me on the stairs of all places. I tried to ignore him, but he grabbed my arm so painfully. Then he let go. Thinking I was safe, I started to move down. But then he shoved me against the bannister and... I do not even want to think about it, much less write about it. I want to die. But I am afraid.

May 10

Sai has not touched me for a day. I am still not sure what has happened. A doctor was called to check my lungs. It seems I was found in the pond a few days ago. A near drowning. Sai pulled me out. Or at least that is what I have heard. But I have blacked out again recently. Could this be the doing of Kushina? What has happened that she has attempted to finish us off? Has her jealousy of me grown to hatred? I wish I continued reading her diary. I might have been better prepared. Or maybe she is only being brave enough to do what I only wish of doing. If so, I wish her luck. I am a coward. If I die by her hands, then it is not really suicide, is it? Not when I am not of my own mind? What is worse, the way Sai has been treating me is so much kinder than before. If only we had become friends instead of this sordid relationship we find ourselves in, I might have like him better.

May 16

I cannot do this any longer. I must escape. This life should not be for anyone. To be completely dependent on one person, it is a sad and pitiful life. I have come to the realization that Sai does not intend for me to promote to the next level. I am certain he set on keeping me as his apprentice and his wife for as long as he wants, and considering that every night I am being subjected to performing my spousal duties, he has not bored of me at all. And he has grown more perverse as sometimes he will demand these carnal actions in broad daylight! And in rooms that should never see such acts. It is bad enough that I must lay next to him in his bed, but even my rooms of refuge are tainted now. I feel as if I am suffocating. I must go.

May 18

I have decided to go for it. I shall begin my preparations. Sai has many clients lined up, and I know sometime in either June or July, one of his more high profile clients will take him out of town. It will be for two days but that should be enough time for me. And since it is only two days, surely Sai will trust me to stay alone in this house. He will not suspect anything.

June 1

It is towards the end of this month. I have determined that his client will call for him around that time. I have been gathering my money that I have been saving. And I have learned of the code to the safe in which Sai has in his study.

June 15

Strange. I have been blacking out again, although not quite as often. And I have found that my belongings have moved from where I have hidden them. At first I thought it was Sai, however, I would find them somewhere else with a small note. My other half. I am no longer as terrified of the thought of her. Even though something happened, and the near drowning happened during my blackout... I feel as if she is assisting me. After all, those notes... they are words of encouragements and warning.

June 19

Sai has been cancelling a lot of his appointments. I do hope he does not cancel the one that will set me free. For whatever reason my other half has started communicating with me, I am glad for the warnings. Had I not stumbled across the note, Sai surely would have caught me today packing. The house was incredibly quiet and I almost ignored the note stating that the appointment had been cancelled. As I sat there on my bed, pondering if I should delay further preparation, Sai entered the quarters. His quiet entry gave me such a start. What if I had been filling one of my bags when he had entered? I found myself submitting to his whims, encouraged that in a few days, I will no longer have to deal with such affairs.

June 24

Sai is leaving tomorrow in the morn by daybreak. I am to go to town to mail some paperwork. I will do this so that if he has contact with people in the town, they will state that I did my business. Of course, I must be dressed as Kushina. I hope she is aware of this should I black out tonight. And I hope that if I do black out, she helps me follow through with my plan, or at least return my control by that evening. I do lament, however, that she may fade away. I have been toying with the idea of keeping a new journal with me, one to use to communicate with her, so that we are not alone while we try, while I try, to rebuild my life.

Kakashi leaned his head back as he sighed and closed the book. The last entry seemed to hold such promise and hope.

He reflected on how excited he had been to have the chance to find out why Rey Hatake had been crossed off the family tree, and the mystery between the fabled Kushina Hatake/Utamaki. Never did he suspect that Rey had been accused injustly, nor that Kushina was fictionous, and yet existed.


"Naruto, I'm back," Sasuke called out, as he entered through the front door. He listened carefully and could hear soft sobbing sounds from upstairs. With a sigh, he shut the door, placed his package against the fireplace, and went into the kitchen. It seemed that the sedative wore off and poor Naruto must be terrified.

As he set a kettle to boil water for some tea for Naruto, Sasuke went back to the hallway and began to unwrap the portrait. He was surprised to hear from Gai that the female was not the original person but a man. As Sasuke tore away the wrappings, he understood why the female must have been painted over.

While the face was the same, the figure was that of a man. The same man whose sketch rested on the mantle. Underneath, Gai had added the inscription of Rey Hatake and Sai Utamaki.

"I can only assume that these two were lovers and had to hide their relationship through deceit. And they represented that secret by hiding Rey's figure with that of a woman. How sad that even during these times, some people feel the necessity to continue hiding."

Sasuke felt uncomfortable at that point, wondering if maybe Mr. Maito suspected something of Sasuke and Naruto.

As Sasuke carefully hung the portrait up, he couldn't help but feel an anxious feeling wash over him. While the sketch was uncanny enough, seeing the portrait in color, Sasuke couldn't help but see the remarkable similarities between Naruto and Rey. The only difference were the scars. And now that the woman had been removed, that shy look seemed more like one of shame. A smile had been painted on the female. On Rey, the look of sadness was profound, and Sasuke found himself disliking the Sai person even more, even though he didn't understand why.

A chill ran through him, causing him to shiver.

Satisfied that the portrait wasn't going to fall down, Sasuke set about to start a fire in the fireplace. As the saw the flames continue to grow, he then went back into the kitchen and finished preparing the tea. He carefully made his way up the stairs, frowning as he realized that the soft sobbing sound were gone. Instead, it sounded like someone panting for air after a cardio workout.

Sasuke entered the room.

"Sorry I took so long. I had to pick up a re..." Sasuke gasped and dropped the tea as he rushed over to Naruto.

Naruto had his eyes clenched shut and was whispering "No more, no more. Please, stop." His wrists and ankles were bruising, seemingly from pulling on his bindings too hard. But what scared Sasuke was the bruises that were developing all over Naruto's body, especially around the collarbone, hips, and between his legs. There was no way Naruto could have harmed himself like this with his hands ties. Could it be that there was something in this house after all?

He wasn't sure if he felt more terrified at that possibility or another prospect. Could he be losing his mind and causing harm to Naruto himself?

No, that still didn't make sense considering that he was gone for the correct amount of time to get to town and pick up the portrait.

Sasuke began to undo the bindings, shushing Naruto. "Everything is going to be okay, Naru," he murmured, rubbing Naruto's right hand.

"Sasuke?" Naruto opened his eyes and looked at him in disbelief. "That really you?"


"It was here, Sasuke. It hurt me really bad. I feel so dirty."

Sasuke felt himself grow stiff as Naruto threw his arms around him and began to cry softly, trying to hold back. Sasuke held him back, feeling hollow. Something hurt Naruto, something that he couldn't defend him from. But what about himself? He could defend Naruto from his own self, right? If he listened to Itachi...

Sasuke tightened his hold on Naruto as a sense of loneliness washed over him. If he did what Itachi asked of him, Naruto would leave and go back to his home and possibly reunite with his friends. As for Sasuke... he would stay and continue his work because he could never abandon a job that was not complete. Forced out of it, yes, but not abandon it by choice. Then what? Move back to where his family is? Without Naruto? The thought of being without his blond terrified him. He had done everything possible to have him.

But time had turned those feelings of success into ones of desperation which often made him cruel towards Naruto.

Feeling his heart clench, Sasuke tilted Naruto's head upwards and gave him a gentle kiss. "May I?" he asked.

Naruto gave him a confused look, and then it melted to a resigned one. "I don't want to feel dirty."

"It won't be."

Naruto allowed himself to be pushed back to the bed, and Sasuke pressed forward, feeling the tightness in his throat grow worse. How many times had Naruto submitted to him like this only because Sasuke wanted it that way? He really was an ass. The worse kind of person. Because despite the guilt he was currently feeling, lust was racing through his veins.

He chose to be gentle this time, so as not to make Naruto feel worse. He worshipped his body just like that time when he tricked Naruto into letting him have sex while sober. He focused on making Naruto feel pleasure rather than himself. Although, the sounds of Naruto's gasps and moans did arouse Sasuke, and both of them orgasmed almost at the same time.

Sasuke rested on top of Naruto, catching his breath. Even though it was gentle lovemaking, his body felt tired. And he could feel the breathing of Naruto even out.

With a groan, Sasuke got up and got dressed. He glanced down at Naruto, who was out cold, and a bitter smile crossed his face. He knew he was going to have to make a decision, but he wasn't sure of what yet. He made his way out of the room and down the stairs, feeling the air around him growing heavy.


Kakashi found himself driving out towards the Utamaki mansion instead of heading straight home. He wasn't sure why, but he felt that he needed to be there. Maybe it was all in the head and Naruto would laugh at him once he got there, but for some reason he really needed to see Naruto. Maybe it was because he read those stupid articles his grandfather had given him.

Well, stupid was harsh. It finally shed some horrifying light on what had transpired in that house, but seeing the pictures of Sai and Rey, he felt as if he was being thrown into the past. Or that the past had overlapped with the present.

And not being able to get in contact with Naruto during his entire absence, just made the feeling of anxiety even worse.

Kakashi tried calling the house through his cellphone and was greeted with a busy signal. With a huff, he tossed his cellphone onto the passenger seat and picked up speed once he hit the road that would lead to the mansion.


Naruto groaned as he came too. His body was slightly sore with the tell tale signs that Sasuke had sex with him... and gentle sex at that. It always left his body tingling in sensitivity.

But something woke him up that had nothing to do with the gentleness that Sasuke had displayed. The heavy feeling in the air was back and he felt as if he were being engulfed.

Eyes widening, Naruto sat up and looked around.

The room seemed dark, although the setting sun would explain that.

The smell of rotten eggs was back again, faint at first and getting stronger.

"Sasuke?" Naruto whispered, fear causing his voice to tighten.

"Sasuke?" he called out again, a bit louder.

A form began to develop in front of him.

"Sas..!" Naruto's cry for help was cut off as the figure lunged towards him and he found himself unable to breathe.


Sasuke paced in front of the portrait, emotions racing through his head. Seeing Naruto asleep like that made him want to forget the decision he was trying to make and continue keeping Naruto by his side. But looking at the damn portrait, seeing Sai's smug face and the sad look upon Rey's face... He didn't want Naruto to be like Rey.

And that suffocating feeling in the air was irritating him.

With a sudden rush of fiery rage, Sasuke grabbed the side table by the stairs and swung it up towards the newly fixed portrait.

Miscalculating the weight, he hit the corner of the fire mantle instead, cracking one of the wooden legs. Infuriated even more, Sasuke let out a scream of rage and swung the table three more times, cracking the corner of the fireplace the first two times, and catching the edge of the painting the last time.

Panting for air, Sasuke threw the table down and turned his back to the painting, leaned against the fireplace, and sank to the floor.

He held his hands to his eyes, trying to stop the tears that threatened to fall.

What to do, what to do?

Sasuke sat their for a second, eyes closed, feeling the heat of the fire in the fireplace on his left side, and the cold air on his right.

With a sniffle, Sasuke rested his head back and let his hands fall. His right hand fell upon the broken bricks from the fireplace, and something else.

Sasuke glanced over and was surprised to see that amid the fragments of bricks there was a wooden box.

He reached over for it and grabbed it. It was a simple thing, with a lid that slid open. And inside was a old looking hardcover book. There was no title or anything on it, and when Sasuke flipped through it, he realized that the pages had been handwritten. Flipping to the front he saw one name... Utamaki Sai.

Grimacing in distaste, he glanced up above him, unable to see the portrait but knowing that the pale faced creep was still there. The heavy feeling increased, and morbid curiosity filled Sasuke's mind. The man was dead so it was as if he really had no claims to privacy anymore. Opening the book, Sasuke noticed that one page was folded over, and judging by the crack on the spine and binding, this seemed to be a favorite entry of the late Utamaki.

July 20

The Hatake boy will arrive soon. I wonder how useless he will be. He probably will not last long under my tutelage.

July 21

He is like an Adonis. I have changed my mind. Rey Hatake is like a ray of sunlight that will bring light to this dismal mansion. I will teach him what is necessary, but I believe I will do my best to keep him by my side. I must find a way to ensnare him. Hunting is so much fun.

"What a creep," Sasuke muttered, flipping through to the next set of well used pages.

October 7

My plans seem to be moving along nicely, although I must admit I rather just take him and have my way with him. He is skittish as a foal around me, a slight touch making him start. He looks so adorably confused since my touches are friendly, but I have practiced my indifferent look very well.

Sketches were also found throughout the entries, a couple showing Rey staring out a window, a couple of his sitting in various positions, and there were even a few of him sleeping on the couch or on his bed.

December 3

It is time to escalate my plan. I will leave him so shocked that he will have no choice but to stay by my side to hide the sinful life I will lead him to. I burn so much for him. My the end of this year, he will be entirely mine. I believe that my refusal to allow him to have Sundays free is an ideal step. Why waste those hours for something as frivolous as church?

December 6

The agony of sharing a simple kiss and nothing more. Although I suppose the term sharing is too generous as I simply took and gave him little chance to fight.

December 7

Oh, how he fought against me. But once our lips were pressed, he gave in so easily. It helped knowing that although his family was supportive, they were not as affectionate as most families tend to be. They do not believe in expressing physical affection outside their spouses. Rey was raised with respect and support, but not a caring hand between him and his mother, and much less his father. No wonder he is overwhelmed with my advances. The party will be when my plan takes place.

December 29

Everything has been taken care of. By the New Year, all my patience shall be rewarded.

Sasuke felt sick in his stomach. Sai was reminding him more and more of himself.

January 2

It was fantastic. I had him challenged in a drinking game, and the young fool consumed more than he could handle. It was so easy taking him to my room while my guests left. It was wonderful shedding his clothes, as if he were a parcel I received with unknown contents waiting to surprise me inside. Oh, how uncoordinated he was, trying to stop me. I doubt he knew everything that was happening, as his moves were somewhat clumsy. He did ask me a couple times what I intended to do, but I could barely make out the words.

I worshipped his body with my hands and lips, and when I entered him, it was paradise. I cared not for his cries, nor for his drunken pleas to stop, I sated my lust. I let myself go as if I were a wild animal. I spilled myself deep in him. I left my marks upon his skin. I made him mine.

He tried to escape my embrace when he woke up, but I held on tight. I convinced him that in this we were alone, for if our actions were to be made public, I would not hesitate to let society believe he was the improper one. Almost broken, I was able to enjoy young Rey once more. Even now as I write this, I know that he his hiding in his room, probably trying to convince himself that nothing happened. I will let him get over the initial shock. But only for a couple days at most. Now that I have had my prize, I plan to enjoy it every moment possible.

Sasuke felt his stomach churn and his hands begin to shake. The story was too familiar. And he couldn't help but despise Sai. But if he despised Sai for what he did with Rey, then what about him and Naruto?

Sasuke flipped through again, pausing when he caught a sketch of a girl. Kushina, if Sasuke remembered correctly. The girl Sai married. Did he let Rey go?

May 17

It is adorable how confused Rey has become. He no longer fights me as much as he did before, but he does try to deny what my touches invoke in him. How responsive he as become to a simple caress. I am sure he feels that his God is abandoning him.

June 5

Rey was so livid, but no matter. He will be beautiful as a woman. More exquisite because he will be beautiful on the outside, and only I shall know the secret of what lies underneath all those layers of clothing. He shall live on as both my wife and my apprentice, and no one shall be the wiser.

"Oh my god, oh my god," whispered Sasuke.

August 9

My plan went perfectly. Rey is completely mine as his family have already stated that they will disown him. Their shame will keep them quiet. It was rather simple. Tell Rey that some clients would be coming to meet my wife, have him cook, and then greet the guests as they arrived. He never suspected that his parents were coming to see him. The shocked look on their faces... how aghast he looked. It was beautiful. He has no where to go to now. I have completely won.

September 5

Curious happenings have occurred, and all to my benefit. It seems I may have broken my beautiful Rey. It is almost as if Kushina has become real. He has no recollections of his actions as a woman, or shall I say when he acts completely feminine. He is so affectionate with me that I cannot help but return the gentleness. It is when he is himself that I throw myself with such reckless abandon that I am a bit surprised I have not seriously injured him. It is almost as if I were sharing my bed with two different people. If this continues, there is no way I will get tired of either one.


January 6

Seems Rey is getting his spark back. He seems to forget that he has no where to run. And Kushina makes her appearance more often now. At least it allows me to parade her in town.

March 19

I must keep a close eye on Rey, and for that matter, Kushina. Seems that both of them are showing signs of depression. That is not a fun prospect. I want them at their peek. Well, as long as Kushina is happy. I get a thrill of seeing Rey looking rather hopeless.

May 9

I have decided to give Rey a rest, considering I am not sure who influenced who to take a swim in the frigid pond. It was mere chance that I peered out of my study's window to see Rey dressed as Kushina walking into the middle of the pond. I know Rey only knows the minimal of staying afloat, but dressed in all those layers of clothing? Impossible. I raced to the grounds and dragged the body out. I was barely in time. Lips were already turning blue, and recalling a practice that some doctors once showed me, I breathed air into him. Into them, really. Water was coughed up and I was able to bring him upstairs. I have decided it is best not to call a doctor until he has regained consciousness. That way we can collaborate a believable story.

Sasuke stopped breathing as he thought he heard a sound from their room above. Hearing nothing else, Sasuke turned back to the journal and flipped towards the ending pages.

May 19

I know the ungrateful bastard is thinking of leaving. The episode that led him to the water has frightened him so. But I will not tolerate such a defiant act. I will keep him with me at all costs. Nothing will separate us.

June 1

I am letting him believe that I am going away on a trip to meet some clients. I will wait and see what he does once I am 'a day's worth' away from town.

June 3

I shall wait nearby and watch.

June 6

It is over. But not quite. He is gone, and yet not. I shall put my skills to the test.

Strange brown stains peppered the paper.

June 10

My hobby as a taxidermist has proven to be a well chosen hobby.

A lock of blond hair rested between the pages.

August 1

The people have suspected something. I will hide this. No one must know. I shall burn everything else. My sweet Rey, we shall be embraced together in the fires if all goes well. Together forever.

Sasuke let the book drop, a horrible feeling washing over him. The last couple of entries seemed so devoid of emotion, of reasoning... of something more human. And at the same time, Sasuke began to understand why he hated the portrait so much. Even though he knew nothing of Sai until just this past half hour... Sai was so much like him. Sasuke hated him. Thus, deep down, Sasuke hated himself.

He was always seen as being strange. Sure people flocked to him because of his looks, but almost as quickly the thought him too weird and stepped away. Naruto was the only one that told him, "You're weird. But I like you!" His attraction to the blonde began at first sight, but his obsession increased ten fold with that friendly declaration.


Naruto only wanted to be friends with him. But Sasuke wanted so much more. And being use to having what he wanted, did everything to tie Naruto to himself. Just like Sai did with Rey.

Sasuke stood up, decision firmly set in his head.

Rey, or Kushina, decided to drown herself to get away. If he continued the way he was going, what was to say Naruto wouldn't pull a similar action. The thought of being parted from Naruto sent him into a wave of depression, but the thought of being the reason behind Naruto's death killed him.

He would let Naruto go.

Knowing he had been alienated from his friends, Sasuke would encourage Naruto to go to the Uchiha family. He was positive his parents and Itachi would help Naruto adjust. As for himself, he would stay in this mansion to complete the project he was working on. Then afterwards, he would check on Naruto. If Naruto grew to actually love him during their time together, Sasuke would meet him back home. But if Naruto moved on, wanting nothing to do with him... Then Sasuke would make sure he would never enter his life again. He would never bother anyone again.

"I won't be like you," Sasuke muttered, turning over to look at the portrait.

And he froze.

Sai's eyes seemed to glitter in malicious intent, as thin lines began to appear across the cheeks of Rey. Red liquid, looking very much like blood, welled up and began to roll down the portrait.

A thumping sound could suddenly be heard quite clearly from upstairs.

Sasuke tore up the steps. "Naruto? Naruto!"


Kakashi saw the mansion up ahead. He couldn't help but slow down as a chill passed through him. With the sun setting, the mansion just looked plain creepy. But he could see there were some lights on.


Sasuke flew into the room and stopped short.

The room was filled with the stench of rotten eggs. But worse, Naruto was sprawled across the bed, and there was a naked figure over him, hands clutched at Naruto's throat. Naruto's body was obscenely rocking in time with the figure's movements. Cold black eyes looked up to meet Sasuke's, and a calculating grin stole across the familiar face.


"Mine," he heard it say.


Sasuke watched as Naruto's eyes rolled back and his hands that were desperately trying to pry Sai's hands fall away from them.

"Let him go!" Sasuke shouted as he leapt towards the bed.

Sasuke launched himself over the bed and found himself sailing past Naruto as Sai's figure disappeared. The scent of rotten eggs became worse, more like the scent of rotting meat. Sasuke scrambled up and reached towards Naruto.

Hot air slammed into him and he felt himself being thrown against the wall.

Sasuke gasped for air as he struggled to stand. Black spots appeared in front of his eyes as he willed himself to remain conscious. A figure materialized in front of him again, and Sasuke watched as Naruto's legs were pulled over its shoulders.

"No, you son of a bitch! Let him go!" Sasuke cried out hoarsely, trying to go for it again.

The figure turned back and Sasuke faltered, gagging from the stench and recoiling from fear. The face had become distorted, eyes and mouth stretching out as if it were a rubber mask. The skin was blotchy now, paleness mixed in with black and blue. The thing swung out and back handed Sasuke, claws raking across his face.

Sasuke never was a religious person. How could he when most religions shunned what he was?

But at that moment, he tried to recall any form of incantation, and all he could think of was one he heard during Christmas several years back.

"Holy Mary, Mother of God..."

A claw reached for his throat, trying to cut off his air.

"Blessed be...amongst women... and blessed be..."

Sasuke found himself suddenly able to move as the figure vanished, letting out a shrieking sound of rage. The smell was gone but the oppressive feeling was still present, and Sasuke knew that it was waiting. Sasuke coughed as he was able to breathe more freely, and then he remembered...

Panicked, Sasuke rushed over the Naruto. Bruises were forming between Naruto's legs, and scratch marks ran up and down Naruto's body. His lips were tinted blue, and his eyes were closed.

"Naruto? Naruto!" Sasuke climbed up on the bed, feeling himself growing hysterical but being unable to control it. "Naruto, wake up!" Sasuke straddled Naruto's body and grasped his shoulder, shaking him. "Naruto, open your eyes, don't do this!"

Hysteria began to grow into anger as tears began to flow down Sasuke's face.

"You fucker, you fucker!" Sasuke cried out, knowing that demon could hear him "I'll fucking kill you! You hear? I'll kill you! Naruto!" Sasuke continued to shake the man before him, hoping that he would just wake up.


Kakashi tried ringing the door bell but heard nothing. Frowning, Kakashi tried knocking. He stepped back off the front porch to look up at the lighted windows from upstairs. He was almost tempted to throw a pebble and see if he could get a reaction when a bone chilling shriek was heard from inside.

Kakashi jumped into action, pounding on the door and trying the handle. The door swung inwards, and Kakashi stumbled to the ground. Seeing the stairs down the hall, Kakashi scrambled up and ran up the steps, heading towards the direction he had seen the window lit.

As he reached the top, he paused as he heard someone shouting, "You fucker, you fucker! I'll fucking kill you!" Moving forward, he came across the open bedroom and froze in shock. Sasuke Uchiha was straddled over the unmoving body of Naruto Uzumaki, hands around his neck area, shaking him. "You hear?! I'll kill you! Naruto!"

Kakashi tried to move forward and was stunned when the bedroom door suddenly slammed in his face. Kakashi reeled back, holding his nose as he could feel warm liquid oozing down over his fingers. Kakashi tried for the door handle and yanked his hand away as his skin blistered, the shape of the door handle burning into his palm.

"Son of a bitch! Naruto! Sasuke!" Kakashi looked around and saw the phone near the stairs. Rushing over to pick it up, he was frustrated to see that the wire was frayed. There was no dial tone on the damn thing. Then he remembered his phone sitting on the passenger side of his car. He ran back down the stairs, hoping that he would have enough time to get to the phone and find something to help him bust open the bedroom door. As he reached the front door, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on their end.

He turned around and found himself unable to move in fear. At the top of the stairs, glaring down at him, was a solid black mass in the shape of a human figure. Only, the body seemed elongated, and Kakashi could swear he smelled rotten meat. Black eyes glared down at him in wide, serpentine slits. A long thing mouth filled with sharp teeth grinned at him. Claw like fingers kept curling and uncurling, like a person read to fight clenching and unclenching his hands.

Kakashi took one step back as the thing suddenly dashed down the steps at such an inhuman speed. Kakashi only had time to raise his arms to protect his face as he felt the thing slam into him. Kakashi felt the air rush out of him as he was thrown out the front door. He tumbled off the front deck and down the three steps where his body rolled for a few feet. With shaky hands, Kakashi struggled to his feet, coughing as his lungs cried for air. Looking up, he saw that the front door was closed and all the lights seemed to be flickering from inside the house. Unsure of what he had just seen and experienced, Kakashi ran to his car and opened the door, grabbing his abandoned phone.

He dialed the emergency number to report the one thing he was certain of.

"Hello? Please! I need police and an ambulance to the Utamaki mansion! There's a murder being committed!"

Kakashi looked back at the house and paled.

"Fire! Fire is breaking out!"


Sasuke only heard the bedroom door slam shut causing him to look up. He watched as flames suddenly began to form from the door handle. A weak coughing sound caused him to look down and he saw that Naruto was stirring. Relief was brief as he knew that he was going to have to find a way out. Releasing Naruto, Sasuke scrambled off the bed and grabbed his bedside table. He lifted it up and swung it several times at the door, the fire having weakened the wood around the doorknob. The door swung open and Sasuke ran back to Naruto, dragging him off the bed.

"Sasuke?" Naruto said, his voice hoarse.

"Fire. We need to get out."

Naruto shook his head. "Can't. You go."

"Shut up, dobe."

Sasuke picked him up and made his way past the flaming doorway and to the stairs. As he walked down, Sasuke felt his heart pound when he noticed that the thing that was suppose to be Sai was standing at the front door. Fire was beginning to erupt around the wood itself as the flames began to catch on the the wall around the door. The thing turned around.

It took a step towards the steps, and so Sasuke began again to recite the prayer to the Catholic's saint. The thing hissed and paced at the bottom of the steps, as if it were afraid to advance further. As Sasuke made his way, step by step, the creature backed up. Sasuke finally reached the bottom and continued to pray, holding Naruto to his chest. He slowly made his way forward, sweat beginning to pour down his face from the heat.

Sasuke then paused in front of the fireplace.

He stopped mid prayer as he looked at the photo.

The creature hissed.

Sasuke carefully lay Naruto down, as his eyes focused on the creature in front of him that looked even more agitated.

"I wonder," Sasuke said. "It all started when he found this..."

Sasuke reached up for the painting, and the creature stood still.

Sasuke slowly took it down and glanced at it. The painting was no longer bleeding, but Sasuke could see the faint lines on Rey's cheeks, lines that looked similar to the scars on Naruto's face. Sasuke looked back up and gave the creature a smile. "I wonder what will happen if its no more."

Sasuke tossed the portrait into the flames in the fireplace.

The creature shrieked again and Sasuke lost his balance as the floor underneath him began to shake. He fell on top of Naruto. Glancing at the fire, Sasuke watched as flames licked the edges of the wooden canvas. Popping sounds could be heard as flames began to erupt outwards.

Sasuke dragged Naruto away from the fireplace, huddling up against the wall.

Fire began to race up the walls, connecting to the ones that had continued to grow from the front door.

"Sasuke?" Naruto called out weakly.

"Shh. Save your strength," Sasuke said. "I'll get you out, you'll see."

"Save yourself," Naruto said. "Don't think I am well enough."

Sasuke looked down at Naruto, seeing those horrifying bruises around Naruto's neck. Despite the heat, Naruto was shiver, and Sasuke realized that Naruto's body was cold. His lips and fingertips were still tinted blue, and his eyes looked unfocused. The bruises that covered his torso looked like they were growing.

Sasuke felt his throat tighten again. He was going to fail him.

"Don't say that," Sasuke whispered, as the creature practically danced in front of them, trying to reach for the burning portrait. "You have to live. I promised to let you go."

"Let me go?"

Sasuke nodded and held Naruto close to him.

"To say I'm sorry. When you told me you like me, I was so happy. No one ever liked me for me. It made me feel special, and I wanted more than you really wanted to give."

Naruto gave him a weak smile.

"Silly, Sasuke. I always wanted to be... your friend. I was happy being your friend. I'll always be your friend."

"Friend. If only... if only I was happy with just that. I love you."

"I know. That why... I stayed."

Naruto's eyes fluttered closed and Sasuke felt as if everything stopped, no longer concerned with the fire raging around him, nor the inhuman thing in front of him.

"Naruto?" he whispered. "Naruto, no! Oh, God, please, no! Naruto, wake up, please! I'll get you out and you'll be free and happy, okay?"

Sasuke's vision became blurry from tears, and so he didn't see as the creature, Sai, demon, or whatever, grab him by the throat and haul him up. Sasuke clawed at the hand as Naruto's body tumbled away from his lap and he found his feet no longer touching the ground.

Sasuke struggled to look at the creature. He manage to spit in its eye, enraging it.

"Go to hell," Sasuke said, as black dots began to dance across his vision. He looked upwards and sent a silent prayer that Naruto would find haven if a heaven existed. Even if I'm no longer with you, may you please find peace in your afterlife.

Sasuke's watched as the ceiling above him began to cave in.


The sun was rising as Kakashi numbly made his way across the still smoking ruins.

"Careful there," he heard the fire inspector say.

Despite his efforts, he had been unable to get back into the house. And then that fire... it had blazed so quickly and out of control. Even as the firetrucks and the planes they used for forest fires continuously sprayed water, the fire seemed determined enough to continue forward until everything was burned to the ground.

Two charred bodies had been found near the front entrance, one on top of the other as if trying to protect it from falling debris. The skull was cracked and one of the officers had mentioned that something must have fallen on his head. They couldn't be too sure if he lost consciousness right away, not with the way he was over the other one's body.

Kakashi didn't understand at all.

If he had seen Sasuke killing Naruto, why was he near the front door and posed protectively over Naruto's body? Why drag dead body towards the front door unless the person wasn't dead to begin with? And that thing... what was that thing that had attacked him?

He made sure not to mention it to any of the officers. He would certainly be sent to be evaluated.

Kakashi silently wept as he made his way to his car, failure completely engulfing him.

He sat in the driver's seat and continued to mourn, watching as the investigators continued to sort through the mess. The bodies of Sasuke and Naruto were gone, and Kakashi suspected that Sasuke's missing wife really didn't exist either. Just like in the tragic journal he had read.

Kakashi looked over at the box that held the articles his grandfather had found for him.

With shaking fingers, he opened the box and skimmed through some of the headlines and paragraphs. If only... no. There would be no way that getting these to Naruto would have warned him of any danger. Even Kakashi didn't know. He only felt apprehensive because of Naruto's looks and the mansion itself.






Police , through investigation, had discovered that Kushina Hatake never existed. Rey Hatake, in an effort to escape, had been caught leaving the house. Sai confessed that, in a fit of rage, he had an altercation with the young man and had sent him down the stairs. He didn't bother calling for a doctor and instead left Rey to die unaided while Sai watched. To make matters even more horrifying, Sai Utamaki had used his skills in taxidermy to conserve Rey's body. Reading through the passages, one could surmise why Sai had kept Rey's corpse. People were outraged and denounced him as being a follower of Satan. But the arrest and trial never happened, for Sai was died during an attempt to burn his entire mansion to the ground. A beam had fallen on his head, and the firemen at that time were able to get the flames under control. The mansion was repaired by the following owners, but strange things seemed to occur whenever couples move in.

A knock on his window startled Kakashi.

One of the officers was waving to him.

Stepping out, Kakashi gave the officer a look.

"Uh, this was found. We figured it might as well go back to you, since its from your family."

Kakashi stared as one of the officers came over with a large painting. The edges were slightly charred, but the image itself was intact. REY HATAKE AND SAI UTAMAKI.

"Uh, thank you," Kakashi murmured, taking the painting. He looked up towards the burned ground. He would buy the land and rebuild the mansion and hope that maybe it would have a better future.


Kakashi stared at the portrait hanging over the fireplace. Seeing the image again sent a strange feeling running through him. It had been three years since the Utamaki mansion had burned to the ground. He had managed to collect enough money to buy the land and begin rebuilding it with some more modern specifications. Due to Rey's uncanny similarities to Naruto, Kakashi had hidden it away in the attic. It was tough looking at it as he had attended Naruto and Sasuke's funerals. They had been buried in the same plot. Kakashi was the only one against it, not liking the idea of Naruto's killer being next to him.

But the Uchiha family stated as warped as Sasuke was, they refused to believe that he would have done something so ghastly.

Itachi was the most remorseful though, and he made a passing comment to Kakashi.

"I tried to convince him to let Naruto go. I should have been more firm. He mentioned something about dying than being separated from Naruto, but I know he meant only himself. He would never have killed Naruto."

Kakashi continued to have his doubts.

The sound of someone coming down the steps caught his attention, and he felt his heart speed up and palm begin to sweat at the sight of the person. During his entire time in this town, no woman had ever caught his attention. So he had been surprised to the attraction he felt when this newcomer had shown up, seeking employment as a groundskeeper to the new Hatake mansion. His mannerisms and behavior seemed so much like Naruto's despite the fact that he was older.

"Oh!" cried the man in surprise. Brown eyes glanced up at the portrait. He smiled and rubbed the scar across his nose. "Sorry about putting the portrait there," he said. "It's just that I found it in the attic and it looked so lonely there! Although I must admit the subject is rather risque considering when it was painted. I just figured in this century it only seemed like a nice thing to do, not hide them from the world or something like that. Was I wrong?" Cautious brown eyes met Kakashi's.

Kakashi smiled and shook his head. "No, Iruka. I don't think you're wrong." He continued to stare at the man, wondering how he would react if he acted on his impulse to just molest the man right then and there. Maybe if he played his cards right...

"Uh, Mr. Hatake? Why are you looking at me like that?" asked Iruka, looking uncomfortable.

"Oh, nothing. Forgive me."

Above them, black eyes seemed to glitter as if alive.


A/N: Well, hope you enjoyed the story, even though it doesn't have a happy ending. But to me thebest horror stories rarely do. If you haven't, hope you take the time to read my Gundam Wing horror fic Living Hell, although it's very old, the style is different, and you must be familiar with the Silent Hill genre, especially the second one. Not entirely sure if I'll do another Naruto fic, although if I do believe me it will be more carefree. Maybe have Naruto and Sasuke be happy, although I like seeing Sasuke suffer. :) I also have an account with deviantart under the artist name of kaltheinya. If anyone as one too and would like to do a fanart for me based on this fic, I'd be happy to accept. I might do one myself.