(Rei's Temple/Scouts HQ in Jubban)

It had been a hour since that met Ryoga and lost him as well the scouts were back at Rei's were they powered down "How the hell did he disappear" "Well that's his curse" "AAAHHHH" Usagi turned around "DON'T DO THAT PLUTO" she yelled "Yes Princess" 'I'll do that to the others instead' she thought "What do you mean" "He has very bad sense of direction" Pluto said "According to Ranma it's so bad he can get losted in a room with one door and no windows" "Oh come on" "Yeah right" "Get serious" "I'am" the Mercury computer beeped "Oh not another attack" "Let's go your highness" Mars bit out as she ran out of the room

(At the Tendo Dojo)

Nodoka was sitting in Ranma's room she was thinking about her son/daughter she wished she never let that trip happen that Ranma didn't have all this pain and all these problems on his shoulders then she had an idea she could try and fix the Kunoji's honor she asked Kasumi to watch her sword she even decided to forgo her kimono for a dress instead which shocked the Tendo sisters when they saw her coming down

Kasumi and Nabiki went running to the gate as something was thundering down the street when they got there they saw Katsunishiki and riding him was Akari, and he had stopped on top of the fathers there legs kicking in the air as they tried pushing themselves out from underneath the finally got out and went into the house while Akari got off of Katsunishiki and Akane came around the corner and ran up to the gate of the Tendo dojo

"Akari" she turned to Akane "I still can't believe your getting married" "OH MY Akari that's wonderful, I could do the photography for a price" "'NABIKI" Kasumi shouted then turned back to Akari "Congratulations I'm happy for you" she said but her thoughts were 'Maybe now Ryoga will stop being P-chan and stop hurting my *imoutochan and **ototochan/imoutochan'

(At the Nekohatten)

"Shampoo miss Airen hope Airen come home soon" Shampoo caught herself in shock 'When Shampoo start thinking Japan home not China?' she thought but he Great Grandmother had heard what she had said "Oh Shampoo my darling forget about that enemy of women Saotuack" SPLASH "quack" "Stupid Mousse should learn to shut up" she picked him up and tossed him into a cage in the kitchen "Shampoo after the lunch rush I wish to talk to you" "Ok Great Grandmother"

(At the Tendo Dojo)

%That ungrateful boy how dare he run off like this abandoning his responsibility to marry Akane% the overstuffed panda signed "WAAAAHHHH now the schools will never be joined" cry the human waterfall "Now Soun we'll go and find the ungrateful boy" "Right Saotome" the duo got there packs and yelled "IT'S SOUN & GENMA'S OPERATION FIND THE BOY & GET THEM HITCHED" as they ran off, the Tendo sisters sweetdropped

"Ladies & Gentleman the Dynamic Dumbasses" "NABIKI" Kasumi and Nodoka yelled "You shouldn't say that out loud even id it's the truth" Nabiki just smiled while Akane giggled "Did they really just notice that Ranma's been gone" she asked Nabiki shock her head "More like he's been gone to long it's almost nine monthes now I thinkl they believe that's not coming back" Akane's face fell "He'll be back trust him" "I do oneechan I do it's the other girl's I don't trust" she said as she watched Nodoka head off

The lunch rush ends at both resturants

(At the Nekohatten)

"Shampoo I've decided to tell Son...Ranma that the kisses have been removed from him" "But" "Shampoo I'll be going back to the village soon and you have to decided if you want to stay here or go back home" Shampoo just looked at her "If you decided to return you won't be punished however if you decided to remain here you and Ranma will be the Elders of the Japanese Amazons" "Great Grandmother may Shampoo think for a while" "Yes you have until Ranma returns home to make up your mind" Shampoo nodded and went off 'If it weren't for me pushing you, you may have been married now child'

(At Uuchan's)

Nodoka had reached Ukyo's resturant but before she neared the building she deciding to have a little fun and put her hair up in a pigtail then she headed in :Ding Ding: Ukyo looked up as the door sounded "Welcom...Ranchan???" "Hello Uuchan, Konatsu" Ukyo jumpped the counter "Ranchan what happened and why are you wearing a dress?" Nodoka blinked "I just felt like wearing a dress for a change and Uuchan you should know that by now" her mouth opened and closed before finding her voice "I know about your curse Ranchan I ment" she waved her hand in front of her "Oh Ryoga and those blasted age altering mushrooms" Ukyo slapped her forehead "Not again"

"I don't mind Uuchan I don't gotta go school" she frowned as Nodoka a smirk "Alright let her off Miss Saotome" she looked at the Kunoichi "Ohhh thanks for ruinning it Konatsu I thought she would've figured it out herself" "WHA???" she turned back to Ukyo "Sorry" she changed her hair as she explained her ruse "Funny" Nodoka smiled "I thought so but now as to why I have come, I wish to adopt you as Ranma's sister" "WHAT" "Look I know what Genma did this way you are part of the family" they continued talking for a while

(Somewhere in Nerima)

"AAAAAHHHHH DAMN IT MY EARS ARE BLEEDING" "Why did you just hear Jillian Hall^ sing" "No worse" "What's wor" "OOOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!" "The hell is that Naga from slayers?" "I forgot your new to Nerima and while that could happen it's not it's" "OOOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!" "Kodachi Kuno unoffical fiancee of Ranma Saotome" Akira said as Kodachi lepted over thr roofs above them "So she's still searching for Ranma?" Akira nodded "She dosen't believe that he went on a training trip about two months ago" Makoto rolled her eyes "I see where can I get some industrial strength earplugs?"

(Somewhere in Jubban)

"How dare you a play ground is for child to play and hav" "HOKIDAN" a green beam hit the creature, the girls were shocked when Ryoga showed up and blasted the creature "Finish it" "Moon Scepter Elimination" "Alright were going to try to help you, okay?" Ryoga nodded "That means if we can't you don't blame Ranma or attack him, he helpped us out a couple of times and now he's asking for help for his frienemy" everyone turned towards Venus "What Ranma said that Ryoga's his friend but Ryoga considers him his enemy so there frienmeies" Jupiter spoke "In a werid way that makes sense" the others nodded "I promise" Ryoga added as the girls joined hands "SAILOR TELEPORT"

(Rei's Temple/Scouts HQ in Jubban)

"Alright we're here now then Ryoga if you'll lie down" Saturn had her hands on either side of Ryoga's head after a few mintues had pasted Moon did her part "MOON HEALING ACTIVATION" Moon after it was finished she asked "Mercury?" after a couple minutes she looked up "It was only partly fixed however it looks like your children have a 50/50 chance that they will have it but they won't get losted if they're consentrating or they won't have it at all" Ryoga just looked at her for a moment and shouted "YES" "As for you Ryoga however you'll have to consentrate hard on where your going in oreder to find it and it would do you good to have a map"

"I know what you two are thinking and according to Ranma, Ryoga's taken" Rei said as she entered the room seeing Mina and Lita drooling as they stared at Ryoga they both sighed just before Ryoga who had heard this exchange spoke up "Actually" Ryoga rubbed the back of his neck "I'm flattered but I'm going be getting married next week" "So that's why..." Rei broke off as Ryoga nodded "I'm amazed at my cousin dispite your attempts to kill him, he still goes out of his way to help you" Rei said with a touch of venom to her voice "I know and I plan to apologize to him when see him nex" "Good"

"DAMN IT WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD ONES TAKEN" Mina and Lita yelled Ryoga sweet dropped as did the other scouts

*imouto - Little Sister **otooto - Little Brother

^ Jillian Hall for those who don't know is a WWE Diva

Next Chapter Ranma returns to Jubban while Akari and the Tendo's plan a wedding