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Chapter 1.

The Strigoi staggered back, apparently more surprised that he had felt my blow than he was hurt by it. He tensed up again, and lunged towards me, but I had anticipated this and dodged to the side, ducking under his arm and driving my stake upwards. The sickening crunch of breaking bones signified that I had struck home, straight into his heart. He let loose a wail of pain, falling to the ground in convulsions.

I bent down, wincing, and ripped my stake from his chest, my own heart sitting heavy in my chest. Five years. Five years of hunting, killing and healing; and I was exhausted, mentally and physically. Being alone for all these years had taken its toll, but I still hadn't completed what I had planned to do. Find and kill Dimitri Belikov, my mentor, friend and lover.

Sighing I pulled out my pocket knife and scratched another mark into the handle of the stake. Sort of like a molnija tattoo, but since I lacked a tattooist, this little tally system had to do, plus I wasn't even sure if I would be allowed to get the tattoo's officially, considering the fact that I myself wasn't an official guardian. I had been forcibly removed from the academy just a few days short of graduation and hadn't been back since, so I had had no opportunity to get the promise mark announcing myself as a guardian.

Thinking of the academy brought forth the familiar pang of regret, guilt and remorse. Although I had been kidnapped, once I had escaped I hadn't felt able to return, thus leaving Lissa without a guardian, and had abandoned her.

Thinking of Lissa immediately caused the mental block I had built to crumble, and her emotions hit me like a tidal wave, and causing me to be pulled into her mind.

"... Lissa, love, it's been five years. Rose isn't coming back, in fact we can't even be sure she's even alive. For all we know she ran away and is dead. I'm sorry Liss, but it's time to move on." Christian was saying.

Lissa winced at Christian's blunt words, but shook her head in denial. "I don't believe it Christian. I can't believe that had she died that I wouldn't... I don't know... wouldn't feel something, some loss or something." Tears blurred her vision and she gently sobbed.

Christian wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders, drawing her to his chest. She grabbed a fist full of his shirt.

"The bond hasn't changed Liss, it's still one-way. You can't feel her and you haven't manage to reach her in her dreams. Still."

He stroked her cheek tenderly and she looked into his deep ice-blue eyes...

She can't reach my dreams, because when I sleep I don't allow them to get into my head. It was a technique I had had to develop to avoid them. Only way I can get to sleep peacefully and get through the days now.

Because I started to feel a change in Liss's feelings, I pulled out of her head. I didn't want to experience the lust and love she felt for Christian. It was simply too painful for me.

Taking a deep breath I dragged the Strigoi from the cave we had been fighting in. As soon as it made contact with the beams of light from the sun, it began burning; smouldering and soon crumbling into ash within minutes. Even now after having seen this countless times, it still fascinated me. Something as powerful and seemingly invincible as a Strigoi reduced to ash from something as simple as the sun.

I turned away and headed back towards the city I had been residing in for about three months now. I was unsure of what to do with myself for the day, Strigoi only ever came out at night, and now that word had spread of my presence, finding Strigoi at night was becoming a rare thing as well.