Author's Note:

I do not own any of the material from FFVII or Harry Potter they belong to their respective creators. I just own this idea.

Summary: Harry defeats Voldemort using an Ancient ritual, the results send him to Gaia where he decides to save the Planet from Calamity and rescue a certain silver-haired man. Slash content will appear later on so be aware.


Strange Beginnings


I was naive, I always had been, but ever since fifth year and the debacle at the Department of Mysteries, I had forced myself to come to the conclusion that I was really only a naïve little boy, who thought he could play with the big guns. So, after Dumbledore revealed the prophecy and the resulting explosion of anger I threw myself into my school work and training. I asked Dumbledore when I returned over my summer between my fifth and sixth year if he could find someone to train me in all the forms of DADA. He chose for me Mad-Eye Moody as my trainer for spells and Shacklebolt as my weapons trainer. I had never thought it was going to be easy but they quickly dispelled any notions of it being simple either. I was put through a rigorous regimen that shaped my body into a weapon itself, I became fluid in my spell work and quickly mastered the forms of sword fighting and muggle martial arts, I had been surprised when Shacklebolt knew how to teach me muggle fighting, it was a dance to me I was flawless in the execution of my aim and attacks. Due to the training that I was put through I began to fill out the muscles my body had been lacking because of my malnourishment and abuse. I also had my eye sight fixed because my glasses, I realized, were really a hindrance to me in battle if they were to be knocked off or broken.

Of course I wasn't foolish enough to let anyone know what I was doing other than Dumbledore and my two trainers, not even Ron and Hermione. I didn't want either of them worrying about me, so I used a powerful glamour to make my appearance look the same as I always had, skinny, delicate and useless.

It was the middle of seventh year just before the winter holidays when everyone's defenses were low, when the attack came. It was more horrendous than anyone thought. Voldemort had somehow allied himself with a great host of Dark creatures more than what our reports had indicated. As Voldemort was tearing down the wards the teachers and those students capable of attacking had all gather and were prepared for attack and that is when the beginning of the end came as Dumbledore collapsed as the wards around Hogwarts were ripped down taking the Headmaster by surprise he was then quickly taken out by an Avada Kedavra, by Tom himself. All chaos broke loose at that first kill. Hogwarts students and staff threw themselves into battle with a fury that took the Dark by surprise. The first wave of attacks took out nearly one-third of the Death Eater numbers with minimal losses on our side but then the tide began to change as the surprise wore off and the nasty side of the Dark surfaced and quickly it became apparent that the Light was having a hard time countering its attacks. All the while I was in the middle of the fray throwing myself heedlessly into battle, my glamour still intact, I had no desire to tip my hand yet until I confronted Tom. It was when I spotted him that everything went wrong.

I noticed to my right Hermione battling Lucius Malfoy and had just killed him with her own spell when from behind her she was hit with a green spell and slumped lifelessly to the ground. In shock I turned to go to her.

"HARRY! Look out!" Ron shouted running towards me as a sickly green spell flew towards my back unaware I just needed to get to my sister.

I whirled around to see my best mate and brother take the deadly spell in the chest, stepping between me and the caster, watching as his life was snuffed out in a flash of green.

"Ron? No!" I screamed "Why?" I yelled at nothing as I caught his already cooling corpse in my arms as the battle raged on around me.

Looking into his lifeless face something inside me snapped and my magic went into chaos. It was as if time slowed down I heard the whistle of spells around me the shouts of my friends and fellow classmates as they cried out in pain and fear.

I held onto Ron as it felt like my body was on fire with my magic, I think I was screaming but I'm not sure, just as suddenly as it started it stopped and the pain receded and I felt powerful. Standing up I realized my glamour had blown away in the magical disturbance and I must look frightening with my muscled body and the wind my magic was stirring up whipping my shoulder length hair about me looking like a vengeful god appearing on the battlefield out of nowhere. I looked down and saw that my magic had made itself visible along my skin forming a green aura around me. I heard a scream and realizing where I was turned to see Ginny crumple to the ground hit with a spell that left her for dead. I looked for the culprit and saw Bellatrix Lestrange looking positively delighted with herself as she began to cackle. Without thinking I strode towards her with only one purpose in mind, Destroy.

"Bella" I said quietly but infusing my voice with power

She quickly turned aiming her wand at my chest.

"Potter?!?" She said a look of utter surprise and fear on her face.

"Yes, Bella it is Potter. Are you afraid of me? Aren't you glad to see me?" I asked giving her a sneer worthy of Snape.

"Shut up Potter I'll kill you Avad-" she cursed

"Ah-ah-ah" I tutted smirking as I swiftly moved behind her my lips to her ear.

"Where's the fun in that?" I asked contemptuously "I want to kill you nice and slow" I said thoughtfully watching as she took in where I was and where I should have been.

"You know, I don't think I'll play with you." I said almost bored "This is far to easy. I still have to go defeat your silly little Master Tom" I whisper conspiratorially in her ear.

"Have a good time in hell" I said, however the odd thing was that I hadn't even pulled out my wand yet and had only just thought to cast Avada Kedavra when a green light shot out of my palm and hit her in the back and she crumpled to the ground cold and lifeless.

Hmm, I thought to myself. Have to be careful with that don't want to commit accidental suicide pointing my own hand at me. Now where is that snake bastard hiding. I look for the source of the most green lights and find Tom surrounded by his lackeys as they push back the Light side. Tom looks kind of bored I thought to myself

"Hehe, let's give him something to excite his night..." I quietly move behind their flank where Tom is hiding and sneak up on him and Apparated him away from his defensive position.

"Oh, Tommy" I whispered singsongy in his ear. At this point I'm pretty sure I've gone nuts taunting the Dark Lord but it's so much more fun and Ron would have enjoyed seeing this and Hermione would have scolded me for taunting the man. A pang of regret hits me as I think of my best mates and I become even more determined to end this ridiculous fiasco.

I'm pretty sure I scared Tom, the great and all-powerful Dark Lord and caused him to pee in his pants.

Especially when he whirled around with a look of abject horror on his face until recognition dawned on his face.

"Potter." He hissed, causing his face to turn into an even uglier visage

"What is it with people only saying my last name when I confront them?" I said exasperated

"Can't you be more creative?" I asked trying to sound a little hurt.

"Potter, I do not have time to coddle you or you emotions that is something you will have to find in the afterlife with you parents." He stated with a hint of disgust.

"Aww, does Ickle-Tommy-kins not like me?" I asked slightly gleeful that he was taking my bait.

If I thought his ruby-red eyes had been dangerous looking before they took on a much more dangerous glint when he was angry.

"Potter, I am going to kill you now. Then you'll get to join you imbecilic friend Weasley and that mud-blood friend of yours in death." He hissed "How I enjoyed sending the orders out to kill them, I was hoping it would cause you to give up hope, but I guess your just a heartless little bastard that really doesn't care about his friends." Tom said with a sinister gleam in his eyes.

I was furious, that Snake bastard had ordered that my siblings be killed. The power that had been lying under my skin sparked up again and began to boil under my skin as I seethed.

"You bastard" I said coldly. All manner of teasing gone from my voice.

"You will pay for their lives" I growled as my magic began pooling around me. Following some sort of instinct I began chanting.

"I call upon the powers of the earth and magic..."

"Hear me as I summon you..."

"Dispel the darkness from this realm..."

"May the Balance be restored..."

"So mote it be..."

As I was chanting a white light began to encircle me as a black light began to encircle Tom.

"We have heard your plea Childe of the Earth...

"It shall be as you ask..."

"The darkness we shall dispel to Hell"

"The Balance requires that a Sacrifice must be made..."

"Will you accept Childe? Will you be the Sacrifice?"

It was as if a thousand voices were speaking as one asking me these questions. Knowing that this was my only chance since Dumbledore and I had not completed the hunt for all of Tom's Horcruxes I went to answer, and then I thought about my friends who I would leave behind and then I realized with a sad thought that they would just turn on me now that Dumbledore was gone, I was the most powerful person in the world and they would begin to fear me calling me the next Dark Lord since there would be no one to counter me.

"I accept" I stated calmly.

"So mote it be..." the voices declared as the lights engulfing us flashed blinding any onlookers as their eyes cleared it was apparent that Harry Potter and the Dark Lord had disappeared from this world.