AN: This is something I've been considering doing for a while now, a collection of crossover based oneshots. They will each take place inside of one room where two characters from the respective series are. Sometimes I will explain how they got in the room, but most of the time I won't. In other news, this first chapter is dedicated to beautybelle300256, one of whose drabbles inspired this chapter when I realized it reminded me of a certain someone.

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Chapter 1

Winry Rockbell (FMA) + Otto(SRMTHG)

"And no matter how many times I repair it, something always breaks whenever we have even the smallest fight!"

Winry nodded. "Exactly! Every time I repair Edward's automail; sure enough, less than a month later he calls up saying he broke it again! I mean you put so much effort into it that it's like a child to you, but does anyone care? No!"

She sighed in relief as she finished her rant. Although the little green… chimera? (He had said his name was Otto) had wierded her out at first, she soon found they had much in common; namely, a love of mechanics, and idiot friends who didn't seem to appreciate said love.

Otto sighed, "I mean I know we have to fight to help protect everyone. But that doesn't mean we have to abuse the robot, right?"

Winry nodded again; although she wasn't exactly clear on what a robot was, from the way Otto explained it, it seemed to basically be a large suit of armor that acted as a bipedal tank. Essentially she envisioned it as an Al several stories tall.

"I know; every time Edward comes in it's because the automail was destroyed in a fight. It's like he's purposely putting it in the line of fire every time! It's not like he can't defend himself using other stuff right? I mean…"

She trailed off and sighed, "But that's what we do all this for isn't it? To help our friends."

Otto nodded this time, "Yeah."

Winry began to twirl her hair, "I think that's really the reason I'm annoyed most of the time to be honest. I don't really mind doing the repairs too much, it's my hobby."

Again Otto nodded; he seemed to know exactly what she was talking about.

She began to talk in a more solemn tone, "It's just that when it breaks, you get scared. You realize that if you screw something up, then that might be it for. So you try and make it perfect each time, and every time you fail, because you can't make it perfect no matter how hard you try; and you keep worrying that one day you'll fail in some horrible way, and then when they're fighting…" Winry began to rub her eyes.

"Yeah." Otto frowned; that was actually tied with giant clams as his worst nightmare.

Winry slowly collected herself, "Thanks for listening. It's not often that I meet someone who knows where I'm coming from."

Otto smiled brightly, "No problem. I'm always glad to help."

Winry laughed, and scooped Otto up in her arms, the little guy was so cute!

Suddenly the phone rang. "Oh," Winry put Otto down, "better get that."

Winry picked up the phone and began talking after listening for a second, "Hi Alphonse! How'd you get this number?"

The conversation continued inaudibly to Otto, but from the look on Winry's face, the news wasn't positive. In fact, the look she had on was down right horrifying.

"Put Ed on for me will you Alphonse?" This was followed by a few seconds of absolute silence. "Hi there Ed," what happened next would have scared the pants off Otto had he any. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU HEAR ME! I'M GOING TO BASH YOUR HEAD IN WITH THE SHRAPNEL THAT IS NOW YOUR LEG!"

As Winry continued on her murderous rant, Otto couldn't help but whisper. "Wow, she's just like Nova."