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"Ethan Rayne, you old scallywag. You're Buffy's watcher?" Rupert asked as he came in to shake Ethan's hand (He's a good Ethan not chaotic just mischievous).

"That's right Rupes. When they found out that the newest slayer was also a witch they chose me since I come from a family of watcher's and wizards. So you are Elizabeth Potter and this must be Harry."

"I am and I preferred to be called Buffy."

"Buffy it is then. I would like for you to start reading this." Ethan handed her the book with the word Vampyre on it.

"I like this one. It was quite informative."

"You read this book already? When? How?" Ethan asked.

"There's a copy in the library. Remember Remus and Harry, I was reading almost nonstop last year when I found it after Faith left."

"I remember. I had to take it away from you at night or you wouldn't sleep." Remus reminded her.

"That's good. I suggest that you look through it and refresh your memory for I will be testing you tomorrow."

"You could test me right now. I never forget anything I read. I have a photographic memory." Buffy told him with a smile.

Ethan gave her a quick verbal quiz and she got all the questions right. After that they left Dumbledore's office and went to breakfast.

After everyone had finished eating Dumbledore stood up raising his hand up and signaling for quiet. The students immediately quieted and looked up at the headmaster.

"Ludo Bagman is here to announce who the Tri-Wizard tournament winner is."

"Thank you Albus. After much debate and much consideration, it has been decided that since Mr. Diggory would have won had he not gone back to help Miss Potter he was awarded extra points by the judges. Since Mr. Diggory and Miss Potter touched the cup at the same time we're they both are winners of the Tri-wizard cup. Miss Potter, Mr. Diggory, please join me up here." The Hogwarts crowd began to clap and cheer as Cedric and Buffy stood. Buffy looked up at the teacher's table to see that all her family was clapping including her new watcher. As the clapping and cheering quieted down Bagman went to hand them the money. He had given them both a bag containing five hundred galleons.

"Now if one of you will come on the other side we'd like to have some pictures done."

Buffy went on to the other side and when Bagman wanted them both to hold the cup they were hesitant. Both Bagman and Dumbledore assured them it was no longer a portkey. Cedric and Buffy held the cup both gald that nothing happened. The first picture was just Buffy and Cedric. Then McGonagall and Sprout stood beside their respective student being their heads. The last picture was the two Champions with Dumbledore and Bagman's. Everyone began to clap and cheer again as they returned to their seats.

After breakfast Buffy spent some time getting to know her watcher and they worked out a schedule for training. Training would start on Monday so that gave Buffy the weekend to relax. She left the room that would be their training room and headed back to the Gryffindor Tower. When she reached the portrait, she gave the password. Her slayer hearing could hear that it sounded like everyone was in the Common Room trying to be quiet. Buffy walked in and everyone began to clap and cheer. There was a banner up that said Tri-Wizard champion.

"Congratulations Buffy!" Fred, George, Angelina, Katie, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry cried out.

George came over to her and placed a crown on her head that blinked TRI-WIZARD CHAMPION.

"This is great."

"Tell us what happened last night. Did you and Cedric really see You Know Who?" Seamus asked.

Buffy nodded and told them all about the third task and how Voldemort returned. She told them about becoming the Slayer and they were really interested in that.

Joyce, Remus, Sirius, and Rupert stayed for a few days after the task. Rupert wanted to spend some time catching up with Ethan. The two along with Sirius even played a few pranks on certain members of the staff and few students mainly Slytherins. Once they had left Buffy's life had fallen into a routine. She would go to classes as normal and on the days she had DADA she would spend it doing extra training with Ethan while everyone else had a free period. After classes she and Ethan would do their regular training session before she would head to dinner. After dinner she would spend time either studying for her end of the year exams or spend time with Cedric in the library. On the weekends Buffy didn't have to train so she got to spend that time with her friends. Today was Saturday and Buffy had woken up early and was feeling a bit antsy and wanted to go for a run. She got up and quickly changed. Thinking she better tell some where she was going Buffy opened the link to Harry.

"Going somewhere?" Harry thought spoke as soon as the link was open.

""I just thought I should let you know I'm going for a run. What are you doing up this early? I thought I would have to wake you."

"Ron's snoring woke me up. Want some company?"

"Sure. I'll wait for you down here."

"Be down in a few." Harry told her than closed the link from his end.

Buffy began stretching while she waited for Harry to come down the stair. Five minutes later Buffy looked up to see her brother wearing matching sweats.

"Let's go." Harry said with a smile.

Harry and Buffy left the Gryffindor tower and headed down the stairs. They met up with Sir Nicholas and chatted for a minute before continuing to head outside. Once they were outside Buffy tagged Harry's shoulder.

"Tag, you're it."

Buffy started running down toward Hadgrid's not really using much of her slayer strength. She looked back to see that Harry was running after her.

"Now you're it." Harry tagged her and then bolted ahead of her.

Buffy laughed and then put more speed in to her run to catch Harry. Buffy caught up with him about three-fourths of the way to Hagrid's hut. She tags him as she passed by making sure to stay out of his reach. Harry caught up with her at Hagrid's.

"Ready to head back up or do you need to rest?" Buffy asked Harry.

"Amazingly enough I'm ready to go. Come on, I'll race you back to the top."

The two raced back to the top and Buffy won but Harry had kept good pace with Buffy and she was using her slayer strength to run with. They repeated the race going back down and this time Harry beat her.

"Harry, I think you've picked up on some of my slayer speed through our bond."

"You mean you didn't let me win?" Harry asked his sister. Buffy shook her head no. "Wow."

"Should we tell Ethan or should we wait?" Buffy asked him.

"Let's wait until we return home. That will gives us a chance to run a few test of our own."

Buffy nodded. She and Harry looked toward Hagrid's hut when they heard the door open.

"Harry…Buffy…what brings ya two down here so early?"

"We didn't wake you did we Hagrid?" Buffy asked.

"No, I was up already when I heard talking. Now what brings ya down here?"

"Buffy and I were just racing. She felt like running and I thought I'd keep her company."

Harry told him. They talked for a bit before Hagrid reminded them breakfast would be ready soon. Harry and Buffy raced off once again.

Once again the end of the year had come. With the threat of Voldemort possibly attacking at any chance he gets, Ethan and Rupert were riding the train back with the children. Cedric sat in the same compartment with them. Buffy was snuggled up to him listening to the conversation. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were mostly talking about Rita Skeeter and her nosy reporting. Ethan and Giles were talking about getting Ethan settled in to the house. Buffy was glad the Giles had a big house. Then a bit of a sad look fell on her face.

"You feeling okay love?" Cedric asked seeing Buffy's look.

"I'm fine. I was just thinking about next year. It's your last year. I don't want you to leave." Buffy pouted a bit.

"That's still a whole year off and I promise I'll visit often. That pout is cute on you." Cedric said right before he leaned down and kissed her. "Feel better now?"

"I do." Buffy said giving him a smile at his distraction technique.

They talked until the train pulled into the station. They gathered there things and Buffy greeted Cedric family which was his mother, father, and his Uncle Andy who was there to get Emily. They kissed once again.

"I'll come see you in a few days. I love you." Cedric kissed her again.

"I'm looking forward to it. I've got to go. Giles doesn't want Harry and I out in public for too long. I love you too."

This time Buffy kissed him and then ran off to where Giles, Ethan, and Harry were waiting. The luggage had already gone ahead having been taken by Giles' house elves. Giles took Buffy's hand while Ethan took Harry's and they apparated home.

The End

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