Author's Note: Switched a few things in the lyrics again; but it's minor. In the original, the Phantom sings about Christine. Here, it's like... Well, imagine Ciel singing about Sebastian, and you'll know which words I've switched. A fun fact: This song is from a deleted scene in the movie. After checking the scene on the extra material, I truly wish it had been put into the movie... Because it's a really beautiful song.

No One Would Listen

All in all, Ciel was very happy with his life. He knew that even though some people might pity him in a way due to him being orphaned at such a young age, he had little to be sad about. After all, he had gotten through all hardships this far, hadn't he? And he could hardly say that the good moments were few. In fact, he could swear on that his life had gotten even better ever since he came back. But he could remember that just after his parents had died, he had pitied himself, maybe even despised himself for a while for being so helpless. But he had never been alone. True, he did not think of those despicable creatures as "company". But the hatred he had felt, the fury, had kept him company for so long, and had finally taken a shape. Sebastian.

No one would listen...

No one but him

Heard as the outcast hears...

Sebastian had always been there, only not in a definite shape at first. But he had been buried deep within Ciel's soul from the very beginning, only waiting to be called forth. Naturally, the young master would not discuss this with his butler since he knew that he was wrong in a way. But that hatred and anger he had felt had summoned the demon, so was it not true in another way? Perhaps he'd never be really certain, but Ciel still felt as if Sebastian had been in his soul all the time. He had just needed to get to know this "inner" demon a little better.

Ciel smiled slightly to himself as he looked out through the window and saw how Finnian had managed to create a minor disaster in the garden once again. A petty task for Sebastian, who had already begun with telling the gardener to go back inside and allow him to take care of it all. Life was back to normal, and Sebastian had lightened up a little. Everyone had noticed the change in his behaviour; he seemed kinder, somehow. And he also spent even more time around his young master than before. He was reluctant to even leave whatever room Ciel was in. And Ciel was happy for it; he didn't want Sebastian to shun him.

Shamed into solitude,

Shunned by the multitude...

I learned to listen –

In the dark, my heart heard music...

I longed to teach the world,

Rise up and reach the world.

No one would listen.

I alone could hear the music...

Ciel leaned back, taking a short pause from his work. He already had a hard time concentrating, and it was not even anywhere near time for afternoon tea. He kept thinking about that night when he had met Sebastian, about how it had happened. He remembered vaguely begging for a way out of it all, a way to exact vengeance. He had begged everyone and no one, and only one had answered. Shunned by the Lord himself, Ciel had turned to the single voice that had answered his call and found a demon who offered to help him and even to serve him. A soul was a small price to pay, according to the young Phantomhive heir, and he had accepted this offer. The Lord had shunned him and refused any help. But a darker power had answered, and helped him through his most difficult times in life. Sebastian had answered, and he had remained by the boy's side for so long, no matter what.

Then at last, a voice in the gloom

Seemed to cry: "I hear you!

I hear your fears,

Your torment and your tears!"

He blinked in surprise, realising that it was already late in the day and that he must've dozed off. He opened his mouth to mutter a low curse and a reprimand for himself. But at that moment, a gentle tune reached his ears. Slowly, he turned his head and saw Sebastian stand by the window, playing the violin. The butler met his young master's gaze and smiled at him, a surprisingly gentle smile.

"You fell asleep, Ciel", he said calmly, not missing a single note as he continued playing. "Perhaps you should take the rest of that paperwork tomorrow? It's almost time for dinner."

Ciel eyed him for a moment, and then returned the smile.

"Please", he said. "Please, Sebastian... Can you play a little longer? It feels soothing..."

The demon chuckled softly and nodded, still not stopping a single time.

"Or perhaps the paperwork should wait even longer, young master", he asked. "If I'm not wrong, there is one gentleman we have not visited yet... Although I do not doubt that he knows about your return."

The boy smiled and looked out through the window behind him.

"There is", he said. "We'll visit him tonight, Sebastian. Although he might know, he should be reminded of a few things."

A demon and a human child both smiled, anticipation glittering in their eyes. And if one had eyed their smiled, mirrored in the glass of the windows, one would have noticed that they were almost exactly the same.

He saw my loneliness,

Shared in my emptiness.

No one would listen...

No one but him

Heard as the outcast hears.

No one would listen...

No one but him

Heard as the outcast hears...

Well, that's it for this fic. :P I know that the chapters weren't long and that I seemed to hurry through... It's just that I had a hard time thinking of anything good to write. But in this last chapter, my favourite part of the song itself is absolutely about the "voice in the gloom". ^^ Anyway! R&R, if you find the time, and I would be very happy!