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Note: AMG I just watched the latest ep of TBBT and it's amazing. Read a few fairly negative reviews of it, but I'm like, for reals? I thought it was awesome. And all the Howard/Raj stuff they're bringing in lately is making me one happy chappy.

Anyway, some Sheldon/Penny. I know these are fairly dull so far. They'll pick up, I promise.


The Law of Attraction
Prompt: 039. Pang(s)


The day Penny first decides she finds Sheldon attractive, she thinks nothing of it. This is because she is drunk, and when she is drunk she thinks a very great number of things, only a very small number of which every stretch out and affect her sober day-to-day life. When the alcohol has passed through her system, and she remembers that one, errant thought, she frowns, considers it, realises that, objectively speaking, sure Dr Whackadoodle has okay looks. For a physicist, anyway. After all, she's been with Leonard to some of the university parties. She's met Barry Kripke.

She doesn't think anything more of it. She sees Sheldon afterwards, she sees him sick, she sees him sad, she sees him pantsed once again (though, this time, not her fault – and she prides herself that she was able to take down the guy who'd messed with her boys this go around) and none of it sparks anything off in her. She's all but forgotten about that one night when she had slumped on her couch, half undressed but too lazy to finish the job and get into her pajamas, horny and distracted, and her mind had slipped across the hall and into the off-limits bedroom of Dr Cooper, PhD.

It comes back to her though, all of it, with such added force that she has to wonder if she hasn't secretly been thinking about it every day, when she sees him Christmas Eve. They're almost under the mistletoe together, and Sheldon's horrifically extreme reaction to a drunken Raj's declaration that now he has to kiss her would have been offensive from anyone else. But this is just Sheldon, she knows. It's not her he's recoiling from. It's germs. It's contact. It's irregularity.

Until she realises that she is hurt by him recoiling, that something in her stomach has twisted quite violently, and her mind starts to connect the dots. Why are you upset? – you want him to want to kiss you? – you want him to kiss you? – you want to kiss him?

She can't remember how she responded. Hands on hips, some disbelieving expression, some put-down to Wolowitz when he chimed in. All she can remember is that for the rest of that night, she was very glad to have an excuse to get blasted out of her mind.

'Sheldon Cooper' and 'sexy' in the same sentence made for a very scary sentence. But what Penny found even scarier was the fact that, if she was honest, she was starting to not find it scary at all.