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Author's notes: One Armed Samurai is the story of a modern Sesshomaru and how he deals with life as a man with one arm. His mother has sent him to the Elmview Clinic where he meets a young girl named Rin.

Chapter 9: Servants, Sleeplessness

His mother managed to look graceful and disdainful even in the florescent lighting. One shapely leg crossed over the other, the lines of her blazer crisp, her face beautiful and cold. Sesshomaru bowed deeply, glad he taken the time to change into a fresh shirt. He glance at the small nervous man standing behind his mother but did not acknowledge him.

"Mother. It is a pleasure to see you."

Yes, Sesshomaru. You as well."

She looked at him, taking in his slightly disheveled hair, his cheeks, even now, flushed from the cold. But his face betrayed no emotion and she was pleased with his stoicism.

"I've come because I assume you have questions about the company your father has left you. Tenseiga is a publicly traded multi-billion dollar corporation. You will need an advisor."

"Father left you instructions about Tenseiga?"

"Oh no, not me. He just left these files with Mr.-um.."

"Jaken Ma'm. I'm Jaken."

The man looked thoroughly cowed by his mother. As he should. His mother was a force of nature and Sesshomaru was certain the man must have given his mother his name several time before. He had repeated it in such a resigned tone. At least, if this was his adviser he would be easy to keep in line. "Jaken then. What do you have to tell me."

"Oh, well! So much sir. And may I say it is a great honor to be asked to brief you on these matters. The son of the Great Mr. Toshiro! Such a pleasure! And my I say-"

"You may not. Please get to the point."

"Yes, yes you are so right Mr. Sesshomaru! Now what we have here are some litigation documents-"

"I'll leave you two to business then. Good-bye Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru watched his mother uncoil herself from the armchair. She approached him, her arms hovering in the air, her lips ghosting past his cheek -his right cheek- and then she was gone. Only the faint scent of perfume wafting in the stale air. She had never touched him. She hadn't embraced him since-

"What exactly do you have to show me?"

Sesshomaru motioned for the slightly greenish looking man to be seated at the table nearby. Business, Tenseiga, was exactly what he wanted to think about right now. The small man looked at him blankly, then at the table, then moved his eyes back to the doorway his mother had walked through. "But we drove together. How am I getting home?"

The meeting with Jaken had taken up much of the evening. It was almost 8 pm before the cab arrived to take him to the train station. The man had practically groveled as he left, thanking Sesshomaru for his kindness. Sesshomaru hadn't bothered to maintain eye contact, just ushering the man out the glass doors, his mind busy with new information.

So he was rich. Very rich. And very powerful. As Jaken had explained that if they began the many legal processes soon, the moment he turned 18 he would have full control of Tenseiga. He would control the board, his Father's 51 % of shares, become acting CEO. Sesshomaru was not expecting any dissent from the board or any leaders within the company. He had a vision and he would execute it. He had left Jaken with plenty of instructions. He was probably drawing up business proposals as he rode the train. Jaken was easily awed. He would be an excellent subordinate.

Sesshomaru returned to his room exhausted. Only then did he think on the entirety of his day. A visit from his mother, the secure knowledge of his future position,..and Rin. He had …defended Rin. Saved her really. It was instinctual. To call out to her, to stand in front of her. But why? Sesshomaru sighed. Too much had happened. He was going to bed.

He couldn't sleep. He lay still, calmed his breathing, closed his eyes. And still sleep did not come. Disturbed by his own weakness, but too tired to fight any longer Sesshomaru flung off the covers. He shrugged on a robe and thrust his feet into slippers. He moved through the halls quietly, as he always did. Stopping at a door several hallways away from his own room Sesshomaru cocked his ear towards the room. He couldn't hear anything. Sesshomaru hesitated before putting his hand on the handle. He opened the door slowly. No lights on inside. He pushed the door further, letting a triangle of light spill into the room. Finally he could hear soft, steady breathing. Sesshomaru stepped in, far enough to see her head on the pillow. No bandages, nothing out of the ordinary. Rin was fine. Listening to her breathing a moment longer Sesshomaru turned to leave, closing the door behind him. He soon lay back in his own bed, satisfied. He was finally able to sleep.

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