Rating: K+

AN: Okay so technically this is three people but Ryuk is essentially attached to Light at the hip throughout the series, shut up.

Warnings: Mature Themes

Chapter 5

Keisuke Takagi (SMT: Devil Survivor) & Light Yagami (Deathnote)

Light drummed his fingers against the chair's armrest. A bad habit, he knew, but how much longer was it going to take?

Every minute I spend here is another I lose in my preparation against the new L. I only have two days left until we meet at the warehouse.

The only other person in the room was a kid sitting a couple of chairs away, flipping through a newspaper, seemingly just as bored as he was.

The boy seemed to be about his age when he first found the death note, maybe a year younger. In fact he resembled Light quite a bit, excluding the glasses.

"Hehehe, interesting."

Light inwardly groaned, Shut up Ryuk! The mass murderer looked over his shoulder, and saw the Shinigami staring at the boy across the room.

What could be so interesting about him? Light studied the boy carefully, trying not to draw his attention. Could it be that he looks like me? No, Ryuk wouldn't be interested by that.

Then the boy mumbled, barely audible; "Kira."

That caught Light's attention, Another supporter perhaps? But why would Ryuk be interested in him then? Light's eyes widened, Maybe he has another death note! He shook his head, No, you shouldn't jump to conclusions like that, but talking to him couldn't hurt right?

Now how to start… "So Kira huh?"

The boy looked up from the paper he was reading, "Huh?"

"You said 'Kira', is that what you're reading about?"

The boy smirked a little, "Uh, yeah; they're having this whole issue about him."

Light smiled innocently, well concealing his true feelings. "So what's you're opinion of him exactly."

The boy seemed slightly perturbed by the question, but not by much; Kira was a frequent discussion topic nowadays. "I don't know really."

Now there was a change; normally the people Light met were either firmly Pro-Kira or militantly Anti-Kira. His interest was piqued, "How so?"

The boy gazed off distantly, "Well, all the evidence; him needing someone's name and face to kill, points to him being a human with some sort of special gift. And I've seen first hand what happens when you give people that kind of power."

He smiled sadly, "But I also believe that the people being killed deserve it. It's just I'm afraid that over time…" he trailed off. "Like I said, I've seen what happens."

Although Light kept an innocent look on his face, inside he was very disturbed. What is he talking about? I'm fairly certain he doesn't have a death note, but the way he talks… He mentally stopped himself, No you have too much to worry about now, he doesn't appear to be a threat and you have much bigger things to worry about right now.

"Keisuke Takagi?" the receptionist called, and the boy rose. Okay, so I have his name; if he does turn out to be a threat you can always kill him, relax.

"Hey um, by the way."

Light looked up, keeping a calm expression. "Yes?"

Keisuke's gaze was placed slightly above his head, "What are you doing in two days?"

Two- Does he know somehow! Again his face was calm, "Nothing in particular, why?"

Keisuke smiled sadly, "No reason, just be careful on that day, alright?" The bespectacled boy left and closed the door behind him.

Light's expression immediately shifted to a much more hostile one. "Ryuk-"

The Shinigami laughed before Light could finish and answered the unspoken question, "Nah, he doesn't have a death note. And no, I'm not gonna say anything else."

Light grumbled, shifting in his chair.