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The Spark.

Chapter One:

The beat was pulsating, moving and surrounding him. It filled his senses as he entered the club through the main entrance. The music was loud, and the sea of writhing bodies on the platform below brought a smirk to his lips. Vibrant mercury eyes scanned the crowd, not looking for anybody in particular, merely taking in all that was below him, curious as to how this night was going to end.

21 year old Draco Malfoy turned from his previous spot on the balcony of Club 239, a muggle night club notorious for its acceptance of all kinds of people of the community. He didn't miss the appreciative glances of those around him, from his pristine black leather boots, to his perfectly pressed emerald green collared long sleeved shirt right up to his flawless spiked blonde hair, which was cropped much shorter then how he had it as a schoolboy at Hogwarts. His deep mercury eyes were illuminated by the slight smudge of eyeliner, not at all feminine, but just to enhance the prominence of them, more then what they already were.

As he walked to the bar, he glanced at the approving looks that he was receiving, from both males and females alike, disinterestedly. While he was no prude, Draco Malfoy, despite popular belief, was not some common whore. He did not simply 'put out' for anybody, and the only reason that he even graced his presence within clubs like these, was to continue his search for that person. That one person that would make him stop in his tracks and make his heart flutter.

Once he reached the bar he sat on one of the recently vacated bar stools and caught the attention of the young bartender, who in turn nodded back at Draco.

"Your usual Hun?" he asked.

"Yeah, thanks." Draco replied with a smile.

Upon receiving his glass of gin and bitter lemon (A/N: One of my favorite drinks EVER so it's now Draco's too ^_^), he couldn't help but laugh at the irony that was his life these days. He never thought that three years after the great war and fall of Voldemort, that Draco Malfoy, ice prince of Slytherin, would be not only trailing bar after bar, night after night, in the quest of finding something… someone that he could share his life with, but that his closest friend would be a muggle barman, James, who worked Friday and Saturday nights at club 239.

At this thought, the man himself who was currently gracing the thoughts of the young blonde came up and stood in front of him at the bar, looking out at the crowd.

"Reckon you'll find him tonight babe?" James questioned, eyes never leaving the crowd on the dance floor below.

Draco glanced out and scanned the crowd much the same way that James was and sighed before sighing and shrugging before replying. "I'd love to be able to say yes. But it's bordering on months now that I've been searching. But I'm beginning to loose hope James. I think I should just stop searching. If I'm meant to find him, then I will."

"Honey, how can you give up on 'him' if you don't even know who 'he' is? Look around you! There have to be HUNDREDS of gay men around here, and all of them would be more then eager to get to know you a little better and prove that their 'the one' you've been looking for" James replied with a wink and a nudge. "Hell, if you're still around at the end of my shift, maybe you and me could even give it a go!" He added with a suggestive eyebrow raise and a grin.

Draco responded to this comment by shoving James down to a waiting customer at the other end of the bar with a playful smirk and a roll of his eyes. While James was by no means an unattractive person, and under different circumstances Draco supposed he would in fact 'give it a go' as James so eloquently put it, but as much as he loved the young man, there was nothing but a platonic friendship there. James just didn't hold the spark for Draco that he was looking for, that he hoped he would find in someone someday.


An hour later Draco found himself letting go of his inhibitions, and dancing freely with any willing male specimen, which there was never a lack thereof when it came to this particular Malfoy. As the beat quickened, Draco found himself dancing with a pretty young blonde male, who was barely fresh out of high school, who was also dancing against him in a sinfully delicious way that made Draco consider forgetting all about his search in favor of taking this young beauty home and finding out if he was as talented as he was gorgeous when he felt a pair of hands rest on his hips from behind and felt another sinful body grinding against his back.

The difference between the two males was confusing to Draco. He found the man in front of him seductive and very, very attractive, and the man was definitely capable of bringing Draco to attention as such, but he was nothing on the male who was grinding Draco from behind. Draco had no idea what the male looked like, but if he was to continue to create a fire within the pit of Draco's body the way he was, Draco decided he did not care what the man looked like. Draco found himself more turned on then he ever had been in his entire life. After a minute of the sinful dancing with the two males, Draco moved his hands from their previous position on the blonde beauties shoulders to entwine them in the hair of the mysterious male behind him. As the beat continued on, Draco found himself grinding against the mystery man's defined bulge, feeling it grow with the help of his ministrations. The mystery male leaned down and began to attack Draco's neck, alternating between kissing, sucking, biting and licking, making Draco mewl in absolute pleasure. It wasn't until after several minutes of this that Draco noticed that the blonde beauty had left the two males alone, to continue as they were.

'Holy Crap' Draco thought. 'I've never felt this before… This is incredible!' His train of thought trailed off after this however as his mystery man sucked on a particularly sensitive part of Draco's neck, which in turn caused Draco to gasp and moan in a very wanton way. He was harder then he had ever felt in his life, and he wanted to kiss the man behind him, to take the man home and fuck him senseless, be damned his search. In a swift movement, Draco threw caution to the wind and spun in the man's arms to face him. Draco however, had not anticipated vibrant emerald green eyes and a familiar mop of black hair.

A horrified cry of "MALFOY?!" reached Draco's ears.

Draco closed his eyes, gulped and re opened them, hoping that this was all some horrible, horrible dream. When he realized it wasn't, Draco couldn't help but screech in a very unMalfoyish way,


To Be Continued…

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