James had skipped over pediatrics and the pharmacy, and was searching the CAT scan tubes in radiology when Shinbo came rushing in like a madman. "JAMES! JAMES!!" he yelled, trying to stop but failing and he slid into some machine. He got up, panting and still trying to say something. "Girl-she was-my phone-took it-you gotta get down to-Sabrina said-"

James had to put his hands on Shinbo's shoulders to stop the guy from hitting him with his elaborate arm motions. "Slow down, I can't understand you!"


"Slow DOWN!" James shouted, and Shinbo stopped trying to explain and focused on catching his breath so he could make more sense. James took another fleeting glance around the room. He'd checked at least ten other hospital wards and nothing. Maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him; it wouldn't have been the first time.

Last year, around this time, he'd sworn he'd seen Jessie at one of her favorite stores, but he only succeeded in scaring a cashier woman. But it had sounded like her... He sighed. Maybe it was time to move on-if he kept jumping like this he could flip out. "Maybe you're right, Shinbo," he started. "Maybe I have lost it. I've definitely lost her..."

Shinbo's head shot up. He wasn't hearing this. "Wait a-she-but-here...oxygen!"

"You were right...I guess..." James was saying, and his heart wasn't in it. Sure, the one time he used his head instead of his heart, it was at the completely wrong moment! It was a shame Shinbo was having trouble getting air in his lungs...
"I guess we should leave..." he'd never seen James so depressed. "You were ri-"

"HOLD IT!" he finally belted out, using the only breath of air he'd managed to contain. He caught his breath again. "I was wrong, she's HERE!" And there went his oxygen intake once more.

James had frozen. It seemed to take a second or two for him to get the point. "...What?" he finally got out. His voice was kind of far off and disbelieving, as if he thought he hallucinated the whole thing.

Finally Shinbo caught his breath. Dang, this hospital smelled funny... "I SAW her-at least I think I did-"

"WHERE?" James was shaking his head, eyes darting, as if daring himself to believe it to be true.

"The East Wing. They put her with those people who are...off, so to speak," Shinbo said cautiously.

James lifted his head to stare at him, looking a bit scared. "Is there something wrong with her?"

He shrugged. "She looked like she could do with a good meal--and a hair stylist-but she was definitely aware enough to pick my pocket...didn't say a thing though."

James smiled a little, as if proud of his little friend for stealing Shinbo's phone, then something seemed to register with him. "Why didn't you bring her down here? Did you tell her-"

"I couldn't tell her anything! And Sabrina said I couldn't use a cellular in the hospital-interferes with machines or something," he said, remembering why he'd been in such a hurry. "Just as I recognized her-you know, from that picture you have-some other doctors came running in. Apparently she'd gone a-wall on 'em...took her off somewhere and told me to get lost." James looked furious; his fists were clenched tight. "I thought I'd better find you before they did any weird tests or gave her medic-hey wait up!" James was running down the hall.

"Ow! Doctor that's the third time," Melanie said, rubbing her sore hand. "Don't you think she's trying to tell us something?" She once again retrieved the needle from the ground and handed it to another nurse, who handed her a clean one in its place. This had been the third time she'd tried to inject their new wild patient with some medicine. It always happened the same way-the girl would sit still and calm, enough to fool Melanie into thinking she might just sit still this time, and then she would slap the needle out of her hand quick as lightning.

Dr. Kenson shook his head and have her a look. "She is just responding to the animal instinct to defend herself. How many times to I have to tell you she doesn't understand a word we say!"

Melanie and the patient exchanged looks with raised eyebrows. This woman seemed smart enough to her, perhaps she couldn't talk... "Maybe we should give her something to write with."

Dr. Kenson continued as if she hadn't spoken. "We'll probably have to hold her down..." he started to come towards her, but the woman's head jerked up and she glared at him like a Persian-as dumb as Kenson acted, Mel had to believe he was right about the animal instinct. Kenson backed away, and tried to retain his composure. "Perhaps we should sedate her instead-from a distance." He fished around in his coat pocket and produced a pokeball. "I have a Gloom that knows sleep powder, but then again it might make the place smell bad...Mel, you have a Butterfree, don't you?"

"Er, yes," she said nervously. "Uh sir, I don't know if-" but she was interrupted by noises from outside.

The receptionist was yelling, "Who gave you authorization-" and was interrupted by a second voice who answered, "Sabrina did!" Then, a third voice shouted "Will you wait up Ja-hey pretty girl, wanna go out with me?" then there was a nasty sounding slapping noise (the receptionists took tai bo).

Kenson had, as inattentive as he was, taken notice. "Mel, put a screen around the bed, I don't want our Jane Doe to get upset."

"R-right," Mel brought the curtain around her and the hospital bed the woman sat on, but she kept trying to see past the screen.

She heard some man run into the room. "Hey! I'm looking for someone," he breathed out, looking exhausted, apparently he'd been running. "Tall-red head-kinda temperamental..."

The patient looked up, the voice catching her attention. Her mouth opened a bit, like she was waiting for her voice to work. She looked a bit stiff, and partially leaned against the bed, as if she couldn't decide if she should pull away the curtain or not.

Mel heard Dr. Kenson speaking. "I'm sorry sir but I haven't seen anyone like that." She couldn't believe him! That guy might be looking for...whoever she was! She looked to the patient, who's fists were clenched a bit and she was shaking her head, mouth moving slightly as if she wanted to yell out at the doctor, or the visitor, but then she stopped and sat back on the bed. She looked defeated-she was just going to let Dr. Kenson lie to that guy out there!
Well Melanie wouldn't stand for that...

She couldn't see him, not James, she'd decided on that. Jessie knew how dangerous it was to be around her, he'd get hurt. Maybe she was lucky that Kenson guy was a know-it-all jerk who didn't want to give up his most "interesting" patient.

"There are mentally ill people in the ward," the doctor was saying. "If you keep running around and yelling, you're only going to upset them. Please leave this room, I'm tending to a patient."

Yes James, leave, please...

He'd almost gotten killed because of her last time, even though he didn't know it. And now...now things were worse, he'd get hurt. She had to get out of here, away from people, or at least the people she cared about. If one more person got hurt because of her-Jessie was sure she could never handle that.

The nurse that seemed to be the only sane medic-Mel, wasn't it?-seemed to be getting more and more angry with each word Kenson was saying. Finally it looked like she'd taken the last straw.

"Dr. Kenson!" she shouted, pulling the curtain away. "You have no right to interfere with the lives of strangers-she's not a lab rattata!" She moved to the side a little, bringing Jessie into full view.

Knowing she couldn't avoid him forever-and indulging her secret desire to see him once more-Jessie lifted her head to face James.

She wasn't able to see his reaction. All she heard was a loud "Jess!" and James collided into her in a tight hug. He'd knocked the air out of her lungs, and she'd only been able to get out a breathless "hey".

"I knew you were alive," he said, sounding happy but muffled with his face buried in what was left of her now very short hair. "But what happened? You're too thin, are you all right?"

Jessie had to admit she was a bit surprised about this kind of attention. She'd thought he'd be angry with her. Maybe he hadn't realized...maybe he'd never found out...and did Meowth tell him anything? "I'm okay," she answered him, starting their reunion off with a lie. "Just hungry, and tired, kinda-ow, not so tight."

She felt his head on her shoulder move in what was a nod and he loosened his grip on her, just a little. "Come on," he said, smiling and pulling up to face her, "I'll take you home."

Dr. Kenson, who'd been arguing with Mel and her assistant nurse, looked over. "You don't have authorization for her release-she needs to stay here for observation," he said. "She'd incoherent-doesn't understand a thing your saying to-"

"Shut up!" Jessie snapped at him, "I've taken enough from you. And for your information I wasn't being a difficult patient, I'm allergic to penicillin, and if you did your job right you'd have tested for that."

Kenson looked uncomfortable. Mel looked smug. "I knew she was just messing with you," she said.

The practical part of Jessie was screaming at her. She knew that she shouldn't go with James; she knew it was too dangerous, but she still couldn't control the impulse to sink back into his grip. He still smelled like roses...and she got a sense of euphoria from the scent like a drug. A drug that impaired her judgment, that feeling of love that was so dangerous for her-she couldn't overcome it, and her heart didn't want to.

"Well I still can't authorize her release, she-" Kenson tried, but was cut off.

"I'm authorizing her release," Sabrina announced from the door, Shinbo gawking at her from a few feet behind. "She's alive, malnourished but altogether healthy, and I see no reason to keep her here if the young man promises to give her a good meal."

Dr. Kenson took Sabrina's arm and led her into the hallway where the muffled sounds of an argument filtered in through the door that Shinbo closed behind him when he entered. He walked over to Jessie and James, grinning, "So I got the right girl, didn't I? This cute thief?" he muttered something about a cell phone under his breath.

Jessie looked at him with a half narrow, almost cross-eyed glare, but James smiled, tightened his grip on her once more. "Yep, this is Jessie."

Shinbo smiled. Now that he found her, James might just act normal-or as normal as he could get, anyway. "Well lil lady," he addressed her, "I was beginning to think you didn't exist."

Dr. Kenson, not liking his loss to Sabrina, had turned on Melanie. "That was completely out of place, Mel. I thought you knew better than to question my judgment!"

Mel, in a particularly rude moment she wasn't used to, tossed her blonde, curly hair and shrugged. "You just wanted to probe her, inject her, and become the famous so called doctor who cured 'the deranged savage suffering from isolation sickness'," she shouted at him. "You were doing this for publicity-she may have been up in the Andes for some time, but what it does to her mentally is her own business until she becomes a threat to society." She took off her lab coat and filtered through the jackets on the hat rack looking for hers. "Besides, that-what was it, Jessie?-seemed to be just fine to me. Being alone in those harsh mountains would most likely cause trauma, but maybe it didn't in this case. And that man was looking for her anyway..." she found her jacket and put it on, then took off her nurse's cap with the red cross.

Dr. Kenson was red in the face with anger. "Now you see here, young lady. I-" Mel's watch beeped and she cut him off.

"Well finish this tomorrow. My shift is over, and I have a date," she said, walking past Kenson to a silver haired man waiting by the nurses station.
"Thanks for waiting, Basho, you wouldn't believe the day I've had!"

The man smiled and held out his arm to her. "Why don't you tell me everything about it..."