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"You've heard of the four horsemen of the apocalypse bringers of conquest, war, famine and death. These four demi gods are destined to come to this earth and destroy everything. No body knows when, people thought the year 2000. This is where the Y2K theory came from, it is also believed that the year 2012 is the start of the apocalypse as it is the end of the Mayan long count calendar... But this is not the case." said the dark titan who was reading from a large heavy tome. "But what you don't know is, there are four others... the good horsemen you might say. These are believed to come in the form of children, which makes sense seeing as children are portrayed as innocence, life and basically everything good in the world."

"So what are you saying?" asked cyborg

"I'm saying that we need to find these children. My books say they get reborn into the world every 500 years. They are spread around the world in four continents; America, Europe, Asia and Australia." Raven said looking up. "There's one more thing, there are seven seals that have to be broken for the horsemen to come and the world to end, the first one was broken last night..."

"Is there any way to stop them from being broken..?" asked beast boy.

"Not unless we can find the book of seals and the one who is breaking them..." she replied.

"Ok how long do we have to find these kids?" asked Robin

"From my calculations we have 27 days before the last seal is broken." she said looking at a piece of paper with scribbles all over it.

"How are we supposed to find them, the kids I mean, firstly we don't know where to start looking and who to look for!" said beast boy.

"Hold on, there's a bit in here that describes them. Here we go, it says they are always children of the Wolf, Phoenix, Lion and Raven... and they have powers bestowed upon them from a higher power"

"Hey does that mean you could be one of them?" asked beast boy

"Maybe, if you could call Trigon a higher power and it would explain the vision I had last night... it says here that when the horsemen come, the children will be of adolescence!"

"Well then we better get looking for the other three, if your one, then that makes it easier. Does it say how we can identify them?"

"It says that when the time draws near each will sense the others." said raven interpreting the old language.

"That's useful, so all we have to do is fly in the T-jet to Europe, Asia and Australia and then let Raven fly over and try sensing them, we'll be done in no time!" said cyborg grinning happily.

"This is glorious news." said Starfire excitedly who had been listening keenly to the conversation.

"What will happen if we don't find them in time..?" asked Robin.

"Well when the seventh seal is broken there will be nothing we can do... it says 'There will be seven trumpets of angels and the end of the world'..." she said looking up and seeing fear in her friends faces.

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