Title: Harry Potter and the Saimin Saimin Fruit

Author: Joshua

Disclaimer: JK Rowling has Harry, and whoever else from the books show up in these plots. The Devil Fruit concept belongs to Shonen Manga and Eiishiro Oda, who owns and created "One Piece" respectively. No other crossover between One Piece and Harry Potter will be occurring other than the Devil Fruit. I don't own either and I'm not making any money from all this, so don't bother suing me.

Summary: HP/OPxover. Harry comes across a Devil Fruit from the Grand Line while in Diagon Alley. It ends up being the Hypno Hypno Fruit, giving Harry the power to hypnotize anyone at all with complete ease.


London, England

Diagon Alley

July 31, 1991

Harry James Potter was in something of a tailspin at the moment. The events of the past week, the previous 'night', and then the entire day so far had taken his world, put it in a blender, shaken the pieces up, and then thrown them out the hatch of the space shuttle on reentry. In other words, things had changed and he was having trouble dealing with it all.

Last week, he'd been the unwanted ward of his Aunt and Uncle and knew his parents had died in a car crash, planning on going to a school for juvenile delinquents. Last night, he learned his parents had been murdered, magic was real, he was a wizard, and he was going to a school for witchcraft and wizardry. Just this morning, he learned he was some kind of magical savior, people looked at his scar like he was the Second Coming, and he knew magic was real and that there were such things as witches and wizards. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to learn next or what he'd know by the end of the day.

Hagrid, the kind and gentle giant that had taken him away from his relatives (and for that alone Harry would praise Hagrid as the savior in his story), introduced him to magic, and taken him to an Alley in downtown London that was some kind of magical shopping center. They had just stepped out of Ollivander's, the wand-maker, and he'd just gotten his wand, an owl, and so much other stuff he wasn't entirely sure about all of it. To make things even more crazy, he'd learned that his wand held the brother-core to the wand of the monster that killed his parents. Now there's something to brag about. NOT!

After leaving the wand shop, Hagrid had said something about going and getting drunk. Well, what he'd actually said he would just nip off to the Leaky Cauldron for a pint, but it was muffled and hard to understand with the giant's accent. Which left Harry holding an owl and a wand in the middle of the street and no where to go. Thankfully Hagrid had taken all the packages and bags with his school supplies with him, as Harry really didn't want to contemplate dragging all that stuff up and down the Alley.

He briefly considered going by that Racing Broom store he'd seen on the way in, but finally decided to follow Hagrid instead. After all, that place had to be more than a bar and serve more than drinks, right?

Then again, from Harry's experiences with Hagrid so far, the man didn't strike him as much of a thinker, so rather than run the risk of skipping lunch because the big man forgot to buy him food or something like that, Harry started looking for a food vendor on the Alley somewhere. Before he could reach the Ice Cream parlor, which was his ultimate destination he was sure, he passed a dark corner that lead to an off shoot from the main street. Like another alley off the Alley, or something like that.

Right out in front, but still in the shadows of the side alley, was a fruit vendor. Selling what looked like three different types of fruit for one galleon each. He couldn't decipher what the fruit names were, but he was curious, and unlike his fat relatives, he knew that fruit was supposed to be good for you.

So, curiosity driving him, he stepped into the shadows and asked the cloaked vendor, "Uh, I'll have one please."

The figure hidden within the cloak jumped, but not enough that Harry could see who, or what, lay beneath the black cloth. Finally, a surprisingly strong and youthful sounding voice answered back, "One what?"

Harry frowned. Not much of a salesperson here.

"One fruit, please," he pointed at the middle tray of fruit, which had the highest stack of them on the counter. He then pulled out a single gold piece and placed it on the counter. "The green one please. Better to get them ripe, so they last longer."

The cloaked figure seemed to stare at Harry for a moment or two, and then in the next, his coin was gone and the aforementioned 'green fruit' was placed into a chest-like box and handed to Harry without a word being said. Except one final warning just as he turned away.

"A word of advice, Mr. Potter," the cloaked figure called. "Yes, I know you're name. You're very recognizable Mr. Potter. My advice is, don't eat any other fruit than that one. At least not from me. And stay away from pools. Can you swim Mr. Potter?"

"Uh, no, never really learned how," Harry was forced to admit.

"Pity. If you eat that fruit, I'm afraid you never will. Good day, Mr. Potter," with that the cloaked figure settled back down behind the fruit stand. Harry hurried on to the ice cream parlor and tried to forget the whole experience. An hour later, Hagrid finally stumbled back out of the pub and took Harry back to his house on Number 4 Privet Drive.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, the Dursley's were still stuck out on that bit of rock in the fishing hut until the day after tomorrow, when the owner of the shack would come and check on the renters and let them go back to their car. The meant that Harry had the entire house to himself for a whole extra day, but it also meant that he was stuck taking care of himself and Aunt Petunia hadn't gone shopping prior to Uncle Vernon's breakdown.

So, for dinner on his birthday, Harry fixed himself a cake and the lamb roast Aunt Petunia had been saving for a special occasion. He'd had to prepare such meals a dozen times since he was old enough to carry things without dropping them, so it was easy and rewarding without his Aunt looking over his shoulder or his Uncle and Cousin clambering for their meal like a bunch of noisy pigs while he got stuck with scraps and leftovers. Not that there were a lot of leftovers in the Dursley household.

The next morning, Harry finished off all of Dudley's cereals for breakfast and lunch. But for dinner, he was stuck as there was nothing left that would do a lot of good as a meal. Until he remembered that fruit he'd bought on Diagon Alley.

He pulled it out from his stuff and opened the chest-box it had been placed into and inspected it. It kind of looked like a zucchini, but juicier and it had strangely hypnotic spirals all over it. Even when it looked like there was already one spiral in one spot, it turned out there were three or more overlapping all over the thing. It was still the same ripe green color, and if Harry didn't know any better, he'd swear the thing was glowing. But only out of the corner of his eye, and not very noticeably.

Seeing that he really didn't have much else to eat, Harry shrugged to himself and started preparing it. He didn't know a lot you could do with zucchini, but there was this one recipe of his Aunt's, where you could fry it and eat it with chips and sauce. Cutting into the green fruit, he saw the insides were an odd red color. Not really knowing what the inside of a zucchini was supposed to look like anyway, he sliced it up and put the strips on a frying pan.

Half an hour of preparation later, Harry took the first bite of his home-cooked meal with the magical plant. He almost spit it out the second it touched his tongue, but struggled through and swallowed.

"Ugh!" Harry gagged. "Must have still been ripe. Or it went rotten or something," he shuddered and quickly finished his meal. Now he knew why Dudley always pitched a fit whenever fruits and vegetables were on the table. This thing was the worst thing he'd ever eaten, bar none!

Washing the dishes, and scraping what remained of his meal into the trash, Harry spent another hour trying to wash the taste of it from his mouth. The Dursley's walked in on him still doing that an hour before midnight.

"BOY! ARE YOU HERE?!" Vernon bellowed the second the door slammed open.

Harry did a spit take with the water in his mouth, spewing all over the mirror at the unexpected voice.

They weren't supposed to be back until the next day!

Gulping nervously, Harry cautiously and quietly stepped out into the main hall way. There they all were, bags in hand, Vernon in front, face purple with rage, Dudley and Petunia at his back and looking rather pale and haggard from their trip.

'Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me, please oh please don't see me!' Harry thought desperately to himself as he stepped into view. He saw when their eyes all rested on him, and he nervously flinched back, raising his hands slightly.

He wasn't really quite sure what happened, but the next thing Harry knew, neon green spiral lights came from his raised hands and all of the Dursleys' eyes seemed to dull and glaze over (couldn't really tell with Dudley though), and then Vernon started tearing through the house shouting "BOY!" at random intervals. The really odd part though, was that he passed by Harry several times, and never seemed to see him, yet still avoided touching him.

From the Dursleys' point of view, they all thought they saw Harry for a second when they stepped in, but then decided they must have been mistaken, because they didn't see him at all. What they each saw was unique to the person, but whenever their physical eyes saw Harry Potter, their minds interpreted the information as anything but Harry Potter. Vernon saw a pile of bills and overdue payments. Petunia saw a mound of dirt and dust and clutter. Dudley saw Hagrid's umbrella.

Whatever the hallucination, whatever the sight Harry appeared to them as, the end result was all that mattered, as whatever it was they did see was something they each wanted to avoid for as long as possible. As soon as they stopped looking at him, they forgot all about the hallucination and whatever it would normally mean to them. It was just something to avoid and that they "didn't see" no matter what.

After about five minutes of this, Harry went upstairs to his "new room" and went to bed, figuring the whole thing was a bad reaction to the rotten zucchini. In the morning, however, he learned differently.

Diagon Alley

August 3, 1991

Harry walked hesitantly down the Alley, not nearly so confident when he didn't have a giant man with an umbrella that could use technically illegal magic at his side, but he needed answers and there was only one place he could get them from.

Something had happened after he'd eaten that weird fruit. He'd determined that it was not zucchini, but whatever it was, it had changed him. Or done something to him. Out of all the weird things to have happened to him over the weekend, that was the only thing that stood out in his mind as being what could have even possibly changed him. Well that, and the warning from the vendor he bought the fruit from.

Which is exactly what he was doing back on Diagon Alley only three days after he finished buying all his school supplies. He had to find that fruit vendor and get some answers. And, Harry suspected, he was more than capable enough to force those answers if he had to.

It had started the morning before, after the Dursley's returned and ignored him despite looking all over the house for him. He woke up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast as he always did. Aunt Petunia was already there, and Uncle Vernon came down shortly after. The moment they saw him, they started yelling and carrying on and on about what he would do and what they wouldn't allow. Finally, it all got to be too much and Harry lost his temper.

After all these years, there wasn't much that could make Harry lose his temper, but after having a couple days Dursley-free and learning about magic and what really happened to his parents, enough was enough. He felt something hot, or maybe just warm, swell up in his eyes, it felt like all his rage bottled up behind his eyeballs. Then he shouted at the, glaring angrily at the two adults, "Both of you just shut up and look at me!!"

They did, and then their eyes glazed over and they went slack-jawed. Vernon drooled a little bit. Harry was stunned. One second they'd been yelling at him, then when he shouts back they stand there like a couple of zombies!

From their perspective, something much more odd had occurred. They were about to lay into the boy for talking back to them, when his eyes flashed green and a pair of neon green spirals emerged from each flashing green orb, and then they weren't thinking much of anything at all, except that they had to look at him and that they had to shut up.

About five minutes of experimentation later, Harry discovered that he'd just hypnotized his Aunt and Uncle and they would do anything he said without question. It was like they had no thoughts in their heads but what he said. Anything requiring actual thought or that was more complex than a single action and they showed signs of waking up, or he had to "talk" them into it. When he snapped them out of it, just by telling them to wake up and snapping his fingers, they resumed shouting at him and berating him for talking back. Then he remembered the night before and what had happened with his hands when he didn't want them to see him.

'Sleep!' he thought and raised his hands again, unconsciously wiggling his fingers rather hypnotically. Again, he saw the neon green spiral come from both his hands and the next thing he knew, his Aunt and Uncle passed out on the floor in front of him, fast asleep.

Some additional experimentation later with his family, Dudley included, he figured out that he could hypnotize them quite easily and without any effort. He could use his hands, and apparently his eyes too, but he'd also found that he could hypnotize with just his voice, and he seemed to naturally know what to say to put them into a trance. A day of having them as his hypno-slaves and doing all the chores they used to make him do, and playing with all of Dudley's toys was pretty cool. Then the mailman came by and Harry accidentally hypnotized him. And then the neighbors by just waving hello to them.

Thus, Harry realized that something had happened to him and he needed to find out what before he did something irreversible! Thankfully it was child's play to get Vernon to drive him into London and to the Leaky Cauldron specifically and then wait in the car while Harry went to get his answers.

Thankfully, the same fruit vendor was right where he'd been when Harry last saw him. Not bothering with hiding his purpose, or his scar for that matter, he walked right up to the cloaked figure and demanded, "What exactly was that fruit you sold me?"

The figure inside the cloak looked up, though Harry still could not see inside, and remarked, "Ah, I see you've discovered the power. Which one was it, I wonder?"

Harry glared, but carefully kept the 'warmth', what he realized was his hypno-power from his eyes. "I don't think you want to find out, and I can't easily get answers from a zombie with no thoughts. The truth. Please. What was that fruit? What have I done to myself?"

"Hm, polite and intelligent," the figure commented, "Very well. You may call me Roger, for ease of conversation. And you bought, and apparently ate a Paramecia Fruit of the Cursed Devil Fruit of the Grand Line. It then bestowed upon you a superhuman ability, while cursing you to never be able to swim or be in water for the rest of your natural life."

"D-devil? Cursed Devil Fruit?" Harry stuttered.

The cloaked figure, Roger shrugged. "You don't strike me as the type that enjoys swimming all that much anyway. Although, fair warning for one so polite, if you do enter the water, you'll sink straight to the bottom. Like a hammer. You'll also lose all strength, and the power that you've gained will be useless to you."

Harry gulped nervously.

"Now, if you wouldn't mind Mr. Potter, telling me exactly which fruit it was that you consumed?" Roger asked politely.

Harry took a moment to compose himself, then hesitantly answered, "Uh, the-the green one with all the spirals on... it..." He then only just noticed that all of the fruit on the stand was covered in odd spirals. He quickly moved on. "Uh, right. Well, it looked sort of like a zucchini, but the insides were all red."

Roger sighed and shook his head. "No, my apologies. I meant what power did you gain from the fruit?"

"Oh," Harry squeaked. "Uh, I can hypnotize people."

"Ah, yes, the Saimin Saimin no Mi. In English, I suppose you would call it the Hypno Hypno Fruit." Roger told him. "Well, there's not much more to say. I'm sorry about all this Mr. Potter, but once consumed, there is no way to be un-cursed by the Devil Fruit. Have a good day."

Harry just stared, not really sure what had just happened. He'd gotten the answers to his question, but that left him with a dozen more questions! Unfortunately, this stranger before him was not the one to answer those questions. Those answers would have to come from himself.

"Uh, yeah," Harry mumbled as he slowly turned to leave. "Thank you for your time. Goodbye."

Roger watched the boy silently leave, and managed to restrain the laughter until he was finally out of sight. These wizards truly were stupid! As much as all the Cursed Fruit on his stand was worth on the Grand Line, here he was practically giving them away for a galleon a fruit, and the only one to have taken one and discovered the power, it was the 11-year-old Boy-Who-Lived! The gods truly loved irony!

On his way back to the car, Harry stopped off at the book store and bought the only book they had on hypnotism in the entire collection. He then had Vernon stop at several other normal bookstores on the way home and picked up a wider selection at each location. When he got back home, he spent the entire month of August studying. Well, studying and practicing.

To Be Continued...?

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