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Battler gasped and dropped Umineko. She fell off the balcony.


Battler lifte his feet off the ground and flew down to save her just before she hit the ground.

"Battler-chan. You saved my life. Why?"

"Beccause I am in love with you!"

"But we are from different worlds! You are from the dead world, and I am from the normal one! How can we be together!"

"I will always be with you in spirit!"

They embraced and the waves rolled on them.

"Oh Battler-chan! Oh Battler-chan! Oh Battler!-chan" Battler said and Battler gave a moan of pleasure.

Then Battler put his penis into her clitoris. Umineko felt good down there.

Battler thrusted his penis one last time and he came. She came too. Then they flew down to the ground.

"We will always be together, in many ways."

They were just walking into the mansion when they heard a certain voice coming from behind them.

"Hello, lovebirds." She muttered.

It was Beatrice!

To be continued?