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Authors notes: One Armed Samurai is the story of a modern Sesshomaru and how he deals with life as a man with one arm. His mother has sent him to the Elmview clinic where he meets a young girl named Rin. This is set slightly in the future- there will be appearances by other cast member but not for some time. I have tried to maintain a realistic Japanese setting but all dialogue will be written from an American perspective.

One Armed Samurai:

Chapter 1: A Painful Hello

"The dining hall is through those doors- three meals a day, snacks available from 8 am till 11 pm. Physical therapy is on the second floor, two times a day for you. You'll have a life skills class 5 times a week with Dr. Hirako. There is a porch with picnic tables off the west wing, but it's starting to get too cold for all that. Nurses station at the other end of the hall. Your mother paid for a private room of course- there on the corner, 3B. This is the rec room. Most of the patients spend the majority of their day here. Do you have any questions?"

Sesshoumaru peered past the nurse into the brightly colored living room. Listless children milled around the room, most focused on a large television. "How many patients live here?"

"Right now? 17 including you. It's a long term pediatric rehabilitation facility, so the number doesn't change that often. Would you like to meet everyone now, or wait till morning?"

"I will go to my room now Nurse Saitou."

Nurse Saitou watched the imperious young man stalk away from her headed to his room. He looked straight ahead, his long dark hair brushing around his waist. His remaining arm was held stiffly at his side while the empty sleeve flapped gently in rhythm with his stride.

"Good luck kid."

So this would be his hell for the next seven months. The room itself was not that horrible. Hospital bed yes, but the dresser was made of oak and the large picture window overlooked what the Elmview Clinic referred to as the garden. As he heard the door latch behind him Sesshomaru allowed his shoulders to slump forward- but only slightly. His teeth ground together as his right hand snaked up to clutch at his bandaged shoulder. How could something that wasn't there hurt so badly? His arm, his entire arm, was gone. No longer a part of his body. A cripple. A deformed man.

And so his mother had sent him here- so his deficiencies as her son would not cast shame upon her. And to keep him from killing InuYasha. Because he would someday. This was his fault. He would have vengeance. It was enough that Tetsusaiga was bequeathed to his unruly and idiotic half- brother. Enough that – Sesshomaru quieted his thoughts. Only 7 months. Then he would turn 18 and decisions about his medical treatment would become his. In 7 months he would gain control of his legacy: Tenseiga. A multi- billion dollar biomedical industry would be his to run. In 7 months the world would recognize him as a man and he could do as he pleased. In the mean time he would be here, learning how to live life like this- as less than a man.

A/N: My first InuYasha fanfic! I've always liked the Sesshomaru/ Rin relationship, from pretty much any perspective, and I wanted to explore that in a modern setting. This will focus on Sesshomaru, as a man, struggling with a real disability that the manga/anime character, as a Inu-yokai, seemed to handle with little trouble. Please let me know if I'm going in the right direction or if you think this is an interesting idea at all. Thanks for reading!