Title - Reasons

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - those you know belong to people other than me

E/O Challenge word - space

Word count - 100 (woot!)

A/N - sorry to be gone so long, RL and lack of inspiration. Hope you enjoy this little piece.

A/N 2 - Happy Birthday, Ghostey! Here's a dose of our beloved Cas for you!

Being human was interesting.



He couldn't comprehend their reasoning.

The rules kept changing.

He still didn't understand why she struck him.

Sam tried to explain.

Dean just laughed, then taught him something new.

So much to learn and experience.

Overwhelming at times.

Sometimes he missed his wings, his Grace, his brethren.

HearingFeelingBeing part of them and their Father.

Reaching across time and space with a thought.

Not feeling useless in the war and unable to aid the brothers.

Then Dean would smile or Sam would clap his shoulder.

And Castiel would remember why Falling had been worth it.

-= end =-