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"Edward! Can you come help me for a sec?"

It was her only chance. That phantom oblivious voice coming from outside. Silently thanking Alice for the distraction, Bella didn't even dare to move until he left the room. Taking a final glance at her crumpled form in the corner, he did. Although not before giving her that look that said it all. Try something, I dare you.

As the door shut swiftly behind him she scrambled up too quickly to try to gather her clothes. The pain was like smacking into a brick wall. Infinitely worse than it was as the blows were being inflicted. Nevertheless she forced herself to keep moving, knowing that if she didn't, this would never end. She threw on the remnants of the skirt that she had arrived in and barely managed to pull on the zip up sweater. Anything else was a lost cause.

Grabbing her keys she crawled to the door and twisted the handle praying that the hinges wouldn't creak. She crossed the landing as quickly as she could but then made it to her real challenge: the stairs. Grasping the banister as firmly as she could, Bella pulled with all her might, ignoring the pain bursting through her ribs. Her legs trembled as she tried to make her way down the stairs as quietly as possible. Her desperate grip on the railing the only thing keeping her upright. Step down, step together, step down, step together, her legs moving in an almost mechanical manner. Suddenly the pain between her legs and the dizziness in her head became too much for her and she crumpled, taking the last few steps in a tumbling heap.

"Oh God," she whispered, knowing that any stealth that she had managed in her escape had now been ruined. A vampire five miles away would have heard the clamour she had just caused, let alone one just outside. She struggled to her feet, and though her right ankle would no longer bear any weight somehow managed to run to the door and get out.

She rushed to her truck fumbling with her keys to get the door to open. As she managed to drag herself inside she quickly turned around to make sure she had locked the doors. A futile gesture she knew. If he wanted to, he could simply rip the door right off its hinges. But it's a comfort nonetheless and she allowed her muscles to relax by the tiniest fraction because of it.

Starting her truck she looked over her shoulder to make sure that there were no blurs of pale skin rushing toward her. Satisfied, she steped on the pedal and urged her ancient Chevy to start rolling as fast as it could.

But where to? Surely not back to her house. Bella would never dare to unleash his wrath on Charlie. It was far too dangerous. That ruled out Angela's house as well. Besides, how could she even attempt to explain the marks that her injuries had left? There was no way that a fall could justify the damage this time. The hospital wouldn't be safe either. Exposing what he had done to her to all of Forks would only enrage him further.

That left only one place. La Push. She forced her arms to turn the antique wheel in the right direction then felt herself slip into autopilot. It was just as well. With the mixture of blood seeping from her forehead and the tears pooling in her eyes clouding her vision and the fog blurring her mind, it was doubtful that she could have driven very far safely. Country roads and very little traffic were a good thing she told herself. Anything to keep her mind off of what had just happened. What was still happening.

Bella was so lost in her reverie that it took her a moment to realize that her truck was slowing down. Pressing the gas pedal harder didn't seem to help at all. Scanning the dashboard frantically she managed to find the culprit. The gas meter was past empty. "No... no,," she whimpered. She was only a few feet from the border. Her truck managed to roll just far enough to cross before it stopped.

She forced the door open then grasping the handle, fell out of the cab. It couldn't be too far to find help she promised herself. After all, she could already hear voices coming from the nearby reserve. She dragged herself to her feet, all parts of her body absolutely screaming in protest and took the first few steps. The adrenalin was starting to fade but she forced herself to keep going. You're almost there she chanted to herself you're almost safe. Her right foot dragged uselessly, and she found she was holding her chest firmly with one arm, as if holding her ribs together.

Eventually, after about a mile or so, the strain became too much for her and she fell to her knees. She really was almost there. She could smell the pungent odour of a campfire and the voices had become much louder though her mind could no longer compute what they were saying let alone who they belonged too.

Just over the hill, she only needed to make it over the hill... then everything would be alright, she would finally allow herself to let go. Slowly she continued to crawl, placing one elbow in front of the other, dragging, her legs now almost useless. Once she finally managed to get to the top she misjudged the steepness of the other side. Her arms slipped in the dirt and she found herself falling, rolling end over end until she reached the bottom.

Bella's eyelids fluttered, but just before they closed she managed to make out the fire. A group of boys, no, men sitting around it. Laughter pouring from their mouths. I'm safe was the last though she was able to get out before everything went black and she welcomed the oblivion.

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