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The Lamb and the Nightmare

1:32am Previous night

Raven was restless... murmuring in an ancient language as she slept...

"Where am I..?" she said to her self looking around finding herself in a bare field ahead there was a lamb that looked like it belonged in a nightmare, it had seven horns and seven eyes. On the ground in front of it was a book.

The lamb opened the first seal and then spoke with a voice like thunder "Come!" there was a sudden strike of lightning.

Raven looked, and there before her was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest...

The lamb then turned its ugly head towards Raven now realizing she was there.

"NO..." Raven screamed sitting up... beads of sweat rolling down her face. She looked around, she was in her room sitting on her bed, everything was normal.

There was a sudden banging on the door "RAVEN... RAVEN... ARE YOU ALL RIGHT..?" shouted beast boy whose room was next to hers.

She got up shakily and opened the door a fraction...

"Rae... are you all right..?" he asked much quieter this time.

"I-I'm fine... just a... nightmare.." she replied

By now the rest of the titans had got to ravens door having heard beast boys yelling.

"Whats going on..?" asked cyborg sleepily

"Nothing... it was just a nightmare..." Raven said while closing the door on them.

Raven leaned against the door silently waiting for her friends to retreat back to there rooms.

After a few seconds she waved her hand and lit the numerous candles that were situated around her room,then went to her bookshelf.

"That was no ordinary nightmare..." she muttered to her self running her fingers down the spines of the many ancient tomes that resided on the shelf's "here we go"

She pulled out a few of the more ancient and dusty books and sat on the floor in the middle of her room and began to read.

Sorry about the shortness and the lack of action but I thought it would be wise to put in the vision/nightmare to help explain it a bit better.