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Elusive Thoughts


"You're doing what!" Cloud squawked, sounding very much like the Chocobo he resembled.

I smiled fondly at the teenager who I had begun to see as my brother.

"I said, I was scheduled to test against Sephiroth tomorrow." I replied with a smirk at look of shock all over his face.

"B-but it's Sephiroth! No one has ever beaten him. I mean they all have been beat-en if you know what I mean but he is undefeated!" He cried beginning to worry in his apparent worry.

Ah, now I understand where he's coming from.

"Don't worry about me little bro, if I don't beat him I'll at least have given him the work out of a lifetime." I stated with an almost evil grin appearing on my face.

"Little brother? Why am I your little brother? How old are you anyways I've never asked you?" He asked quickly shooting questions out in rapid succession.

"Whoa, slow down. I can't follow you." I said grinning at his energy

"I'm seventeen as far as how many years I've lived." I replied counting up the years in my head. "Oh, wait just turned eighteen. Hmm, must've missed my birthday.

"What? Eighteen! You're the same age as I am. I'm not your little anything." He said indignantly.

"Hmm, I think that since I look like I am twenty or older and act like it too makes you the younger brother." I replied smirking at the face he was pulling.

"Still it's Sephiroth you are going to be fighting against I'm just worried he'll go crazy on you. He has a tendency to go into a bloodlust with a good battle." He explained.

"Well, I guess we'll find out in the battle." I said thoughtfully wondering how it would turn out.

"Now it's time for you to practice" I said quickly drawing my sword and getting into an offensive stance.

.:End Flashback:.

"So, you're the one they have fighting against the General today?" a small man said, eyeing me with distaste for no apparent reason.

"So, it would seem." I replied not really in the mood for small talk. Especially when people were going to be condescending douche bags.

"Hopefully you pack more of a punch than you look capable of." he mumbled as he led me to the training room.

Ugh, stupid people and their ideals. What did they expect? That I was going to be a giant? I mean I do have some muscle mass. I'm not bulky but I do have muscles and I am 5'9" so what's his problem I thought pouting at the way he disregarded me.

It felt like forever until we got to the training room. All the while Mr. I'm Short and Opinionated kept glancing at me out of the corner of his eye in a disdainful manner.

How I wish I could just poke people in the eye every time they did that, it would make things a lot easier on me I'm sure and even if it didn't it would make me feel better.

"Were here." Mr. Shorty said snappishly as we came upon a door at the end of the ridiculously long and maze like corridor we had just traversed.

"About time..." I mumbled annoyed that I would have to walk all the way back when I was through.

"Do you have everything you need Sir?" He asked.

There it was again that tone of voice. Do I look like I'm a useless piece of shit? Did God wake up today and say, "I'm going to make Harry's life hell by having everyone look down on him." It could give a guy a complex with the way I've been treated here.

"Yes, I have everything I need." I replied snapping out of the ridiculous thoughts my mind had wandered to.

"You are only permitted 1 weapon and 4 sets of materia." He said expecting me to I guess affirm that that was indeed what I had going on.

"I know sir." I said, gotta keep the higher ups happy I reminded myself, no killing their help I reminded myself as I got the sudden urge to disembowel the simpleton.

I had been told about these guidelines earlier by Cloud and had decided that I would bring the bastard sword I had gotten from the Weapon's dealer in Junon and had junctioned some basic healing and attack materia's to the sword. If all else failed I could include my own innate magic but I wanted to leave that part of myself a secret as much as possible.

"If that's the case go on inside and the General should be in there with you momentarily." He said with a malicious glint to his eyes that didn't go unnoticed.

I wonder what the little bitch is up to I thought to myself as I entered the door.

The arena was nothing special just a relatively large dome ceiling room that allowed what looked like a very large battle space.

I wonder if I'm allowed to use any of my animagus abilities in this battle I wondered.

It would be nice to boost my fire materia with the fire elemental ability I gained from my Phoenix form.

At least since my healing capabilities are enhanced by that form too so the Cure materia I brought won't be that necessary unless it's a critical hit.

I wondered momentarily why Sephiroth still hadn't entered the room when suddenly the floor began to shift and a great beast began to rise out of the crack that began to form as the floor began to open.

"This is fucking great." I groaned "I'm guessing this is warm-up." I said to no one in particular.

I got into a quick fighting pose as the beast finally noticed that I was in the room with it. And it didn't look happy. Just great.

I'd better get this over with soon I don't want to be exhausted for Sephiroth I thought as I charged towards the Behemoth.

"I'm sorry my friend, but you are in my way." I whispered as I quickly but viciously decapitated the monster with one swift swipe of my blade as I manipulated my speed to get next to the beasts head.

The beast went down with a thud and as the floor began to shift again taking the headless carcass down with it. I felt a enormous surge of power appear behind me as I quickly turned and brought my guard up.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. The only idea I had of what Sephiroth looked like was those that I had gleaned from the man Hojo. I had somehow still pictured a small lanky boy that was only just growing in power. The man before me was not anything like that at all.

His long silver hair flowed around his face as he stalked towards me his green glowing catlike eyes taking in everything they could, his power and murderous intent spiking tremendously. Strapped to his side was the infamous sword Masamune that was said to kill hundreds in one sweep. He wasn't the small scrawny kid that I remembered in those memories at all. He was tall and muscular and absolutely fascinating. Hmm. I wonder if he knows who I am and that's why he seems so angry.

"Hello General." I intoned gracefully.

"What has you in such a pissed mood that you could scare the crap out of any one in sight." I teased hoping to elicit a reaction from the stoic man.

"I do not have time for useless babble. Fight me." The man said coldly as he got into a ready stance looking as if he was preparing to attack.

"Aww, and here I was hoping we could be friends." I said dryly preparing to defend myself, and boy did I need to defend myself. His first blow would have knocked a normal man off of their feet if I hadn't brought my sword up just as quickly as he swung his, thankfully I'm not normal and it only made me sweat a little. I think I took him by surprise. If you can account for the slight raising of one eyebrow surprise.

"Phew, good thing I got my sword up in time. It looked like you were going for my head" I said chuckling, knowing full well what the bastard was aiming for.

"Maybe you should pay attention." Sephiroth said with a knowing smirk.

"I don't think I will, it's much more fun to beat someone half distracted." I said hoping to cause some kind of reaction in the stoic man across from me.

We began circling each other again gauging each other's weak points with quick jabs and slices.

Finally, after the testing was going on for to long I decided to let him have a swing at me. I figured I could parry it if nothing else, however I was not expecting the full powered blow that went with the strike. It numbed my arm as I quickly brought my sword up to guard quickly, he still was able to get a small scratch on me.

'That bastard cut me on my leg?' I thought to myself as the sting of the cut became noticeable.

Suddenly it was as if a switched flicked in my head. The scent of my blood, and the adrenaline building up in my body overloaded my senses and suddenly everything narrowed down to the fact that I must defeat my opponent. And with a flourish of my hand I healed the scratch, eyes blazing in fury.

"It's been a long, long time Sephiroth since someone has had the ability much less the gall to lay a scratch on me. I guess I should take off the kiddy gloves. You've made me mad." I said falling into stance to begin attacking, however to the surprise of Sephiroth and I'm sure the examiners who were watching, I summoned my magic and the Mako in my body causing my body to glow eerily.

"What are you doing?" Sephiroth inquired a thin elegant eyebrow raised in question at the power pulsing around the others form.

"You and I aren't too different, General, allow me to introduce you to the final experiment of one Dr. Hojo." And with that said I released my hold on the power flowing under my skin and a great ripping sound was heard throughout the pulsing silence as two great black wings ripped out of my back.

"Ah, it's been a long time since I could release you." I said stretching my newly released appendages.

Looking up I couldn't help but notice the surprise and the curiosity brimming in the eyes of the stoic General.

"You like what you see General." I taunted as I raised my sword to begin my assault.

"It's impressive if that is what you are implying."Sephiroth replied waving it off as if I just done a trick.

Narrowing my eyes I burst forward swinging my sword in a blurring arc towards the General.

The General's eyes widened in surprise at the obviously increase in my speed before he brought up his sword to parry the blow, however he wasn't quick enough to block the full brunt of the blow and a small slash appeared on his forehead.

Suddenly it was as if all air was sucked out of the room as the palpable anger of the General was felt in the room. It would have been unnerving to anyone else if they had been in the room with as much killing intent that was pumping through the room from both occupants. However, I merely grinned at the General.

"Now, it's going to get fun isn't? You're going to have to change forms too just too keep up with me." I said with a smirk. I hadn't had this much fun in a battle since I woke up in this world much less find an opponent that was on equal footing with me, to say it was exhilarating would be an understatement.

Narrowing his eyes Sephiroth allowed his power to pulse around himself in an impressive display of power. The deep green aura that engulf him was almost tangible with how powerful it was.

"Wow, General, I'm impressed an old man like you could be that powerful." I said with a sly grin.

"Well, I've had years to practice." Sephiroth said with what might have been a flash of amusement in his catlike eyes.

Gawking at the General at his apparent attempt at humor.

I nearly missed getting my sword up in time to block him. And what a powerful blow it was.

I started laughing as I called out to him. "You had better not hold back on me old man. I haven't had this much fun in ages."

And I could tell that he was having as much fun as I was.

"So, you think I'm an old man do you?" He asked coolly with a hint of laughter in his voice as he blocked another attack of mine.

"Well yeah, you've got the silver hair. How old are you any way? Fifty?" I could've sworn I saw a twitch develop on the man's face at that comment.

"I'm going to ignore that comment and try not to kill you." Sephiroth said in annoyed humor.

"Whatever old man. I need to end this so I can get something to eat and I'm sure my apprentice is hungry too." I said quickly moving in for a finishing blow.

If I had thought the great General was going to just stand there I was most definitely incorrect, needless to say Sephiroth move in to strike too and in a move that was probably invisible to any spectator we were both disarmed with our swords lying on the opposite side of the room.

With a giant grin across my face I said "Wow, that was an excellent warm-up. So, when do you want to do this again?"

"I'd have to agree little boy, that it was indeed an exhilarating battle." His eyes surveying the damage done to the training room.

Suddenly there was a swishing noise as the doors to the training room opened and it was as if the entire army was swarming in the room.

With a loud cry a black haired blur ran towards us.

With a questioning look at the General I could see a look of impatience on his face and could've sworn there was a muttered "Puppy" and couldn't help but laugh at his discomfort.

"Sephy! That was an amazing battle who were you fighting? I couldn't see who it was from where I was standing. Did you have fun?" The black haired male asked in flurry of excited questions. Taking another good look at the male I noticed it was the nervous Soldier that had met me when I landed in my animagus form. Hmm, maybe he had just been awed by my presence. Why mulling this thought over I missed the next part of the conversation and suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a boisterous shout.

"YOU!" Came the yell from the boisterous man with an accusatory finger in my face.

"Hello again, I see you aren't nervous this time?" I said in greeting ignoring the energetic man. Turning again to the General I said "Well, it's been a fun time, but I'm off, my charge is probably thinking you've gone and killed me." Summoning my sword to me with a wave of my hand missing the look of interest the General gave me.

"What is your name?" Came the soft question from the other man.

"Huh, You didn't know? It's Kaien. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." I said with a bow and then with a push of power disappeared from the room in a flutter of wings, however, not missing the cry from the "Puppy" "You didn't know his name! Hey where'd he go?"

Followed by the whispery voice of Sephiroth. "Twenty-two."

As a small smile played over my face I couldn't help but think life had just gotten a helluva lot more interesting.

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