A Chaotic State
By Jadesfire2
Summary: Rocketshippy. Jessie's back, after three years of being lost in Andes, where everyone thought she died like her mother. But something's wrong...she's not the same, and nobody can figure out what happened-and who followed her back?

"James!" Shinbo was now yelling and pounding the door insanely. "James, you better open this door now! Open it-or I'll tell the police you're trying to commit suicide!" Great, the last thing he needed was to see the police. "NOW, James!"

He went to the door and opened it, where a very agitated Shinbo was standing in the hall, arms crossed. "I wasn't trying to kill myself," James said shortly, he was in a bad mood today. "I just didn't want to see anyone."

Shinbo was still glaring at him. "That's why I came over," he said. "Tonight were gonna go out and buy you a life." He saw that James looked less than pleased at the joke, and he knew why. Now more than ever did he really need to get on with it. "This is going to sound too blunt and insensitive, but she's dea-"

"Lost." James growled. "She's lost." Then he turned around to find the remote control. He did, and turned on the news. Still nothing. Nobody had found a red haired girl in the mountains-dead or alive.

Shinbo sighed. He didn't know why he put up with this guy. He felt sorry for James; whoever this Jessie was, her disappearance had hit him hard. There was a picture of her on the bookshelf-her, James, and a Meowth that James seemed to believe could talk, poor guy.

Shinbo had sort of taken James under his wing, after he'd caught the guy in his apartment, trying to steal food. He'd just felt sorry for him, loosing his job and friends in such a short time.

"You don't know her," James said, talking in the present tense instead of the past. "People like Jessie don't just die. It's like that Twerp...Ketchum...kids like that don't just loose."

Shinbo had to think for a moment... "Ketchum...oh, wait, the child Pokemon Master?"

James nodded. "I remember when he couldn't beat a gym leader," for a moment it was as if James was talking about a son that had grown up, but then he added "stupid kid-it was all his fault" and was quiet once more.

Shinbo had put up with his constant brooding over the lost girl for a year, and then he had worked, bit by bit, to get James to act somewhat normal-but he then learned that "normal" for James was something else entirely. But at this time of year he was always acting like this, even now, three years after she was gone.
And this was just about as much as Shinbo could take.
He grabbed James's arm and started to drag him to the door. "We're going out."

"Going where? I really would rather stay-"

Shinbo turned to face him. "You need to start dating again or else you're going to die a single man lusting after a dead girl!" he yelled.

"She's not dead and there is no 'dating again' because we never dated!" James yelled in protest. "Besides, I really don't-"

Shinbo considered this. "Well, fine. You obviously haven't gotten over her so dating is too soon," he surrendered.

"Thank you," James said, and was about to walk back to the couch when Shinbo pulled his arm again.

"But you do need to at least see some other women, or else every time ya see a girl you'll think it's that Jessie person," he said, grinning.

James grimaced. Shinbo was very nice, but also a big pervert, and so when he said "see some other women" he meant strip club.

"Look," he said. "James-fine. Let's say she's alive. I'll accept that if you accept this: if she is alive, she's not coming back."

And as he was saying this, a small group of hikers made their way into a run down hospital in Peru. They were met by a few nurses, who helped them get their cargo, a red-haired girl, onto a stretcher.