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Buffy was up in her room sitting at her desk finishing a letter to Cedric. They had only been out of school a week and she already missed him. She was hoping that he would be able to come next week for a visit. Putting the letter in an envelope, she quickly addressed it and gave it to Cinnamon. Cinnamon hooted excitedly when Buffy told him to take the letter to Cedric. She took him over to the window and he flew out. Buffy watched him go until she could no longer see him.

"Buffy?" Remus's voice called up to her from the bottom of the stairs. "Are you going with us to Diagon Alley or are you going to stay here with the Rupert and Joyce?"

"I'm coming. I'll be down in a minute." Buffy called to him.

They were going to Diagon Alley today so that Sirius could get a new wand. She and Harry had wanted to go just to spend time with Remus and Sirius. Grabbing her wand she hurried out of her room and down the stairs to where Remus, Sirius, and Harry were waiting by the fireplace.

"I'll go first followed by Harry, Buffy, and then Sirius."

They all nodded as Remus took a hand full of Floo powder. He stepped in to the fireplace and called out Diagon Alley.Harry and Buffy's floo ride had gone much smoother than it had their second year with the Weasleys. Once they had all come through the Floo they headed for Gringotts to get money from Sirius vault. No matter how many times she went into Gringotts the goblins that ran the place made her skin crawl. She stood by Harry and watched as Sirius stepped up to the counter.

"Do you have your key?" The goblin asked impatiently.

"Right here." Sirius said as he dug into his pocket.

"Which vault will we be going to?"

"Vault 459."

"Follow me."

"I'll wait for you lot up here. I like to avoid that ride whenever possible."

"Remus has a bit of a weak stomach when it comes to this." Sirius laughed as he, Harry, and Buffy followed the Goblin.

They all got on to the cart and Buffy found that it was roomier when there wasn't a giant on the back of it. The cart began to move once they were settled starting off slow and speeding up quickly. The ride to Sirius's vault was longer than the one to theirs. Both Harry and Buffy were enjoying the ride but it got Buffy to thinking.

"Thinking about the first time we rode on this." Harry stated through their link.

"Yeah, I was thinking how much more fore this ride is this time without having the ache of that cast being rattled around. I was casting my thoughts again wasn't I?"

"You were but I was thinking about it too and how things are so much better now."

"Yeah they are." Buffy told with a happy sigh.

When the cart finally stopped at Sirius's vault they all watched as the goblin inserted the key and opened the vault. Harry and Buffy's eyes went wide at seeing that his vault had more money than the two of theirs combined. Sirius saw their looks and laughed.

"I'm the only member of my family left. We each had a vault and when my parents and brother died all their money became mine, and it's been building interest for twelve years. This one is actually my vault and I have three others."

Harry and Buffy watched as Sirius filled the bag he brought to the top which Buffy thought was way more than he would need for a wand.

"Are you planning on buying something else? That's a lot for just a wand." Buffy asked.

"Well I thought since we were here I might do a little shopping and get some clothes that actually fit. I've lost quite a bit of weight being in Azkaban."

Harry and Buffy nodded in understanding. Now that Sirius had the bag filled they left out and returned to the cart. The goblin closed the vault and they got back on the cart. He handed Sirius the key before starting the cart again.

When they arrived back to the top they walked out and began looking for Remus. It was Buffy's loud squeal that made them and half the bank turn and watch as Buffy ran toward where Remus was standing with Cedric Diggory. With open arms Cedric Diggory caught her as she practically threw herself at him. She hugged him and buried her face in his chest breathing in his scent.

"Missed me I see."

"I did. What are you doing here?" Buffy said looking up at him but still holding on to him.

"The Professor here came to my house a few minutes ago to see if I would like to spend the day with you at Diagon Alley. I couldn't pass up the chance to spend the day with you."

"I'm glad you came. I missed you. Thank you Remus." Buffy said as she let go of Cedric to hug Remus.

"You're welcome Buffy." Remus said giving her a smile.

"Cedric, it's good to see you." Harry said as he and Sirius approached at a slower speed than Buffy.

"You too Harry."

Cedric and Harry shook hands and then Cedric turned and greeted Sirius also shaking his hand. With the greetings out the way they left out of Gringotts.

Once they had left Gringotts they had all headed for Ollivander's Mr. Ollivander had a tough time finding the right wand for Sirius. Buffy was sure that Mr. Ollivander had tried over fifty different wands with a variety of combinations that either contained maple or a dragons heartstring, which was what Sirius's first wand was made of. None of them had worked. Sirius had destroyed more than half the shop twice. Mr. Ollivander had been looking a bit exasperated. He had now moved on to other woods and cores. It had been another ten wands before they found the one that enveloped Sirius in golden light. The wand was a twelve inch oak with the hair of a unicorn. Now they were at one of the clothing stores where Sirius was picking out new clothes. Harry and Remus were helping Sirius while Buffy and Cedric were walking around the store looking at what else the store had to offer. At the moment they were looking in the dress robe section.

"Does Hogwarts ever have balls?" Buffy asked.

"I don't know. There hasn't been one since I have been there." Cedric told her.

"I would love to have one. How do I look?" Buffy asked holding up a blue dress.

"Beautiful, but in all fairness I think you look beautiful in anything you wear."

"You say the sweetest things to me. Pick something out that you would wear if we were going to the ball."

"Okay." Cedric said as he began looking over the male dress items. He soon had a nice dress shirt and pants with a black dress robe.

"I like that especially the cape. It makes you look striking."

"It's not a cape. It's a dress robe but I guess it does look a little like a cape. Maybe you can talk the headmaster into having one for Christmas."

"Maybe I'll write him when I get home."

"Buffy? Cedric?" Remus called out.

"Over in the formal section." Buffy called out.

"There you are. Sirius is paying for his clothes now and Harry suggested going over to the Quidditch store."

"Great. Remus, has Hogwarts ever had a ball?" Buffy asked.

"It has. They usually happen when Durmstrang and Beauxbatons schools visit Hogwarts or sometimes if morale is low they'll have a dance in hopes of bringing everyone's spirit up. Why do you ask?"

"Cedric and I were just looking at the formal wear and thought it might be nice to have a dance. What do you think of this dress?"

Buffy asked grabbing the dress she had held up for Cedric before.

"I think you would look very nice. Reminds me of the dress Lily wore to the Yule Tide ball. Remember Remus." Sirius said as he and Harry joined the others.

"I do. James couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was really quite funny. James kept bumping into everyone because his eyes never left your mom."

"It sounds like he really loved her." Cedric spoke.

"He did." Remus told him.

"Hey I thought we were headed to the Quidditch store?" Sirius said breaking up somber mood.

"We are." Buffy said as she put the dress back where she got it from. Sirius and Harry had already started toward the exit. Remus, Buffy, and Cedric ran to catch up.

They had all entered the Quidditch store to see that it was filled to the brim with Ireland and Bulgaria team products for the Quidditch World cup. The owner of the store greeted them with a hello and asked them if there was anything he could help them with. Remus told him they were just looking. They were all talking about the Quidditch World cup when Buffy noticed that several of the patrons were staring at them.

"Why is everybody staring at us?" Buffy asked Harry and Cedric in a low voice. "I thought we were done with this "It's the Potter Twins thing."

"I don't think it's us." Harry told her in the same low tone.

"Harry's right. I think it has more to do with who we're with." Cedric suggested.

"You mean Sirius?" Buffy asked and Cedric nodded. "Why don't we find out for sure?"

Buffy walked toward the closest person.

"Excuse me, didn't anyone tell you it's rude to stare. Now my question is are you staring at us because we're the Potter twins, or are you staring because we're the Potter twin and we are in here with Sirius Black, a man who spent twelve years in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit?"

The woman broke her stare and looked at Buffy who was standing there with her hands on her hips. The woman began to sputter not really sure what to say.

"Come on speak up. Which one is it? What about the rest of you? Anyone else want to tell me what the staring is about?" Buffy asked the remaining people in the store.

No one said anything and there were a few that even had the decency to look down and embarrassed. The woman in front of Buffy grumbled something Buffy couldn't understand before turning and leaving the store. Buffy looked around the store to see that as soon as she looked up the remaining people who were staring went back to their shopping. Buffy went back to where the others were at watching.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side. You can be quite intimidating." Cedric said grinning madly as he kissed her cheek.

"That was fun. She looked like the cat that got caught eating the canary. I hope she didn't leave because of something I said." Buffy said with a laugh.

"I don't know what to say but there is no doubt that you are a Potter. That was so much like Lily, always standing up for someone, with just a touch of James's sense of humor. Thank you."

"It was nothing. You've been cleared of all charges and they're all looking at you like you're about to kill everyone in here."

"Well if we're done looking around here how about we go Florean Fortescue for ice cream to celebrate. My treat." Sirius told them.

Harry, Buffy and Cedric all nodded and they soon left the store headed to get ice cream. The ice cream shop was vacant and they were all glad that they weren't going to have a repeat scene. They each got a huge sundae. Cedric, Buffy, and Harry sat at one table while Remus and Sirius sat at the table next to stomach's full of ice cream they had all decided to head home. Cedric had stayed at the house for several more hours before he used the floo to return home.

That night after dinner everyone but Buffy was down in the parlor. Rupert and Joyce were reading. Sirius was playing Wizard Chess with Harry and Remus was watching. Buffy had gone up to her room and had told them she would be down in a bit. After an hour had passed with no sign of Buffy, Remus decided to go up to her room and see what she was doing. He climbed the stairs and as soon as he got to the top his ears picked up the faint sound of music. He followed the sound and was right that it was coming out of Buffy's room. Knocking on the door Remus waited for Buffy to say come in. He heard her turn off the music before saying come in. When he opened the door she was sitting on her bed with a book.

"I thought you said you would be down soon. You've been up here for over an hour. Care to share what has you so occupied?"

"At first I wrote a letter to Professor Dumbledore about having a ball this year. Then I went to the library to get a book to read but I found this one and came up here to try some of it."

Remus looked at the book to see that it was a book on dancing and he smiled.

"Was this why I heard music when I came up the stairs?" Buffy nodded yes.

"I don't know how to dance and I don't want to look like a fool when I'm dancing with Cedric. Can you teach me how to dance?"

"I'm afraid I'm not much of a dancer. I usually sat in the chairs and watched others dance."

"Your date didn't mind?"

"Not after the tenth time I stepped on her toes. She was ready to sit after that." Buffy giggled.

"I bet. Do you think Rupert knows how to dance? Or what about Sirius? Can he dance?"

"Sirius is worse than me. His idea of dancing is making it up as he goes along. Remember Ron's spider on roller skates? That's how Sirius looks when he dances." At that Buffy began to laugh at the image that brought up. "James and Lily were very good dancer. They were both very graceful. As for whether Rupert can dance why don't you ask him?"

"I will tomorrow. I missed enough of family time. Come on want to play me in snaps?"

"Sure sounds fun."

"Let me get a deck."

Buffy pointed her finger at the deck on her dresser and concentrated. Soon the deck lifted into the air and came toward them.

"You're getting very good at that." Remus said once she had hold of the deck.

"Professor McGonagall told me she was going to test me as soon as school started up to see if I had been practicing. I want to make sure I pass."

"I have all the confidence in the world in you. Just remember to take time and have fun."

"I will." Buffy said hugging him as they walked down the hall to go to the parlor.

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